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    Well since this thread has just ended up with folk abusing each other I'll close it. It's been fun!
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    Network Premiere - On Our Way

    Proud to announce the network premiere of "On Our Way" - The Story of Season 2017-2018
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    Pounds for points for foodbank.

    There always someone looking for a negative angle on things. i genuinely made a bit of a fun post on Monday challenging the team with the hope of raising a few quid for the FoodBank. Ive done this before with goals meaning donations to the NorthBank. The donation was made on behalf of the website, not me personally. The site raises a wee bit every month through advertising and this is me giving back. I didn’t ask anyone else to join in, but it completely blew up and before we knew it 500 had joined in and pledged. After getting spanked on Weds night with the wind taken out our sails a wee bit I opted to just go ahead and open the donations page early. A few days on and £2K already guaranteed in donations. Im proud of that, and desperately hope we get thousands more. I’ve spoken to Ian today as I’ve been very surprised by some of the stuff that’s been written about this. He’s someone I know well and I’ve always found him to be a really nice bloke so I’m not entirely sure where this has all come from tbh! Hopefully I’ve clarified things with him and put his mind at ease. This was never supposed to be anything but a positive but you know, negativity is never far away.
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    Who's Out?

    Why do some posters, namely Top Cat and look at me, have such a problem with Stephen McGinn? He may be down the pecking order just now, but he's been a fantastic player for the club over two spells, and was the on pitch leader who helped us stay in the Championship and then win it the following season. Without him, I believe we would have been relegated to League 1, and who knows, we might still be there, or at best mid table in the championship. We should be indebted to him, not constantly having a go.
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    Season Tickets 20/21

    I can only assume that you are not a St. Mirren shareholder. The purchase of shares is definitely wishful thinking if a person believes it will ever give return. I remember about 25 years buying some shares at, I think, £50 each just so I would get a St. Mirren shareholders certificate. Then, no more than a few years later, my dad told me that shares were being issued at 50p each. That made me laugh and I bought my dad some. You've never seen a man more happy with his son. Why do people do it? For me, if I don't see a game for the next 12 months because of this virus, I will be more concerned about the survival of St. Mirren F.C. than the £144 I've spent on an adult concession. You can call me a fool or a person who is proud be known as a Paisley Buddie. I know which one I am.
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    Obika had a fine game. Did far more that Lyndon Dykes achieved the entire game.
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    Gus on way out

    The situation now is pretty different from 2 years ago. Back then we had a numpty signing players and wasting loads of money we could not afford. We were also offering these shite players 2 and 3 year deals with no-one else checking if they were worth it. Exit Stubbs and enter Kearney. Kearny knew little of the Scottish League and players so needed help. Enter Gus. Gus did sign some decent players but mostly on 1 year contracts which made us having to repeat the process all over again every 12 months. Gus also scouted far and wide for players. Enter Jim. Whereas Kearney did not have the knowledge and time to check players as he was back in NI every week Jim did have a good knowledge of Scottish football and had contacts and knowledge of LoI football. Kearney agreed to Gus's recommendations whereas Jim wants to personally check over all potential signings. Jim allegedly wants to concentrate on British players and continuity with 2 year deals so the need to change the whole setup every 12 months has decreased and we don't need someone to fly to Prague on a wet Tue night to watch a reserve game. Gus done a good and honest job with us and I wish him all the best however I can understand in these hard times that we cannot afford to pay for a full time senior scout when the manager is prepared to do the checking and has the final say on appointments. Best of luck Gus in the future.
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    Blue Bigots v Saints

    My father in law, who is a bluenose, said I could go round to his house to watch the game, but on separate TV's. I suggested he watched it upstairs, with me downstairs, and he could fling pies at me, just to make it a more authentic Ibrox experience.
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    FFS, we sign 2 players and yet the thread is polluted with the usual childish bickering by the usual f**king arseholes.
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    Gordon Urquhart

    I'll break my self imposed posting ban to pass comment on Steve's untimely passing... Yes Steve and I got together with the idea of doing a film regarding the closure of the Love St years. He was working in broadcast equipment hire and myself in broadcast TV coverage. It was a fair old bumpy ride putting the thing together, it never quite turned out as originally intended but we became good pals during or indeed 'in spite' of the process. Steve's marketing experience and good sales abilities were priceless throughout. I got to know his family too, him, the Mrs and young Andrew relocating to Troon after a time down south, around the time of the movie project. I hadn't been to many games or made much contact after we left Love Street owing to the usual weekend work commitments, but finally ran into Steve and Andrew at a cold midweek game in late 2018 after my leg amputation experience had seen me laid up for most of that year. Sadly that was when he informed me his beloved other half had contracted, and quickly succumbed to cancer and everything was up in the air. Steve somehow soldiered on and was still a regular at both home and away games with Andrew by his side. So with that in mind, I hope he's in a happier place now and that (if you believe in these kind of things) that they are back together. If you see Andrew at a game in the future, and know him, wish him well. My sincere condolences to family and friends. May they both rest in peace.
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    Welcome Jake Doyle-Hayes

    Really? Six years at Aston Villa. "During his time at the Villains he had loan spells at League Two sides Cambridge United and Cheltenham Town. It was at Cheltenham where Jake featured regularly – appearing 36 times for the Robins last season." That's not to be dismissed. Might indeed be shite... but I'd rather support the lad and give him a chance.
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    The results are merely part of the problem albeit a big one. I can honestly say that for the second half yesterday, I noticed myself doing something that I've been doing a lot more when watching these games on the telly. I switched off. Not physically, as the game remained on til the end but I found myself browsing my phone, drifting away onto another subject whilst the hopeless commentator mumbled a lot of stupid platitudes in the background and I realised, I wasn't f**king interested. Anyone who knows me from off of here, understands and knows that when I'm at a match, I'm usually one of those folk that the commentator is apologising on behalf of for the language. I attack every ball mentally, I live on the edge of my seat for the full 90 mins... always has been the case... even way back in mid 90s as a ball boy when I got 'booked' post match in the tunnel for calling the ref a 'f**king joke' under my breath as we trudged past him following a controversial loss. 😂 Point being, at the end, if we win, it's a boost mentally but if we lose, when I leave I make sure I never let it affect me personally or my mood outwith the immediate hour or two in the aftermath of the result. But as I sat yesterday, I realised, we're so mind numbing that I had my face in my phone for the full second half, I didn't care to mentally will the team forward or even get frustrated at them for misplaced passes etc, as the team, frankly are f**king boring. Not just shite. We've seen shite in the past, more times than I care to remember, but absolutely devoid of any ability in the opposition half, a basic competence of getting the ball into area where we potentially might score. When we do get into the final third, we seem to have stumbled into it rather than carved out a chance. My main criticism of Goodwin teams is that there is no attacking intent or finesse, it's a horribly panicked mantra of 'get the ball forward 50 times, one or two of those are bound to have a lucky bounce and let us in for a shot' and it's absolutely painful to watch. I'm not in the Goodwin out camp. Not yet anyway, but he's about 3 or 4 weeks away from being untenable. Even if the results do turn, the football served will still be the gash were subject to. I don't mind a team hunkering in and grinding out a result when the pressure is on but we should not be performing that way against teams around us. It's an eyesore and a total turnoff.
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    Covid-19 Club Statement

    On the plus side, we'll be the first team in Scotland to achieve herd immunity.
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    My son and I went for a couple of drinks in the supporters bar after this fantastic game. On leaving and in high spirts when we came out, blow me was the Hearts team bus not parked right there outside the club shop with all their players getting on. To my surprise I regressed 40 years by dancing around, waving my scarf, singing going down, going down etc. Will always remember the look on Naismiths face as he watched, it wasnt anger more just shock that an old bloke like me would do this. Funny what football can do to you. Hope it comes back soon.
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    St Mirren v Hearts Friday 21 Feb

    Anything but aimless , just watched it again and Wallace looks up and sees Obika and lifts it over the two cart horse defenders.
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    I think the outcome is challenging for all parties. No matter how we look at it, all are investing greatly in something that is at the heart of all of us, St Mirren. I sincerely hope that Kibble help to grow the business, because in a few years, we, the fans will own 51% of the club. Many forgot that 51% is ownership, 70% was just a bigger number All this chat of GLS being a Simsa member and not allowed to sell his personal shares to benefit himself, having ensured that the fans have 51% is just pettiness. So he offloaded 8% so what! i am part of the minority’s of private shareholders. I bought some years ago just to be a part of the club. It was an ambition since boyhood. Remember those days you trawled the PDS looking for a small add selling st mirren shares. I then invested further when we had to get an all seater stadium. I would remind those sanctimonious members out there who think about fan ownership, most of the past share offerings were not taken up by grass root fans and had to be underwritten by people like Gordon, Stewart, George,. The final seats to make old love street an approved all seater stadium were bought by Jim Purvis. I doubt I will ever get the opportunity to sell those shares like GLS so what. It was a from the heart investment. GSL has a far higher value and I have no issue with him being able to offload them. the veto has taken on mammoth proportions but I would question its actual worth. The issues you can veto go to the fundamentals of the club. Day to day business is unlikely to be vetoed. If there is something that Kibble actually want to veto, as a fan shareholder I would have serious questions about what was going on that makes them take such a stand my only question, and it is something that has annoyed me for many years. In the bad time, 3 games postponed in winter, no income and the old shareholders had to give loans to aid cash flow, I have always worried how fan ownership handled that. Recently I have heard talk of a contingency fund. Is it only the major shareholder that needs to have that or will kibble equally have some cash to help us through tough cash flow times.. let us look at the German model 50%+1 is fan ownership and you run the club that is where we will be shortly As I type I think of brexit at end of it, all need to pull together in reading the pros and cons over past few weeks, I have seen some personal axes to grind, but at the end of the day we are all fans and want the best for our coub juat think what COYS means to each of us that is what is in our hearts
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    Who's Out?

    Totally agree. He stepped down and hauled us back up when we needed it most. We should be indebted. Now that we have raised to a level that for whatever reason he is struggling to reach is no reason to trash him. If and when he goes, he goes with nothing but my gratitude and best wishes.
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    RIP Graham

    Many thanks, Buddies. He died Friday evening. Wherever he went after dying I believe he had a word with someone important So Saints got an away win. At least, that was my fond thought when I heard the result. He was a lover of St Mirren to the end.
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    So very sad to read of the sudden passing of Steve Rowan last week. Steve of course was the producer behind the excellent "Love Street The Movie" DVD that was published to celebrate our time at the old stadium. The follow on piece to that film, featuring the last ever game at Love Street and Steve interviewing supporters and ex-players is on YouTube but the actual film itself is not. So, inspired by my good friend @Yflab and for everyone to enjoy who has not seen it, here is the full film. Rest in peace Steve.
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    Lewis Morgan.

    I listened to the pod cast thought Lewis came over as the great guy he is. In his time at St.Mirren I was lucky to get to know him well and his mum and dad. Lovely family. Great player for us. I remember him playing his his first u20s he was so thin his Jersey was hanging off him. But he had pace. And good technique. I will always love his last game and scoring the winner V Morton. Then celebrating behind the goal to the Morton fans. Brilliant. Best of luck to him in Miami.
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    Speculation Thread

    Looks like we may have some movement before Saturday.
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    Accounts to Year Ended May 31st 2019

    Available to download here if you are interested; https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/downloads/accounts-may2019.pdf Summary Turnover up to £4.1m from £2.8m Showing the value of Premiership football over Championship. The extra £1.3m was made up of c£500K in gate receipts, c£600K in prize money and increased advertising and commercial income. Over and above that turnover increase we also got £1m from the sale of John McGinn from Hibs to Villa as our sell on. We've since had another £330k from that deal, which was a third of the £1m kick that Hibs got when Villa got promoted. That money is NOT in these accounts. Our wage bill went up pretty much exactly in line with our increased turnover (point 1). We spent £3m on wages as opposed to £2m in the previous season. That's probably to be expected in the top flight but it does represent a wages to turnover ratio of about 75% which is well above the widely recommended level of 60%. The settlement of Alan Stubbs and Darren Jackson will be in there along with the paying off of all Stubbs duds. Not sure if the Kearney settlement is in there or not. I'd suggest not. The wages of £3m were included in an over all "Admin Expenses" total of £4.5m. That combined with a cost of sales of £500K meant we spent £5.0m last financial year. The income of £1m from John McGinn, plus the turnover of £4.1m meant we brought in £5.1m, spent £5.0m, so thus recorded a £100K profit. We also invested a chunk of money in the new pitch at Ralston and other projects such as the new lighting, the sound system and other bits and pieces. In short we've spent the £1m we got for John McGinn on exiting the Alan Stubbs debacle, repairing and rebuilding the squad, a new pitch and some lights. That £1m offset what would have been a £900K loss. £310K of the operating loss was a depreciation charge Our transfer income last financial year ending May 18 was £728K (Mallan & Morgan), ending last financial year May 19 was £1m and as I said we've actually already banked £300K this financial year. Ralston has delivered. We had £700K in the bank at the end of May (up from £500K previous year) We had 38 players and 36 staff last year (total 74). Previous year was 43 players and 34 staff (total 77) I don't know what prepayments and accrued income is but we had £600K of that this year as opposed to £140K last year. Think that is all the big points. I'll leave everyone to make their own mind up. For me it's certainly a worry that we have spent £1.8m in transfer income and not really have a whole lot to show for it other than being in, and retaining, a place in the Premiership which is not to be sniffed at. The real concern is that there's no obvious assets left now. Magennis isn't going to go for big money and Vaclav will walk for nothing so we're going to need to need to stop sacking managers and rebuilding whole squads in January.
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    Pounds for points for foodbank.

    Beyond grateful to everyone who first of all pledged to join in and then dug deep to donate, especially just three days before Christmas. We've got a truly amazing group of supporters, who all have the right values and right priorities. The 5 point tally gave us a pledge total of £13240 and as you can see we've already smashed it. JustGiving is showing £13464 donated already. Quite incredible. Donations continue to come in. Totally overwhelmed! THANK YOU! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/12pointsofchristmas
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    That church is something I'm quietly proud of! After closing as a church it went the usual way of being a furniture store / odds and sods salesroom, and slowly but surely it started to really deteriorate as a building. It was a nice Grade 2 listed building, but that made no difference to the owners. Having been dragged up in Paisley, but now working in the big smoke (of Glasgow), I was well aware that grants were available through a government funded body and they would support development of any building if you could show that benefit would come from the investment. I had the idea of creating three floors of flats with an atrium in the middle. The big problem were the long windows on each side of the building, and how would you introduce a floor detail for the middle level of flats. The Paisley Planners weren't at all enthusiastic and basically said we couldn't touch the building, or all we could create were two levels of residential, which didn't financially work. So I asked for Historic Scotland to become involved and one of their people came to Paisley and we turned up at the building with the Paisley Planner in tow. She was fully expecting to be backed up by Historic Scotland, but they backed our idea to the hilt and said that this was one of the best solutions they had seen for a building of this type. So the bottom line was that we carried out the development and I can actually say, I saved the building. The great advantage that it had was no burial ground around it and internally it wasn't too ecclesiastical so not that difficult to get the right look. I hope if any members of the forum live, or has lived here it would be good to hear what they thought of it. I haven't been in the building for a long number of years. The development was completed around 1988.
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    Brandon Mason

    Chancer????? To me he is showing great initiative and drive. He regularly writes about all aspects of Scottish football far more incisively and intelligently than Tom English who is the Chief Sports writer on BBC Scotland. His video calls with players at home are insightful. But most of all his content is not about the Old Firm - unheard of in Scottish media. But he is only 19 with an HND so he must be shite.
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    Contrary to others on here, I thought we improved when Morais came on. Yes, he missed a sitter, and yes he gave away possession a few times, but overall I thought he proved more of an attacking threat than McAlister had. Hopefully both improve. Defence and keeper were excellent. Great three points for us !
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    JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    You’re an absolute bunnet.
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    Right f**k this. I’m going to put a beer in each room in the house and pretend I’m on a pub crawl.
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)

    Glad that's over. Surely the petulant whining will stop now. I was so unsure of how to vote, I didn't vote until 11.00 this morning. In the end I voted "No", as I wasn't satisfied with the answer to my questions by e-mail. I like a lot about the deal, but there were a couple of uncertainties that I just wasn't sure about. I'm neither happy nor unhappy as to the outcome, as I believe either outcome came with risks. I'll continue to pay my money and get behind the club. After all, for St.Mirren to flourish we need this deal to work. I think someone has just teetered over the brink...…………………….💥😡
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    St Mirren v Hearts Friday 21 Feb

    Must be bad. It's usually just the school kids they send home.
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    On Sat we played Away with a 4-4-1-1and attacked playing good football. Tonight at Home we start 4-2-3-1 with 2 sitting midfielders playing in front of the back 4 leaving acres of space in the middle. And Andre and McGrath didn't chase or put in a tackle. Could't believe Goody didn't change the formation after 20 mins as we were being overrun. Foley had his worst ever game and there was no leadership in the team. Felt sorry for Junior being taken off as he had put in a good shift and Andreu gets 90mins while contributing little. We got out of jail tonight but formation and personnel were Goody's responsibility and he made a mess of it. Hopefully that is our worst display out the way now.
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    Magic Monkey

    Welcome Siefedin Chabbi

    I, for one, would like to welcome Chabbi and our new 2-3-5 formation.
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    Can we please put this myth to bed that Obika and Morias aren't good? Both are a marked improvement over what we had up top last season.
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    Morias had a very good game yesterday, particularly in the first half. He was a constant nuisance and the Accies back line struggled to keep him in check. My only criticism of him is that he snatched a bit wildly at the two chances that came his way but he certainly turned in every bit as good a performance as Jakubiak was doing last season and folk were raving over him for.
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    Hamilton v St Mirren Sat 15th Aug 20

    So, three points won away from home today. Our second clean sheet in three matches played. An away game against one half of the OF already out of the way. Six points ahead of the bottom of the table. Two first choice midfielders who have been unavailable through injury are both likely to be back within a few weeks. No hard luck stories of silly points lost or thrown away to bleat about. What's to complain about ?
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    What's daft about keeping the club afloat ?
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    Speculation Thread

    Thanks for kind words on my PP days. I fair enjoyed them and glad some antics are remembered well. Alerted to your chat by a mate. Tafkapp
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    East Lothian Saint

    Plans for next season

    Shull give it a rest. Football fans come in many guises. For those like you who see their team as some sort of leading light through which the virtues of society should be set for all to see. I can understand the pain. Prices should be fair; integrity should present, and good moral standards should be set for all to see. Its almost a religion to guys and gals like you and all you see is corruption, deceit and disappointment. What a let down Mate. I feel your pain. Well I don’t. Most folk I know give passing thoughts to their team’s politics. Bigots excepted but probably most of them are in it for the football too. We go to the football for fun. Yep it’s a weird concept but it can be a great day out. Meet your pals, catch up, have food and drink. Travel to weird exotic places and have some banter and a sing song. They go to the match feeling part of something bigger than themselves. That’s the key thing. We can all be billy big fish in our own little ponds of life but there is nothing like the excitement of been part of a team and donning the black and white on a matchday gives you an identity in the wider world where people normally wouldn’t give you a glance. The adventure starts with the planning and ends when you collapse on your settee on whatever day you return from the game. Winning is sublime but it’s not all about winning it’s about taking part. So, for you and your fellow mourners of Scottish football, who want to dance on it’s grave and wallow in its failure. I’m sorry but the game still means a lot to most of us. We work hard for our money and through football we give a lot back to all the communities we visit and the town we support. We don’t just waste it on Football clubs. We support the local businesses who supply food drink transport and anything else we need on our travels, even Taxi’s. More people use the trains on Match days across the UK than they do for work. Being a Buddie, an Arab, A *** , a Hibbee or a whatever, is a life style. Embrace it. It’s got to be better than being a moaning faced, Victor Meldrew. Did you know Richard Wilson (below) was born in Greenock. It's funny how you made me think of him but it sort of makes sense.
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    Aliases on The Forum

    Imagine taking the internet this seriously Relax the lot of ye
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    I think now that the outcome is settled we need to get behind it. However, we need real strength of leadership from Smisa going into the new model. We need people with a wealth of experience to lead the club and to not allow SMFC to be dominated by Kibble. I’ve concerns that Smisa could have been overly influenced to date by GLS. Some may agree or disagree with that. I think we have a challenge to try and ensure that doesn’t happen with Kibble as a minority shareholder. I’m all for Kibble bringing business expertise to the table. In fact, one of my main concerns with fan ownership was that we may not have the people, skills and experience to operate effectively. If Kibble can help with that then great - but it’s supposed to be a fan owned club so Kibble can’t be allowed to dominate proceedings. If we have a fans rep acting as a bystander, in awe of £30m turnover partner who has a big voice, then what’s the point? We’d have been been better just allowing the club to be sold into private hands in that instance. A challenge for all involved. I hope it all goes well - and mostly to the benefit of SMFC.
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    What are the specific benefits to Kibble that would require a 27% shareholding in SMFC?
  42. 12 points

    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership

    Hates SMiSA. Hates Gordon Scott. Hated 10000Hours. Surprised to see LPM being opposed to this. Very surprised.
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    Highlight : the ongoing strength of div's outstanding B&W Army website that provided St Mirren fans with a brilliant platform to discuss St Mirren stuff, good and bad. Lowlight : The destruction of this once-great website by a tiny handful of pitiful no-life, attention-seeking, multi-identity wallopers who have trolled and bullied their way through the last umpteen years and killed off any reasonable discussions. Hey, I'm not bitter !!
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    Pounds for points for foodbank.

    Twat. Whilst his sanctimonious point may have been well intended, the simple truth is that this initiative will have encouraged a number of people who wouldn't ordinarily have donated to make a contribution. How can that be wrong?
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    Are you having a laugh! Magennis was completely invisible all night
  46. 11 points

    Kyle Magennis

    We don't need a 20 goal a season striker in. There's no striker out there who would score 20 a season in this team. We need a player or two players who can create or contribute to several meaningful and incisive attacks per match. The sort of players who will pull defenders out of position, have a bit of ball retention and put passes in areas that attackers like to get on the end of rather than feeding off of scraps. Until we get that, we'll not score goals regardless of who is up top.
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    Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    This place is a f**king joke. You guys have got real issues. I popped back in for rumours and - believe it or not - some football chat. Not to worry.
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    Welcome Vaclav Hladky

    The dearly departed (from the forum, he's not deid!) Stuart Dickson had the odd moment of clarity and decent idea formation, he simply couldn't accept that despite coming across with decent points now and again, people would never take to them as the actual person delivering them was really insufferable in general, especially when making their point and really not worth the hassle of working with or against. Good idea formation (now and then) but a nightmare of a person to try and co-operate with. Baz seems to fall firmly into the same category. Any agreeable or valid points are completely lost in the delivery of his response. The need to not just make his own point for someone to agree or disagree with but to make the person he's debating with seem foolish, confused or clouded. Despite this, I've no real issue with him at all, I glance at the points he's making but then know I don't have to really read anything else he posts on a subject as it will typically contain no real new content aside from him going into a back and forth with whoever he's arguing with to point out where in their previous statements he's going to try and show them up. And then a general couple of 'Why Always Me?' style posts when he gets pulled up for it. Bit of self reflection though, Baz. I don't think anyone is telling you not to post but sometimes you can look at a post, accept you've made your point well enough the first time and move on. Countering a response with another response if required is fair enough but the constant need to come back and try and reassert yourself every single time by picking through the bones of points already argued isn't a good look.
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    I got my son to wear on alternative days a Rangers and Celtic top. He's been spat at, kicked and punched every day. [emoji44] Tomorrow he says he's going to try going outside. [emoji23]
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership

    After contacting SMISA with a query about an option to add "Save the Pot" to the 3 monthly spend pot votes. I met 2 members of the SMISA committee on Wednesday 28th November 2018 at Banco Nero. Their purpose was to dissuade me from pursuing the proposal on the £2 spend pot. During that meeting, they went through SMISA' finances with me, their forecasts & projections and stated to me, they'd have the funds (if member numbers remained at that level) to complete the purchase of St Mirren FC in 2023. They explained their plans to "build a rainy day fund" by maintaining member subscriptions beyond that date as "we have up to 10 years to complete the purchase of GLS' shares" 1200 members continuing to pay £12 per month for almost 4 years after they have the funds to complete the buyout realises a significant fund. The figure they put to me was in excess of £500000 which would help maintain "safeguarding The Club". Even if the £2 pot spend continued, they could raise more than half a million pounds if the BTB term went to the full 10 years. No matter when BTB completes, SMISA members will need to continue paying a subscription to remain a member. Even those who bought the £2500 package. That was a 10 year membership. I expect, there will be a drop off in membership once the Buds is Bought as there will be members who bought into a 10 year investment to safeguard St Mirren FC by bringing it under fan ownership. I am, in no doubts, this proposal to become co-owners with Kibble is dazzling but it is now very different to what SMISA sold to the fans. We don't need to be joint owners with Kibble or anyone else to make our fan ownership a success. SMISA can complete their purchase of GLS's shares and still have a very successful partnership/collaboration with Kibble without having Kibble as a shareholder. St Mirren will be safer owning 60+% of the shares, even safer owning 70+% of shares and even safer owning 80%+ of shares. It is unlikely SMISA will achieve owning of 100% of the shares but the more SMISA owns, the safer the club is. It really is that simple. Even though, SMISA become the majority shareholder, accepting this proposal, to accept a 3rd party purchasing 27% of the Club has it's risks. We have the gift to ensure the safety of St Mirren FC once & for all by buying the largest % of shareholding available to us and that is by continuing as is, complete the purchase in 2023 and build the rainy day fund through the continuing memberships required by each & every one of us to remain members of SMISA. I'd save the £2 pot too & create a bigger pot but that's a different argument
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