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    My Dad's 1977 whisky glass only comes out on very special occasions! Dad was a grafter. I never told him as I never fully appreciated it in my youthful ignorance, but he grafted till he dropped, over twenty years ago, still in his fifties! What wouldn't I give to have poured that dram for him and celebrated with him. Celebrate what? Finishing ninth out of ten? No way. Winning a play off match? Nope. Had we lost, I would still have been so proud of Oran and the players! I reckon most of us would be. Dead and buried at Christmas, I never wavered in my belief that despite Stubbs best attempts to ruin us, we would stay up! We took it to the latest possible stage... Penalties after extra time after a play off! That's the St Mirren way. I would have applauded them off the pitch regardless of the result, for giving hope where there was none! I would have been far from alone there. Why celebrate? Those players fought tooth and nail, giving everything for the cause. They grafted. Where they were questioned, they stood up and fought harder. They took the blows, knocks and hurts for the team and kept nothing in reserve. They were a team that reminded me of my Dad, and one that he would have been proud of! Cheers! COYS
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    A message of congratulations to the team and the management for a magnificent turnaround and avoiding automatic relegation today. Of course we're disappointed about Hamilton winning but all of the people at the club have rescued us from a seemingly impossible position in a very short time. I believe that all of them deserve our thanks for getting over this first hurdle and to not have a magnificent achievement lost in the bowels of a matchday thread or in the negativity of Hamilton winning today or any nonsense about how we've been performing recently. That's 4 great results in a row against strong opposition with plenty of late goals. That's noteworthy right there. The boys never f**king give in. That's the spirit we need from here to the end of the season and we'll be fine. Part Two is to defeat Hamilton next week and leave us with something to play for on the last week. If we do that, we can enter the play-offs (if it comes to that) with our heads held high. Despite other results, I'm buzzing today and can't wait for next week. Let's f**king do this. COYS.
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    Forum Moderation - A Fresh Start

    I've completely cleared the reporting system of all previous complaints. Starting from today I've made a note in my calendar to review each and every complaint that's made via the report button (this appears on each forum post) at 0930. I'll review (and respond) to every complaint made on a daily basis (even if on some occasions I won't be able to make 0930). If particular forum members are being overly abusive they will be sent to the sin bin for a period of reflection. If, upon release from the sin bin, they continue to be the subject of reports for being abusive, they will be permanently banned. All previous sin bin suspensions have now been lifted. You've been warned. Play nice, or fuck off.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Special day

    Yesterday I had a remarkable 85 year old at the game who watched Saints regular in the 50's and early 60's. He always aske's me about Saints. So I said I will take you to a game. This 85 year old got the overnight Thursday train to London to be a speaker for a fellow Golfer funeral. All his expenses were paid. With no hotel he came back Friday night again overnight train ( he wanted to keep costs low ) and be back for the St Mirren game. I thought he will be too tired 85 remember. There he is with me for the 12.15 ferry what a man. After the game we went to Elderslie Golf Club he wanted me to see a large Cabinet dedicated to him as he was a special local golfer who was invited to the Masters in America but could not afford the expense of going out there. No sponsorship in these day's. After the game which was not a classic he said what a goal going on about it. He said Ian you know what surprised me. What Stuart ? The Fans what a support they are fantastic getting behind the team. He went on they sang in my day but not like that. Took him home lost his wife 3 years ago. Got his own flat I got invited in for tea. Kept thanking me , how can you not do something for a fellow Buddie. Went home with a lump in my throat wishing my own dad was still here.
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    How many f**king times do we need to hear this pish. Allan, son, nobody is disputing the squad needed major surgery. The issues are; 1. The players you did sign were an utter load of shite. You know nothing about scouting and clearly have no good contacts - maybe just some guys who pretend to be your mate in order to cash in when they sell you aforementioned shite. 2. You have zero man management skills. In fact, you come across as an annoying prick that nobody would want to work for. 3. You have zero tactical knowledge. You couldn't beat an amateur side or a non-league side because your players had no idea where to even stand or pass the ball. Look forward to a resounding chorus of "Are you watching, Allan Stubbs?" when we beat United and stay up.
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    Slightly off topic, but having listened to S McGinn in the after match interviews, congrats to him, his future wife and all of his family in the coming celebrations. Not perhaps his finest game; he nevertheless played a captains part and his delight at the final whistle was a joy to see. I like grafters and all the McGinn brothers are certainly that.
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    Well since this thread has just ended up with folk abusing each other I'll close it. It's been fun!
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    The St. Mirren Family Stand – A Wrong Decision Dear Board Members I am writing this letter to you to express my unease with the on-going situation regarding the use of the Family Stand at St. Mirren Park. I am personally opposed to the stance taken by the board to allow the use of the family stand for accommodating both the Rangers and Celtic supports at our home games against us, based on the claims of increased revenue to the club and therefore additional funds to support the playing staff budget. I would like to highlight the club’s website ticketing information page detail for the South (Family) Stand:- “Please note that the South Stand is a Family Stand and therefore we expect no swearing within this stand. In the past we have had complaints from family groups and potentially new supporters about the language their children were subjected to. We will therefore be working closely with the police and stewards to discourage this type of behaviour in order that the good work we are doing with local schools encouraging them to support the Club is not wasted. Please assist the Police and stewards by pointing out anyone who participates in unacceptable language.” It beggars belief that the above is the policy of the club for the season, yet on 3 (or 4 occasions if we ever achieved Top 6 at the split in April), that is put aside to let 1654 additional opposing supporters, swear, sing sectarian songs, let off flares, throw objects onto the pitch, and in general flout the rules of the stadium, the laws of the land, and be above the attention of the Police in enforcing the rules and laws in place, as it might create a flash point to intervene and deal with the situation. You are in essence condoning that behaviour, rather than being radical and forward thinking. In addition, although the Police and Stewarding arrangements are deemed to be adequate for the crowd management on the day, there has been no real regard shown to the fact that some fans will not attend, and the majority who do attend, do so with a feeling of unease and discomfort at the situation, which is most definitely not felt when all the other clubs play in Paisley. The upcoming home games against Aberdeen and The Rangers highlight a huge difference in the message being sent out to the St. Mirren support. On the one hand, there are the family events to take place prior to the Aberdeen game to try and encourage Families, Schools and Youth Groups to attend the Stadium and see the experience as something more than just a game of football over 90 minutes. Then, just one week later, you ask those same Fans, Families, and potentially new Supporters to vacate the Family Stand, and if they wish to attend the match against The Rangers, more than likely have to take seats at either end of the Main Stand where fewest season tickets are taken up, and be in close proximity to all the things you claim you will not tolerate from your own support in the Family Stand. That is senseless and also dis-respectful of those fans. On behalf of some, if not the majority of Saints, I would request that you re-consider your current stance on this issue. Somewhere along the line, factors other than financial benefit have to be considered. Is tainting the match-day experience, sending out conflicting signals by condoning one rule for us and disregard of the rules by them, really the long-term solution to building the fan-base, and therefore the future strength and wealth of the club? Have any options been considered? What about offering far flung Buddies or even existing Season Ticket holders the chance to buy a 3 match season ticket for these games, and let them nominate schools, youth groups or family members to attend on their behalf. Buddies crowd-funding around the World to buy up the tickets and a Panda Bear, to sit in their seat? Just anything rather than the current situation – PLEASE! The on-going situations at Kilmarnock and Aberdeen, and indeed between the 2 Glasgow clubs curtailing each others opposing support numbers, is a fairly poignant indicator of the way forward in my opinion. Finally, I would request that the board release the working figures used for the plan to go ahead and allocate the Family Stand to the Old Firm, including details of the increased policing and stewarding costs. I would also like to ask for clarification on the position if say, Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen become season long Title Challengers and started to regularly take 3000 or 4000 away supports to games. Would you then apply the same reasoning and implementation in that scenario?
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    Network Premiere - On Our Way

    Proud to announce the network premiere of "On Our Way" - The Story of Season 2017-2018
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    Pounds for points for foodbank.

    There always someone looking for a negative angle on things. i genuinely made a bit of a fun post on Monday challenging the team with the hope of raising a few quid for the FoodBank. Ive done this before with goals meaning donations to the NorthBank. The donation was made on behalf of the website, not me personally. The site raises a wee bit every month through advertising and this is me giving back. I didn’t ask anyone else to join in, but it completely blew up and before we knew it 500 had joined in and pledged. After getting spanked on Weds night with the wind taken out our sails a wee bit I opted to just go ahead and open the donations page early. A few days on and £2K already guaranteed in donations. Im proud of that, and desperately hope we get thousands more. I’ve spoken to Ian today as I’ve been very surprised by some of the stuff that’s been written about this. He’s someone I know well and I’ve always found him to be a really nice bloke so I’m not entirely sure where this has all come from tbh! Hopefully I’ve clarified things with him and put his mind at ease. This was never supposed to be anything but a positive but you know, negativity is never far away.
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    Welcome back Mr James Goodwin

    EVERY-SINGLE-THREAD[emoji35] What the f**k is wrong with you guys (you know who you are) that you have to drag every thread into the mire with your petty bickering. Nobody gives a f**k so do us all a favour and take it elsewhere. This thread was about Goody. The amount of posts that have f**k all to do with his appointment are just depressingly familiar.
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    Prague Buddie

    Vaclav Hladky/Josef Sural

    Spare a thought for our goalies friend and former team mate "Czech International" Josef Sural. Killed in a crash in Turkey after a match. They played together at Slovan Liberec. Keep your chin up Vaclav.
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    Very disappointed to see the stick Cooke is getting. Not the time or the place for such comments. We've watched some amount of guff this season (even in shape of one of Cody's predecessors!) That was not even close to the worst performance i've seen this season, it's not even the worst St Mirren performance i've seen this week. United tried to rough us up, Cody stood upto it and gave as good as he got, held the ball up well at times and gave 100%. You can't underestimate how a hard a task it is to lead the line on your own against a hardened defence in a game of that magnitude. I thought he done well all things considered.
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    Who's Out?

    Why do some posters, namely Top Cat and look at me, have such a problem with Stephen McGinn? He may be down the pecking order just now, but he's been a fantastic player for the club over two spells, and was the on pitch leader who helped us stay in the Championship and then win it the following season. Without him, I believe we would have been relegated to League 1, and who knows, we might still be there, or at best mid table in the championship. We should be indebted to him, not constantly having a go.
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    Stephen McGinn. Does he understand?

    Fairly obvious our captain is criticising guys like Baird, Flynn and the other McGinn for not being fluent in Czech and Romanian.
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    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    As I said on the Saints fans Facebook page... Best Saints manager since Fergie. Achieved just as much in a shorter time! His departure wasn't much different from that of Sir Alex, who is still worshipped! Going to Sunderland was a no brainer. They have only lost seven league games since he went there. Man City have lost six in the same time period. Draws cost him. Expectations by the Makems are unrealistic. Put two premiership sides out the cup. A few points off automatic promotion this early in the season even after a poor start! He would have turned that around. Those being smug about this are being petty and forgetting how much he did for us.
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    Robbie Nielson

    Things Robbie Nielson says you need to be a Premier League team: Money Cojones Things Dundee United have: Money Get it right up ye ya shite talking tangerine fud!
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    Great to see Paul Dummett come up to support the Buds.
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    FFS, we sign 2 players and yet the thread is polluted with the usual childish bickering by the usual f**king arseholes.
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    I'm not one to criticise refs after games. They are only human, and it is incredibly difficult to get every call right when things are happening so fast (and nowadays you have players cheating thrown in to the mix as well). However, over the two games there have been a series of utterly baffling head-scratching "are you f**king serious?" decisions that could have seen us relegated. Not least yesterday we had a perfectly good goal chopped off, a penalty awarded against us, a red card against us, and two red card calls for United not given - every single one of them clearly the wrong decision! If these are the best refs the SFA can provide then its clear there is a massive problem in Scotland. Surely we need to look at bringing in VAR and bring in expertise from overseas to run both the VAR system and the SFA's dysfunctional appeals and compliance system. These things are always said to be "too expensive for Scottish football" but its a multi-million pound industry in this country, and every club already has multiple cameras at every game. VAR installed on a smaller budget might bring some problems but it can't be worse than the nonsense we have been subjected to this season from the 4 penalties at Ibrox to Beaton's attempt to relegate us yesterday! I'd expect the club to be making some noise over this in the coming days, and to appeal Nazon's red card whether he is going to be staying here or not.
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    Dirty Sanchez

    Welcome back Kirk Broadfoot

    Will be remembered for not downing tools after he signed the PCA with Rangers. Was a key player in the run in that season. And also standing on the ball after the late winner against St Johnstone.
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    I think with Sunday being the first "proper" home game of the season it would be fitting for us all to remember Fiona McCaskill who passed away in the summer, aged just 35. One of our own, and a big personality at games who was always heard! So, as the clock ticks over into the 35th minute can I ask anyone who is willing to stand and applaud (and maybe even the odd Whoop!) for a minute to remember her? League rules mean the club isn't allowed to promote this so we need to do it among ourselves to ensure the offline and online supporters know it's happening. Appreciate if you could help spread the word to your fellow buds if you agree this would be a fitting way to remember Fiona.
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    What efforts? For years we have been weak in this area, resulting in us chasing the easy short term cash of us displacing our own season ticket holders and reducing season ticket income to pander to the old firm to our long term detriment. Hospitality... Previously classy... Now done on the cheap. Meal poorer. Even the complimentary pen has gone from classy to no more than a bic! Hospitality places regularly given away to make it look busy! Annual dinner. Hospitality. Golf do. Same old same old. Within our fanbase, we are bound to have radio presenters... Comedians... Personalities who could present the hospitality day, releasing Campbell to network... Mingle with the guests. But no. It's his baby. How many funerals do we host? A major source of income for the fakes... With Woodside just up the road why isn't it one of ours? How many networking business open days have we hosted? Getting business owners together to network and support one another whilst promoting our own facilities? How have we encouraged increased season ticket sales? What have we done to increase youth support? You know... The kids we kick out for old firm games? "Exhausted it's efforts"? Don't make me laugh. Actually, I can't. It is criminal neglect and makes me weep. So many opportunities... Lost because of our small minded short term approach to income... Spunked on pay offs!
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    Desperately Seeking Susans


    Anton, you will always be remembered at this club. Thank you for your support. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48437922
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    Momentum and Form

    Crap. He could have scored and we still lose! We could have defeated the Dons at Pitoddrie. Accies did. We SHOULD have won in Hamilton. We dropped two points! Killer. To blame one missed penalty is short sighted in the extreme.
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    RIP Graham

    Many thanks, Buddies. He died Friday evening. Wherever he went after dying I believe he had a word with someone important So Saints got an away win. At least, that was my fond thought when I heard the result. He was a lover of St Mirren to the end.
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    Magic Monkey

    Potty Mouth

    I was getting that last night Kept hearing 'ya clueless wanker'. Then my wife went upstairs and it quietened down a bit.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Saints vs Fakes

    old boy living in Rothesay not seen Saints since the 50's but a Buddie who represented Scotland at Golf life member at Elderslie golf club . In his 80's taking him to this game then he is taking me to Elderslie golf club . Hope he see's us win and has a special day. COYS.
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    St Mirren v Hearts Friday 21 Feb

    Anything but aimless , just watched it again and Wallace looks up and sees Obika and lifts it over the two cart horse defenders.
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    I think the outcome is challenging for all parties. No matter how we look at it, all are investing greatly in something that is at the heart of all of us, St Mirren. I sincerely hope that Kibble help to grow the business, because in a few years, we, the fans will own 51% of the club. Many forgot that 51% is ownership, 70% was just a bigger number All this chat of GLS being a Simsa member and not allowed to sell his personal shares to benefit himself, having ensured that the fans have 51% is just pettiness. So he offloaded 8% so what! i am part of the minority’s of private shareholders. I bought some years ago just to be a part of the club. It was an ambition since boyhood. Remember those days you trawled the PDS looking for a small add selling st mirren shares. I then invested further when we had to get an all seater stadium. I would remind those sanctimonious members out there who think about fan ownership, most of the past share offerings were not taken up by grass root fans and had to be underwritten by people like Gordon, Stewart, George,. The final seats to make old love street an approved all seater stadium were bought by Jim Purvis. I doubt I will ever get the opportunity to sell those shares like GLS so what. It was a from the heart investment. GSL has a far higher value and I have no issue with him being able to offload them. the veto has taken on mammoth proportions but I would question its actual worth. The issues you can veto go to the fundamentals of the club. Day to day business is unlikely to be vetoed. If there is something that Kibble actually want to veto, as a fan shareholder I would have serious questions about what was going on that makes them take such a stand my only question, and it is something that has annoyed me for many years. In the bad time, 3 games postponed in winter, no income and the old shareholders had to give loans to aid cash flow, I have always worried how fan ownership handled that. Recently I have heard talk of a contingency fund. Is it only the major shareholder that needs to have that or will kibble equally have some cash to help us through tough cash flow times.. let us look at the German model 50%+1 is fan ownership and you run the club that is where we will be shortly As I type I think of brexit at end of it, all need to pull together in reading the pros and cons over past few weeks, I have seen some personal axes to grind, but at the end of the day we are all fans and want the best for our coub juat think what COYS means to each of us that is what is in our hearts
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    Who's Out?

    Totally agree. He stepped down and hauled us back up when we needed it most. We should be indebted. Now that we have raised to a level that for whatever reason he is struggling to reach is no reason to trash him. If and when he goes, he goes with nothing but my gratitude and best wishes.
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    Why has the Director of Football failed?

    This window at least, having a "Director of Football to ensure stability even if there is a management change" has been a complete failure. This isn't up for debate, the reason for bringing the role in couldn't have been clearer & having lost to a Championship team, failed to beat a non league team and be about to start the season almost without any full backs or wingers it is fairly obvious something has gone wrong. And before anyone says "wait until the last day of the window"; the season has started and we are heading out a cup which is financially very important to us. Even if we do bring in new players now we are looking at week 4 or 5 before they will have properly formed in to a team. I understand the thinking behind creating the position and fully supported it, and agreed at the time that Gus seemed to be the man for the job. Why has it failed then? I would be interested to know how much thought and research went in to creating the role. I found the "Moneyball" talk at the time to be rather cringeworthy, and I do hope there was more research than one trip to the cinema for entertainment. Comparing ourselves to clubs like Southampton, which I saw at the time, is pointless as they work on an entirely different level from us. What clubs the size of St Mirren have such a structure and how does it work for them? Are there any successful models out there of a one man team being able to make much of a difference in recruitment structure? How much should we be expecting from Gus in this role? Do we have a proper network of scouts that are being coordinated by Gus? If we do, then what exactly have they been doing? I saw it mentioned Gus was over in Spain in his tracksuit helping at training? Is this true? Surely that is complete madness when the squad is incomplete. Are we chasing after players that are out of our price range? It seems we have once again been naive to say the least in getting played by the big Dutch strikers agent. We were talking in the press about a guy who never had any intention of getting on the plane. I'm surprised someone as experienced as Gus got taken in. This isn't intended to be a thread for the usual rabble to slag off Gordon, Tony and Gus. I would be interested to hear some genuine answers to the above. There is clearly something wrong with the management structure of the club for a relatively simple idea (one full time person recruiting players well in advance) to be executed so poorly.
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    Speculation Thread

    Hope we extend Ryan Flynn's contract. Outstanding player for us.
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    Speculation Thread

    It's also pretty clear that Jim (and the board) are embarking on a building strategy here. Foley, Durmus, Obika and McAllister all on 2 year deals is a signal of intent. It will take us a while, but the hope has to be that over the next 2-3 transfer windows we can get away from the endless cycle of mass change that we've been in ever since the famous transfer window of Jan 2016. Bringing in good players though comes at a price. I'd expect those four to all to be on good wages given where they have come from. Even the lower reaches of the English leagues pay significantly more than we do. So, spend what limited budget we do have on a smaller more manageable squad, but with decent quality. Use the quality players to help bring on the academy kids, and hopefully those same quality players will also help establish ourselves in the top flight where year on year we can get incrementally stronger. We're obviously not talking international class players here, but it's a step change from the V9 and non-league model that nearly killed us last Summer.
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    belfast billy

    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    I live in Banbury just up the line from Oxford I’ve been a few times last season to the Kassam stadium and I’ve seen this boy 2 or three times and was impressed with him whenever he played
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    Goodwin isn't imminently incoming for f**k sake. At least not to the stage it is a 'done deal'. This isn't even speculation, its just common sense. Alloa would have absolutely 100% commented on their website that they'd accepted an approach from St. Mirren. That in turn would have confirmed OK was gone from us and been widely reported. None of that has happened, so if Goodwin is a done deal, we've illegally tapped him up and offered him terms which he's accepted without the permission fo his current club and we are, therefore totally f**ked. Common sense dictates it's a load of shite. Common sense has long since departed this station though.
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    Speculation Thread

    Another loan deal for Anders Dreyer almost complete.
  38. 15 points

    Speculation Thread

    I don’t get the anti Lyons feeling amongst a certain element. Why oh why does there have to be a boo boy for the more rabid fans to froth over? I always felt the boy gave 100% in every game he played
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    Our Strip. What Next?

    My favourite thread of every year without fail. Reading grown men having meltdowns about the design of a piece of fabric is joyous.
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    Yeah , I wish the club would come right out and say how much we are getting . Would give other teams and agents a clearer idea of how much we can be fleeced for when looking at players for next season . 🤪
  41. 15 points

    Judas Now Home As Is Goodwin.

    Title of this thread is disrespectful to the man who who orchestrated our great escape and preserved our top league status. Pretty poor thread In my opinion.
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    Dundee United have amassed a grand total of 4 points more this season and their goal difference is one goal worse off compared with last season. I think we now have a squad which is finally stronger than Jack Ross' team last season. Paul McMullan is one of their biggest goal threats - discarded by Alex Rae as not being good enough for us during his first season with us in the Championship. We've been on a solid run of form - narrow defeats to Killie, St Johnstone and Celtic being our only defeats in our last 13 matches where we have gone to Pittodrie, Tynecastle, Fir Park, McDiarmind Park, New Douglas Park and taken points and beaten Livingston (twice), Dundee (twice), Hamilton. Over a similar time frame Dundee United have lost to Morton, Partick Thistle, Queen of the South, Inverness Caley, drawn with Ross County and also relegated Falkirk. If teams in the lower half of the Championship can beat and draw with them I don't think we should be overly worried about facing them.
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    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    That is a tremendous result for a Saints team which was all but relegated just a few weeks ago. Immediate relegation has been avoided and I think that the whole team deserves a lot of respect for that. These players are digging out results against 3 teams 20+ points ahead of ourselves at a time when they are under enormous pressure to save jobs at the club and their own careers. That is something a few of the roasters above don't seem to be able to get their thick skulls around. Anyone wittering on about our performances clearly knows nothing about having to perform under such pressure. Anyone wittering on about how Motherwell players have nothing to play for clearly doesn't understand anything about having a career in football. If we can beat Hamilton next week we'll be going to Dundee a single point behind. I'd take those odds now. In fact I'll take a play-off right now as long as we go into them with the momentum we have now. Everyone is tlaking about Dundee Utd but I am sure it'll be Inverness. We should all be extremely confident about beating any play-off opponent over two matches with this set of players.
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    Accounts to Year Ended May 31st 2019

    Available to download here if you are interested; https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/downloads/accounts-may2019.pdf Summary Turnover up to £4.1m from £2.8m Showing the value of Premiership football over Championship. The extra £1.3m was made up of c£500K in gate receipts, c£600K in prize money and increased advertising and commercial income. Over and above that turnover increase we also got £1m from the sale of John McGinn from Hibs to Villa as our sell on. We've since had another £330k from that deal, which was a third of the £1m kick that Hibs got when Villa got promoted. That money is NOT in these accounts. Our wage bill went up pretty much exactly in line with our increased turnover (point 1). We spent £3m on wages as opposed to £2m in the previous season. That's probably to be expected in the top flight but it does represent a wages to turnover ratio of about 75% which is well above the widely recommended level of 60%. The settlement of Alan Stubbs and Darren Jackson will be in there along with the paying off of all Stubbs duds. Not sure if the Kearney settlement is in there or not. I'd suggest not. The wages of £3m were included in an over all "Admin Expenses" total of £4.5m. That combined with a cost of sales of £500K meant we spent £5.0m last financial year. The income of £1m from John McGinn, plus the turnover of £4.1m meant we brought in £5.1m, spent £5.0m, so thus recorded a £100K profit. We also invested a chunk of money in the new pitch at Ralston and other projects such as the new lighting, the sound system and other bits and pieces. In short we've spent the £1m we got for John McGinn on exiting the Alan Stubbs debacle, repairing and rebuilding the squad, a new pitch and some lights. That £1m offset what would have been a £900K loss. £310K of the operating loss was a depreciation charge Our transfer income last financial year ending May 18 was £728K (Mallan & Morgan), ending last financial year May 19 was £1m and as I said we've actually already banked £300K this financial year. Ralston has delivered. We had £700K in the bank at the end of May (up from £500K previous year) We had 38 players and 36 staff last year (total 74). Previous year was 43 players and 34 staff (total 77) I don't know what prepayments and accrued income is but we had £600K of that this year as opposed to £140K last year. Think that is all the big points. I'll leave everyone to make their own mind up. For me it's certainly a worry that we have spent £1.8m in transfer income and not really have a whole lot to show for it other than being in, and retaining, a place in the Premiership which is not to be sniffed at. The real concern is that there's no obvious assets left now. Magennis isn't going to go for big money and Vaclav will walk for nothing so we're going to need to need to stop sacking managers and rebuilding whole squads in January.
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    Pounds for points for foodbank.

    Beyond grateful to everyone who first of all pledged to join in and then dug deep to donate, especially just three days before Christmas. We've got a truly amazing group of supporters, who all have the right values and right priorities. The 5 point tally gave us a pledge total of £13240 and as you can see we've already smashed it. JustGiving is showing £13464 donated already. Quite incredible. Donations continue to come in. Totally overwhelmed! THANK YOU! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/12pointsofchristmas
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    Welcome Vaclav Hladky

    Vaclav in today's PDE stating that he is staying and is very happy to be here and that all the people at the club are good guys.. He says that although he is aware of the offer from Qarabag, he's happy here with his family and that they love the style and culture and want to stay here. Of course matters can change, but these are words from the man himself.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Fiona MacAskill

    Well known Saints fan Fiona is in hospital with a brain haemorrhage. Got to know Fiona at the 1877 club her heart is in the right place gem of a girl. My prayers are with you Fiona. Get Well Soon.
  48. 14 points

    Top Four Says Tony

    The full interview is on Buddie Vision. I don't care if anyone thinks we will be ridiculed, I love having a passionate guy like Tony talking the club up.
  49. 14 points
    Peru, Iran, Holland................................semi finals here we come !!!
  50. 14 points

    North Bank retaliation policy

    Div tweeted tonight that fans were not to get pissed tonight. It appears that we have a man down already and the clock is barely scraping the arse of 8pm.
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