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    Heading Ban

    13 corners today and good to see our players are still supportìng the ban [emoji23]
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    f**king. Cringe.
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    This should result in an instant ban. The only acceptable terms for these guys are Sevvies, Zombies, Scum, Cunts and Filthy Inbred Wankers.
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    Rangers v St Mirren, Wed 22nd Jan 2020

    I was in the club deck up in the clouds that game, courtesy of a freebie. Probably the hardest thing ever not to celebrate the equaliser.
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    Bud the Baker

    Brits secure rowing record!

    natsis - as everyone knows that loses you the argument straight away.
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    Our top goal scorer in the Premiership and in the current squad is not rated by many fans . . . Yet he links up well, shields the ball well, is a handful for any CB and scores more goals than anyone else in our squad. I said at the start of the season he would reach double figures if he stayed fit and yes like any striker he will miss easy chances and be frustrating at times BUT HE will still hit double figures AND WE NEED HIS GOALS. He might even continue to improve as his confidence grows. Even our new lad McGrath hit the post in stead of the net - but he will also start getting in amongst the goals too ! C O Y S
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    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    When Rangers died the league said it would give special dispensation to Charles Green's brand new team (think it was the team name before sevco) to use unsigned players from the deid club as members of his team to face Berwick. The league also recognised and said that Players were no longer tied to the deid club as it had... died. You cannot be on contract to an entity that no longer exists. That was why the best players - such as Alan McGregor managed to do walking away. (Which they don't ever do, of course.) The league also said it would allow a new club sevco into the league set up at the 4th division. Despite this being against all of their rules for entry by new clubs - it had no experience, no 3 years of accounts to prove it was financially sound. The name of the new club was changed from Sevco to... well… to something that had never before been heard of! A Holding Company called Rangers International Football Club which only really ran one 'business venture' - The Rangers Football Club. This was done merely to allow known "Glib and shameless liar" David Cunningham King (who had 40 odd criminal charges against him proven in South Africa) to 'manage/own the new club at one remove. He wasn't fit to own a club otherwise. The League then recognised how deid the deid club was - by making the new club (which wasn't Rangers) play in the preliminary opening rounds of the Scottish Cup - which, if it had been the club that was deid would not have had to happen. Those rounds are for diddy cubs and new clubs. Thank you for asking what the league said and thought of the unresurrected deid club which is not the current 'outfit'. The league, as you asked, has done lying somersaults to let idiots pretend that it may be other than a dead club walking. It still isnae. I'm sure this helps.
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    Who's Out?

    I agree - he was an energetic, occasionally goal-scoring forward - excellent value. And seemed great fun. A good team player. I'll miss him. Perhaps... Perhaps this a great ploy by Gus, Gordon and Goodie to set off a bidding war for Danny, so that not only does Danny get maximum publicity about his multiple qualities but that Saints get some form of financial return from him before his contract runs down? I can easily see that Inter Milan and Barcelona might start outbidding each other to secure Danny's services when PSG sneak in to snap up Morelos from under their noses!
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    I was very comfortable with the decision that those resident in Scotland irrespective of nationality got to vote, I would personally have loved a vote but I don't live in Scotland to benefit or otherwise from it so I accepted the reasoning for that decision.
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    faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    ^^^^^^ Off your head, but nice story.
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    Once again Danny Mullen made a great contribution. It's time Danny was in the lineup at the very start - long overdue.
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    Decent joooglywilky over the advertising though.
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    Perfect day weather wise for today's game.
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    faraway saint

    Heading Ban

    You're anger is making you look more of a twat than usual.......................away and eat that chip on your shoulder. https://www.nhs.uk/news/neurology/dementia-fears-for-former-footballers/
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    john scott

    Oh Dear Sunderland......

    I'm not saying you're wrong St Ricky but I've never heard such links living just up the road and coming into contact with Sunderland fans a lot in everyday life. Surprised.
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    Speculation Thread

    I reckon Morias gets on a lot better playing wide where he has time and space. He did get a couple of decent shots in late in the game when he moved further out from the middle. And from Saturday's brief appearance McGrath looks like he would be a great no 10 playing just off a striker.
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    Reminds me of my delusions when McAvennie went to West Ham.
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    Saint Mirren v Motherwell Cup

    Hopefully both clubs will agree on a sensible ticket price and keep it as low as possible. A large home support can only help our chances of progressing.
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    Correct. Remind me what the term "supporter" means again as I'm finding it increasingly difficult to tie-down and reconcile with a number of posts, especially from those sofa experts who don't actually attend any games. Its amazing how much more they seem to know about everything.
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    Hard to tell today if the new guys will improved the team since the traffic was all 1 way. What was pleasing that their players didn't try to kick the shit out of us, and they probably committed less fouls against us than most teams in our league.
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    Quite a few damaged seats in the North Stand. Majority of their fans were outstanding today and created a cracking atmosphere, just a shame to see a minority behave like that.
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    Would it be over egging it to say MOM was their goalie?
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    Jimmy Krankie on St Mirren TV is brilliant...........................attendance anybody?
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    Apart from the overhead kick goal, has Obika scored a goal where it didn't just bounce off him into the net?
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    Just currants then. You've misspelt that by 3 letters...
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    Erm no I said you couldn't be a proud Londoner and Scot and that your Scottishness was sentimental - you've made your choice and are able to vote in the London Mayoral elctions. ****************** I am of the opinion that Independence outweighs the benefits of the Union for Scotland. I look at BJ claiming that Brexit not prevent open trade with the rest of the world and lead to beneficial trade deals for the UK but that Scottish Independence will lead to a closed border then listen to English Tory MPs at Westminster howling at the SNP leader Ian Blackford and wonder why they want to stop us leaving, they clearly don't like us and this is the mainstream of current Tory politicians. ******************* All of which seems to be contradicted by the Chancellors statement today that we would not be aligned with EU regulations post Brexit, so no frictionless trade with them anyway and all aboard the Train towards the 19th Century!
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    Your patter is boring and shite. You're an obsessive troll. Feck up and give people peace.
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    My question was not directed at you. Kindly piss off pants on fire boy!
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    faraway saint

    The Funny As Feck Thread

    FFS, it says...........................feck it, ah gie up.
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    A year of BoJo and his cronies should do the trick!
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    Desperately Seeking Susans

    Heading Ban

    Playing school football in the 50s was terrifying when you had to header a wet cudger. And, I'll tell you this...eh...........eh....
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    St Mirren Photos & Vids

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    Welcome Vaclav Hladky

    I recall both scrimmy and combe having decent starts to their career with us. Went rapidly downhill from there for both of them.
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    Rangers v St Mirren, Wed 22nd Jan 2020

    But you manage to make an arse of yourself every time.
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    Speculation Thread

    Possibly both have been told their contract won't be renewed and no surprise there. I only heard about Danny. With McGrath and a new striker imminent then both are even further down the pecking order.
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    Saint Mirren v Motherwell Cup

    Aye, the joint was rockin that day! Unbeatable Buddies against “the big team”.... Lovely ground, that. Great heider fae John Potter roon aboot 13 minutes. interesting 10 minutes of pot match analysis with Gus and the players.
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    Hiram Abiff

    Glenn Middleton

    Please stop embarrassing yourself by pretending to be ITK Everyone on the forum is cringing for you You do not have any inside knowledge and you know nothing at all about football You are the forum laughing stock 😂
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    Humility is an admirable trait.
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    I think it's better to start with your first choice players... Try and build up confidence... Build up a lead... Then let others get game time if appropriate. We are rightly treating Broxburn with respect.
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    faraway saint

    Heading Ban

    Pretty much you, coming in here with this shite.
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    Heading Ban

    I'm not entirely sure how a ban on heading conflated into a discussion on men v women games but it has. What about the Wee Men of this world. Couldn't they compete in the woman's game. I see F Man as a wee, tigerish, Abercrombie like midfielder. He might do ok.
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    Lord Pityme

    Who's Out?

    Your post is like a rolled up newspaper to their cocks. Lol... It's all sexually motivated, they get off on it! Its called 'Troll Porn"
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    Assuming Dallas isn't the ref
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    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    Only oaky knows what goes on in oaky's head, the rest of us mere mortals can only go by the pronouncements he deigns to pepper this medium with...we are not worthy.
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    Heading Ban

    I'm more interested in preventing kids from being subjected to the same pressures on their young heads that come from repeatedly punching them. I prefer to listen to medical experts on this rather than a spangle from Arbroath.
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    TPAFKA Jersey 2

    Who's Out?

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    So Farewell Then Bobby Brown

    Lol, I was thinking Wow Shull's music variation is very varied 😀
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    The Scottish Cup 19/20

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51123283?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story Piece on our game but mainly Broxburn
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    No mixing. There will be every local Broxburn ned attending fuelled by Buckfast. Could be carnage as there a few neds in our support with W7 having at least one.
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