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    W7 Appreciation Post

    I can't describe how much I've felt the atmosphere improve inside the stadium over the last two years, thanks to Josh and the rest of the boys in W7 - week in, week out they're arranging displays, setting up drums/equipment, giving out positive messages about the club on social media - not to mention singing their lungs out on a Saturday, win, lose or draw. Jack Ross referred to it a lot last season about how well the players respond and I have watched it genuinely having a positive effect on player performance and results. I know some of the boys take a bit of a battering sometimes but I raise a glass to them for helping turn our club around. Fantastic once again today. An absolute credit to the club
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    A message of congratulations to the team and the management for a magnificent turnaround and avoiding automatic relegation today. Of course we're disappointed about Hamilton winning but all of the people at the club have rescued us from a seemingly impossible position in a very short time. I believe that all of them deserve our thanks for getting over this first hurdle and to not have a magnificent achievement lost in the bowels of a matchday thread or in the negativity of Hamilton winning today or any nonsense about how we've been performing recently. That's 4 great results in a row against strong opposition with plenty of late goals. That's noteworthy right there. The boys never f**king give in. That's the spirit we need from here to the end of the season and we'll be fine. Part Two is to defeat Hamilton next week and leave us with something to play for on the last week. If we do that, we can enter the play-offs (if it comes to that) with our heads held high. Despite other results, I'm buzzing today and can't wait for next week. Let's f**king do this. COYS.
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    For the past 13 years we have awarded our Player of the Year trophy at the end of every season. It's an award completely voted for by the fans and it's always been very popular and we hope it's one that is coveted by the players. Starting from this season we have decided to launch a Young Player of the Year award to go alongside this and we are this very proud to announce that this will be named in memory of Saints fan Tam McGarry who sadly passed away this summer. The naming of the award seems fitting given that Tam's son Steven came up through the ranks of the St.Mirren Youth setup, with his crowning moment in the stripes coming in that quite unforgettable season of 99-00. Tam was one of the biggest Saints fans you could ever hope to meet, and again this award will be voted for by the fans toward the end of the current campaign and every year after that going forward. Speaking to Steven this morning about our idea he said, "I think that would be very nice and very fitting, and as a family would be very proud that he would have an award named after him so thanks. We also appreciate all the support from all the fans over the last few weeks we have been all taken aback with all the message pictures and stories." So there you go, the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year Award is here. Let's hope the young guns come up trumps and give us plenty of options this season! COYS. #MarchingInTogether
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    Dibbles old paperboy

    Dear Stewart

    I have no managerial experience, no coaching badges to my name, very little tactical awareness, but even I fancy that I could do a better job than Tommy Craig as St Mirren manager. I'll happily give it a bash for £50k a year, as I think I could get more out of a squad with 5 current and former Scotland U21 players and 2 ex-Scotland internationalists, 75% of home games where we don't score, 0% clean sheets, 50% of league games where we have 2 shots or less on target, 73% of league games lost games. Yours Dibble
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    St Mirren Bod

    This crew have been given an easy ride by many for far too long. Their stewardship of our club in recent years has been shambolic at best, and verging on negligent. They could have sold their shares to Gordon Scott - a Mirren supporter - but opted to sit it out for more money. How has that gone? Cheap, tight, greedy, and arrogant. Get yourselves to f**k!
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    mon the saints!!

    Peter Houston

    That Danny is our manager and I'm not interested in anyone else whilst he's in charge.
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    Tam Mcgarry

    Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Tams passing and as i will be in Arrochar i am posting this today.The past season has been very difficult without the wee man at my side but can i just thank the many St Mirren fans who at games have quite simply put a hand on my shoulder or a knowing nod in recognition.The fact his name is still chanted at games and the young player of the year award being named in his honour shows the high regard he was held within our support and has helped Mary,Steven and the girls come to terms with their loss.Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers. I humbly ask that you take time out and raise a glass or 2 to remember Tam who was quite simply the greatest guy i have ever known. We,re on our way Tam We,re on our way.
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    Merry Christmas Every Buddie

    It's been an eventful year in many ways. A year that started with a terrific and at the time unexpected win in Greenock as we rallied with end of season form that promised so much for this current campaign. A summer that finally brought the sale of the club saga to an end, and heralded the start of the journey towards fan ownership. And then into a season that brought lots and lots of despair until recent weeks where we are finally seeing the green shoots of improvement as we head into what is going to be a crucial second half of the season. The forum has had it's ups and downs as usual but when push comes to shove it's still the place to be to discuss all things St.Mirren. Thanks to all of you for your continued contribution to the forum, and wishing you and your families a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2017. COYS!! ps; As a gesture of goodwill to all men, I've cleared my ignore list
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    Cheesey - Offered A Deal At.....

    Offered a deal at Oldham Athletic. All the best to the St. Mirren legend. Great level of football in England to test himself at.
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    Young Players

    I sat in the stand today and listened to some of the abuse hurled at John McGinn. Not disputing the fact that he had possibly his worst game in the stripes but the service he has given this club is nothing short of exceptional. It reminds me of the time kenny McLean went through a spell when he wasn't playing as well as he can and he got terrorised. Us as supporters need to rally round these youngsters in times like this, because mallan will hit this point at some stage of his St mirren career. Keep the faith!
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    How many f**king times do we need to hear this pish. Allan, son, nobody is disputing the squad needed major surgery. The issues are; 1. The players you did sign were an utter load of shite. You know nothing about scouting and clearly have no good contacts - maybe just some guys who pretend to be your mate in order to cash in when they sell you aforementioned shite. 2. You have zero man management skills. In fact, you come across as an annoying prick that nobody would want to work for. 3. You have zero tactical knowledge. You couldn't beat an amateur side or a non-league side because your players had no idea where to even stand or pass the ball. Look forward to a resounding chorus of "Are you watching, Allan Stubbs?" when we beat United and stay up.
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    My posts have been recent, and infrequent, however..... Just back from the 200 mile trip, collectively me and those who travelled have spent over a grand watching some of the poorest footballing exploits I have ever seen! In optimism and pure blind faith, I expected some sort of desire and fight from our team tonight. What I witnessed was, men against boys, organisation v's disorganisation, and a team who wanted to win, v's a who hoped to win!! We are relegated, and it happens to our team, we will get promoted again, however.... How can the BOD seriously think fans won't get turned off? Without regurgitating everything that's been said on this forum.... Danny Lennon, TC, GT, selling KM, new signings not been played... Really what the fcuk is the deal with sanoupe??? Listening to the shite from cheesy about staying up this morning, only to get absolutely turned over by utter pish tonight!!?? I don't personally think GT is to blame, he should have served an apprenticeship before taking the reigns. This summer has to be our genesis, new owners, new manager, clear out of the team, start a fcuking again, and get us something to be excited about. There is absolutely no reason why Inverness, RC, Hamilton, St Johnstone, killie, dundee, etc should be so far ahead of us. Our club is in the state its in because of shite management from top to bottom, and unless we want to go the way of airdrie, Dunfermline, raith, then the BOD NEED TO GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! We are a shambles, youth is not producing, 1st team are not producing, BOD are not producing! Yes they may have invested in the past, but they aren't now, and while they are cutting back on output, we're still expected to financially input, it's not on, start again, and we can all get excited about SMFC's future!!
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    Video: Mallan Mania

    A short tribute to our number 10. Hope you enjoy!
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    On my way to see Saints win.
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    Congratulations Dave J

    Thanks folks, much appreciated. Would have loved to make the game, but as it was kicking off, I was leaving the RAH with my girls. Yet again, can't say a bad word about the staff at the maternity ward at the RAH. They are outstanding. Rebecca's fast asleep whilst I've got Michael Head & The Strands on in the background. Jane's crashed on the couch and Emma's up in her bed. Life's pretty bloody good! And as for who my girls support? I'll leave that to them to decide. Red n yellow or black n white, I'll support their choice. But one things for sure, there will be no green or blue in this house!
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    Kieran Sadlier Leaves (Updated Title)

    You have a great Club up there in Paisley, a great stadium, great facilities and a great fan base and he will never forget the four months he had up there. He could not have been looked after better, just a shame it was such an awful season for the club, no doubt the club will bounce back. Good luck in the coming season. Kieran's Dad.
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    Julian Banjos

    Stephen McGinn

    There's an interview with Stephen in the Herald today. Said his agent told him not to sign for us! He did because he thought highly of JR as a teammate and his brother Paul raved about him as a coach. Also, of course, because it was St Mirren. Said we're the only team he would have come back to play for and that he didn't grow up a Saints' fan but he is now.
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    Club are furious about this "rumour" which is completely without foundation. Team spirit is apparently superb, very tight dressing room and all the players right behind the management team. No idea where the story came from. Everyone focused on Weds nights game and trying to build on the positive aspects of Saturday's performance. That came pretty much from the horses mouth.
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    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Gutted to lose Oran as our manager, gentleman and very mart man, I really hope he does well for your club, group of us are wishing to come over and see him manage a game, how would we get some tickets. I believe Oran took the boat over this morning, he took training last night and told the players he is taking the St Mirren job.
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    You have been warned....
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    Gary Teale Leaves By Mutual Consent.

    Nice to see the League Cup Final is the highlight of his career. Thank you Gary.
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    Prague Buddie

    Vaclav Hladky/Josef Sural

    Spare a thought for our goalies friend and former team mate "Czech International" Josef Sural. Killed in a crash in Turkey after a match. They played together at Slovan Liberec. Keep your chin up Vaclav.
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    Silly Talk

    I am a female St Mirren fan but can I just say that the tittle tattle on here between grown men and women is ridiculous. It is really stupid talk and not about St Mirren. Grow up and be men please and stick to talking about St Mirren and not about spelling mistakes made by some, full stops in sentences or in other words grammar or slagging people for opinions to such an extent that it is verbal bullying. I don't agree with everyone either but I don't stoop so low as to belittle someone with such nasty nasty words. You don't know who you are replying to it could be a child or an elderly person but you are replying to a person. So come on guys stick to what the forum is about St Mirren
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    Viktor Genev

    Contract has been agreed, just waiting on international clearance coming through before it is confirmed. Expect he will be in the squad on Saturday, and to be honest, probably starting !
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    Tommy Craig Sacked !

    It wasn't a mistake IMO, the mistake was appointing TC as manager.
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    East Lothian Saint

    How far would you travel?

    164 mile round trip and I have a season ticket. I go just about every week. I'm fortunate at present that I have both the time and the resources to go to the games. There are many things you can focus your life around and for the last 40 years I focused my life around family and work. I grew up with the Saints and was a die hard from 1974 till 1987. Thereafter I moved away from Paisley to focus on other things and I rarely attended a game until SMISA put out the call. And do you know what........... I found I had missed it big time. I'll make a wild guess, "the what a waste" was said with tongue in cheek There are worse things to focus on than football. The game can be Crap, the team can be mince, you can get pumped 10-0 but you can't take away the day out. You can't take away the experience. Ok, I like a sherbet or two and a wee sing song. I like camaraderie, being part of something and meeting people. Football is the perfect way to unwind. I'm ready to head for Glasgow, meet my buds and get a few down my neck before travelling to Castle Grey Skull to join the adventure. Win, lose or even get pumped I'll be singing my heart out and enjoying the day. Chances are it'll be just like the legendary 600 who sang their way into the valley of death when we got pumped at Pittodrie last season but you know what I fancy our chances today. I'll come home tonight and focus on mundane stuff like the back fence needs restored, the wife wants a holiday, the waynes want everything and every one of them is sitting on a computer, ipad or phone or watching a box set and I'll think , 'What a waste......' Thank feck I've got Aberdeen to go next week end and don't have to focus on the mundane stuff everyone else does. I plan to live out my last 20 odd years the same way as I did my first 20 odd years "I'll go where ever St Mirren go" I'll see any of you like minded Buds at Castle Grey Skull COYS
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    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Some of the mince being posted on here tonight is laughable. We've won nothing yet folk are fretting about us being miles away from being a top 6 side. Players getting slated on the basis of a below par performance against the second best team in the country. Players who have just joined the club getting judged after minimal game time in a match that was already lost. Dearie me
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    Loyal fan banned from club

    The matter is indeed resolved.Lessons have been learned and its time to move on.Lets get 3 points on the board on Saturday.
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    St Mirren Goals

    all the st mirren goals so far! Including cup goals
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    The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread

    Craig has sold the board on tales of Bobby Robson and Billy McNeill. McNeill wrote in his book that Craig wanted his job and waited for him to leave his office so he could sit in his seat. Whether he stabbed Lennon in the back or not (not important for the state of the Club at present more Craig's character) he has clearly done a good job of leading naive directors up the garden path for his last payoff. Craig is a football survivor, highly unpopular as a person and coach as the likes of former players Billy Dodds and Michael Stewart have written in recent weeks. Last year the rumour was that the players couldn't stand him, yet he gets promoted. Rumour has it he told the players they would be doing the same training session every day this season, has binned sports science (account for the injuries?), scouting teams and any players we sign!!! Players as assistant coaches just helps him keep control. Craig's record is terrible, and the Club have very much got what his CV would say we would get. Why did only one Club (a foreign one) give Craig a shot in 30 years? The board received 30+ applicants for Lennon's job so we are told, what skill set did he possess to mean that none of these candidates have a shot. Cost cutting is nonsense, Hearts had high profile candidates such as Phil Brown offer to do the job for free! Craig's performance at the AGM was a disgrace, arrogant, disrespectful and his comment about the 18 months left (payoff) shows him in very bad light.
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    You should be banned from starting threads.
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    Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie

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    Great to see Paul Dummett come up to support the Buds.
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    faraway saint

    Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    The annual "when's the strip coming out" followed by the annual "it's shite" posts.
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    MotM between Gallagher and Shankland. The young lads were excellent again - Morgan's finish was superb after 1st class work by Shanks. That looked like a team out there, and I credit our new management duo for that. There was heart and confidence that were missing previously. We still need a holding midfielder, but Ross is starting to make a good job of utilising the players he has at his disposal. Great stuff!
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    Greenhill Road

    It's not your home. You've chucked it, remember. Anyway, how do you know he wasn't away to make a roast chicken?
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    What is it with football fans and their need to write players off before even seeing them. As a whole this forum is a nice break from the nitpicking and general idiocy of the WHU forum I frequent but to write the above without even seeing him is just plain stupid. You talk about over rated players coming from down south but against ICT the young Spurs (spits) lad was the bright spark in an overall dull team performance. I've seen Kieran play loads of times and can hand on heart say that even the worst performance I've seen of him was better than what I saw last Saturday. Now he is still a young lad so not pretending he is the saviour of the season but when a team struggles to create anything positive he is just the sort of player you need, so before writing him off before you see him, how about you give him a chance like most of the other gents on here. He looked bright in his first sub appearance against NYC He isn't not in the team due to lack of ability, but having not playing for WHU for a few weeks I assume Teale thought he was short of match fitness . Always a weird one for me, personally I think the best way to get that fitness is by playing, but maybe he wanted another week of training first. Either way I expect to see him playing soon and then you are in a better position to judge, but how about you give the lad a chance and at least wait until then.
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    Momentum and Form

    Crap. He could have scored and we still lose! We could have defeated the Dons at Pitoddrie. Accies did. We SHOULD have won in Hamilton. We dropped two points! Killer. To blame one missed penalty is short sighted in the extreme.
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    Livingston at home in a couple of weeks is a far bigger game than today ever was. We got beat, we weren’t expecting anything, we move on. We’ve a great chance to be sitting with 6 points after 3 games, that would be a magnificent start to our return to the top flight. Let’s stay positive.
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    Only halfwit is you. Nothing to do with the club's. It's the refs say so no one else.
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    Danny Lennon

    If you don't care about Danny Lennon, don't read the thread called Danny Lennon.
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    If We Were To Get New Managment

    Frankly I will be disappointed if Gary Teale gets the job. I think he has had to work under very difficult circumstances since taking over and there was an iniial glimmer of hope that he could turn it around, however the team has actually ended up being even WORSE under him than it was under Tommy in my humble opinion. I've no idea what's went on behind the scenes but the last two performances against Motherwell and County were absolutely unforgiveable. I also struggle to remove Teale completely from blame for the state of the squad he inherited. He was part of the management team who recruited those players last summer and the players he brought in once he was the manager weren't much better. I would rather see us break the chain and replace with someone who knows how to get out of that division. Terry Butcher ticks that box for me, Calderwood is another one who I'd be quite happy with.
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    Merry Christmas Fellow Buds!

    I would like to wish all my fellow Buds and their families a wonderful Christmas and hopefully it will be a great 2015 for us all. COYS
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    Rolf Harris Lifted

    Two little boys had talent and poise Each had a loanee deal Gaily they played each summer's day Geordies both of course One little chap then had a mishap Played in the Brighton game Wept like a boy then cried with joy As his young ginger playmate said... Did you think I would leave you crying When there's room in the final for two Come back up here Paul and don't be crying Danny says that he loves you too When we grow up we'll both be players in The Toon Army first team squad And I wonder if we'll remember When we were two little Buds The League Cup had passed, Pardew came so fast Bravely they marched away The toon roared loud, but Pardew stood proud The boys weren't picked to play Up goes a shout, Danny calls out Cos we got gubbed and he's feeling blue Gallops away to where the boys play So the boys heard a voice they knew Did you think I would leave you dying When there's room in my squad for two Come here again we'll soon be flying If I go with a fast front two Tommy Craig says he feels all a-tremble Perhaps it's the forum's noise But I think it's that he knows damn well That we need those two Geordie boys
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    Mark "mavis" Reilly

    I would like to again say a massive thanks to all the buddies that very kindly donated to Rett Syndrome. The kindness and generosity shown by you all has been very humbling and very much appreciated by myself and my family. We have been amazed at the number of buddies who have donated and the monies received. When times are tough for everyone financially in the current climate ,it is even more amazing. As I have said before my couple of years at Saints were fantastic times not only in my football career but in my life. It was a honor to have played with a fantastic club with a great history and be part of a successful period for the club where everyone played their part from directors, management, players, staff and of course you guys,the fans. I have memories that no one can take away, so donating my medal was the very least I could do to show my appreciation for all the kindness shown by you all. I just wish I could give you all a medal for your generosity but I only got 2 and my good pal has the other one ! Rett syndrome is a very rare condition and I am sure that there are other children out there that have it and have not been diagnosed. There will be a cure one day and you can all be very proud that you have contributed towards funding that cure. A special thanks to Div for the work you have put in to raise awareness of Rett Syndrome and my pal Greenhill Road and his family for their support, especially to his daughter Louise who is a star!! God Bless you all. Mavis
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