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    Most pleased to see Anton at the final whistle take off his track suit top to show the black and white stripes and join the players enjoying the applause of the Saints supporters In the west stand. A great attitude from a seasoned professional. My St, Mirren supporting father was a Coleraine man. He would have enjoyed that tonight.
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    We Are A Team Again

    Thanks Oran. That was outstanding. We are back. Brilliant.
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    Used to be offended by their songs about IRA, UDA etc. Last night I just felt embarrassed for them. Wee boys still singing that guff in 2018. Absolute cringe.
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    beyond our ken

    Danny Mullen

    Very few players of his type we are blessed to have him But just one of a team. Players like DM ARE St Mirren
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    Sutton said that our dressing room was poisonous. If it was it was his pals Stubbs and Jackson that made it that way.
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    Just arrived home at 23,55. Great match. Good result. First half was excellent. Glad I was there. Met Oran Kearney's Mother and Friends who were over for the game. Lovely people.
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    Just home from that. Well what a difference a manager makes. I thought we were outstanding in the 1st half , but severely lacked that killer touch ( maybe Anton Ferdinand knows a few 6ft fast physical strikers) , but to be honest, I can't fault any off them . 2nd half is probably the most organised and well drilled defensively I've seen us in a long time. Well deserved 1pt , and great to get the feel good factor back. Everyone get yourselves to Hamilton next week , we're back on our way.
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    Anton Ferdinand never knew most of his team-mates names and was not match fit. Edwards never knew most of his team-mates names and has just arrived. Our new boss was making a huge step up to full time management and as above, hardly even knows the players names. We were playing the Champions with top quality players. We have been shipping four in under thirty minutes and have been out before it’s half-time. Our record against that mob is hardly stellar, a 7-0 gubbing would not have been unthinkable. ... and we got a point. Personally, I’d have been happy had we just looked a bit more organised and had tried our best. Bloody great point...Sutton, you wank.
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    I would like to emphasize the part played by Magennis in subduing Celtic's most dangerous player, Forrest. I thought he played really well in what was a very difficult task. Bringing on Coulson to play a forward role was good thinking by OK. I think Coulson is probably a better forward than he is a fullback. It's a pity he didn't have more time to prove himself in this new position. Congratulations to all tonight.
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    Maybe something to do with the fact that the previous waste of a managers jacket didn’t sign any (decent) forwards
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    A couple of points . My 10 year old nephew turned up with a big flag that wasn’t pre-approved . There was nothing offensive, derogatory, bigoted, sectarian or provocative on the banner displayed by the W7 lads.why was it removed ? There was a massive Bhoys banner in the away end , why was that not removed ? Are we to believe it was presented to the Club and the authorities pre match for fire testing and approval ? Drums at both away ends , now I don’t know the answer to this, perhaps someone from W7 May care to answer. when our drum started the guys had to bring it into the stadium the day before the game for check and storage. Is this still the case ? And if so did the Celtic supports adhere to the rule ? Since the Inception of the W7 initiative, it just seems they have had to jump through an awful lot of hoops and fall under some pretty strict , some may say petty rules. (Some ) Away fans do not appear to be governed by the same rules .
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    We Are A Team Again

    The one thing I noticed a few times during the game was how OK & BR were talking to each other and both barking instructions to the players. Think some credit has to go to BR as well as I think he possible helped pick the team.
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    If this was ten games from now and Kearney knew a bit more about his players , then perhaps we may have pressed more against the ten men, however it is 8 days into his tenure and I think he got the tactics spot on. Had we pressed forward we would have been vulnerable to the pace of Forrest and tierney and may well have lost what could be a very valuable point .
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    Special mention to Jack Baird. Amazing what a difference when alongside an experienced pro. Looks like a new team.
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    Couldn't care less whether it was against ten men. That's a great point to get. Very happy indeed.
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    Oran's pick v The Board's man?

    The continual references to "wee angry" are tedious, petty, and a clear sign of small closed minds that are unable to see a bigger picture or prepared to move on. Yes, Gus left at a time when it was the right thing to do. I'm not sure I agree, but I'm prepared to listen to those who argue he should have left a bit earlier. But for heavens sake, have you really forgotten how bad it was under Coughlin? Have you forgotten the increase in professionalism and the surge in effort from the players? He cocked up the tactics in a cup final... Against one of the most experienced managers in Scottish football. How many finals have we had the chance to cock up since then? Re his work with youth... He introduced young players if they were good enough, as has already been evidenced in this thread. "But he was stubborn"! Wasn't Fergie? I remember one "fans know best" incident when Gus dropped Mehmet due to fan pressure. It destroyed the players confidence at a time when he was trying to play post illness and not fully fit. Gus said in an interview that he would never make that mistake again. I don't blame him. He was a young manager learning on the job, who took us up and was under instruction to keep us there whilst cutting his budget, which he did. Insufficient subs were not a snub at our youth, rather, a young manager standing up to the BoD to send a message. Could his protest have been in "support" of young players? Anyone know the FACTS? Is that strength not exactly what is needed from someone at the helm... Or are you looking for a yes man who will say yes to the fans AND yes to the board? Suddenly, I get a flash of the dangers of fan ownership. Lastly... As one of our longest serving managers, I don't suppose it would be possible to show the man a modicum of respect even if you don't believe he is the right man for the job. Yes.... I'm talking to you, Mr Petty Small Minded Twat!
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    It’s really not a shocker. As far as I understood the club work with the W7 to allow pre-approved banners that are considered for firesafety and wording. The drum and displays are supported. A blind eye is turned to standing in order to accommodate fans wishes. I assume that the banner was removed as it wasn’t presented to the club beforehand. As for the police - my understanding is that they only really intervene when necessary or at the requests of stewards. I think that’s the way it’s always been. What is a shocker is football fans acting like victims for the slightest wee thing. Falling on the side of Celtic fans on this matter isn’t something to be proud of in my opinion. Their battle and ultimate victory against the OBFA was a sham and a victory for bigots. When you hear complaints from Celtic fans about being filmed at games as being an abuse of their rights it’s just ridiculous. Every day of the week I walk through a train station (CCTV), interact with a ticket inspector (on the train) who has a pin camera. If I go through a town centre, shopping centre, into a shop or pub - you can guarantee I’ll be on CCTV in all these places. When it comes to a Saturday and if the Police want to stick a tiny camera in front of us while I’m sitting in a stand at Tynecastle or wherever the feck we are - I couldn’t give two hoots. I’m not going to do anything criminal so it doesn’t bother me. The people who have a real issue with it are the guys singing the IRA songs last night. Folk should dwell on that for a second before thinking that this is some sort of working class battle against the big bad authorities. It’s not. It’s simply a matter of Celtic and Rangers fans taking on the authorities because their posoinous ways were threatened, backed up by figures like Jim Murphy and James Kelly who turned the whole thing into a political football. Incidentally, I noticed that smoke bombs were released in the Celtic end at FT (obviously never had any goals to celebrate as planned). Another criminal action from ‘fans not criminals’. Same as their repeated flaunting of pyrotechnic laws and repeated fines at Euro games. Whatever misjudgements the police made with the W7 boys going by the reports - I’d rather that was dealt with in isolation rather than standing side by side with the Old Firm scum in some sort of fans v authority battle.
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    Anton Ferdinand

    There was one moment just before he went off where Celtic cut through our defence with a nice through ball and I think everyone held their breath. Ferdinand just barrelled in from seemingly nowhere to get rid. Brilliant reading of the game. He was superb last night and we've managed a real coup to get him here for the rest of the season. From minute one, he was talking to Jack Baird and as we saw Davis do so often, proved a calming influence on Baird who did not have a single brain freeze moment or put a foot out of place last night. Even when Anton went off, Jack was cool as a cucumber.
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    We Are A Team Again

    As I mentioned tonight to my mates, Stubbs was unfortunately the boot in the baws we needed, Had OK been our man from the off, the comparisons to JR would have been swift and probably unfair. Stubbs breaking the feelgood factor up shows just how bad we could have it and OK is being gauged as the remedy to Stubbs rather being judged as JR's replacement.
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    Oran's pick v The Board's man?

    Before I even opened this thread I knew who it was that was starting it give it a f**king rest.
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    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    I know it's a highly controversial opinion on here, but I quite liked having them in both stands. Thought the atmosphere was fantastic last night, the whole West stand was singing for the whole time and it looked like a similar story in the main stand. Just a pity the Celtic fans didn't actually sing a football song for the whole 90 mins.
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    linwood buddie

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Good for morale and helping the squad relax before a big night on Friday.