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  1. Best window we have had since Stephen McGinn signed and kept us up. Jones a far better player than McAllister. Grieve much better than Dennis and Gogic much more experienced than Erhahon. Add that to the two big centre forwards being no where near the team and it's easy to see why things are looking up!😁👍

  2. 2 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

    It was actually the SMISA voting members that overwhelmingly approved this & there is nothing material to suggest it is a "dud" (don't let Animal and his fellow moon howlers distract you from that point) 

    GLS did not push through the Kibble deal, it was presented to members. IMO it is quite disrespectful to those who voted, to question if they made their own informed choices on the deal. 

    SMISA couldn't run a coffee morning never mind a football club so forgive me for thinking they are not capable of making informed choices.


  3. 3 hours ago, BuddieinEK said:

    Source: https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/244335-the-st-mirren-fc-202122-thread/&do=findComment&comment=14985272
    But that's not true.
    Certainly, on the field we are in a much healthier position...

    but we are NOT "fan owned"; have lost or dismissed a lot of long term employees; and have a divided boardroom where the fan owned component is not able to make decisions without ratification by a non-fan based company.

    He sold us a dud.

    I'm relieved he will be moving to the ideal position for him. His skills are perfect for club ambassador.

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    I think you will find it was Gordon Scott who sold everyone a Dud. And then pushed through the Kibble deal so he got his money back earlier.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Tommy said:

    As much as us old farts love the  old grounds, the stand at Somerset is worst than the terracing and really need to be bined.

    God forbid if anybody ever has a dose of the shits while at this ground  :lol:

    As for the game, walk in the park for most of the game.


    Great to stand at the football but with toilets that would not be good enough in a pub with a 100 capacity and a food stall that you would need to wait 40/45 minutes to get shit food from it shows how football fans are treated, Would not be allowed to happen in any other 'entertainment' industry.

    Also wee fannies in balaclava's in the St Mirren support wtf is that all about? Embarrasment to themselves and the club. Fuds!!!!

  5. 8 hours ago, doakie said:

    Part of the Smisa statement from today - 

    At the same time, we are aware of recent online discussion around our relationship with Kibble. In any partnership, differences of opinion and approach can arise. The best place for any issues to be managed is in the boardroom and between the shareholders.

    We would stress for us to play that out in public would not be in the best interests of St Mirren. On that basis we ask for understanding and realism from members over what SMISA can publicly say.


    Ffs…. Words… that say absolutely nothing…amateurs…what a complete f**k up smisa are…

  6. 12 hours ago, animal said:

    Bumped into a ‘connected friend’ in my local Morrisons this morning.

    Chat soon came around to Kibble (or FIBBLE as she calls them) and their threats of legal action against our club board and SMISA board members should they dare to speak publicly about the chaos (and now bullying) they are inflicting on our club.

    She tells me concerns are being raised in some concerned quarters as to just what FIBBLE are up to.

    As all this unfolds and Fibble delay this year’s AGM, just as they did last year’s, the manager and players are having to put up with the result of their contracting to ‘professionals’ such as their discredited ‘supplier’ Asigura Ltd.

    Remember them? FIBBLE suppliers given stadia catering, security, and refurbishment of the training ground.

    Thanks to their increased professionalism our players still have no washing facilities at their own training ground and are having to change at St Mirren Park then journey back and forward to and from Ralston in this climate!

    Buildings at Ralston are unfinished and if planning applications are be believed proper permission for some of the works, tarpaulin flapping in the rain, has not even been secured.

    Remember FIBBLE also forgot to tell you that they wanted the manager gone last year when team was playing well (the team had had facilities back then) and reaching semi finals.

    Our manager deserves our support before he becomes as disillusioned as the fans and walks. Hibs?

    Have a look at this link from when they came in and the claptrap we were fed.



    Time to back the manager, the players and the St Mirren supporters on the board and tell FIBBLE where to go now. Maybe take their second (Fibble staff member) general manager with them and ask the CE Tony Fitz why he backs them at all !!!!

    Feeble attempt to deflect any blame from the hopeless SMISA and put it on Kbble (who I am guessing are not entirely blame free)


    Is it Kibbles fault we cant score a goal and two of our stikers are Erwin and Main?

    Is it Kibbles fault we don't have any pace in the team?

    Is it Kibbles fault we play a system without the players to do it properly?

    Kibble wanted the manager gone. Really? Yet he got a new 3 year deal in Feb this year!

    Is it Kibbles fault that the SMISA appointed Chairman is not fit for pupose?

    Is it Kibbles fault that SMISA treasurer has shown the same complete lack of judgement?

    Is it Kibbles fault that SMISA have absolutely NO communication these days with the fans?

    Is it Kibbles fault that SMISA are an amateur organisation with NO experiance of running a football club or business? If SMISA have been threatened with legal action why are they not telling us ffs!! The last time I looked it was a free country (unless you want a christmas works night out!....thanks wee Nikki🤣)

    Worried about the manager walking?! Where the fcuk do you think he's going? He has won THREE league games ALL season. Our last win was Oct 16 and have gone EIGHT league games without a win. ( Ask Jack what happens to managers on a run like that) I'm also predicting we will go bottom of the league on Boxing Day. That will be Kibbles fault as well I suppose?

    Our Chairman said he had a plan re fans and Old Firm games and would put it to us soon. Well the Celtic game is just round the corner and absolutely NOTHING. Still discussing it is the official line from St Mirren. FFS!!!

    Lets be honest. SMISA have been an absolute disaster. The organisation obviously has as big an ego as some of  its individuald board members. Imagine having the ground named the SMISA stadium. I get they have paid for that but what a chance to do something innovative and get local charities involved or local business. Wouldn't even enter their head. Too busy on self promotion rather than doing what is right for the football club.

    And to finish. FIBBLE. Very grown up, very mature. She's not related to a SMISA board member is she?

    PS- Don't forget who invited Kibble into bed with them. Yep.....SMISA.


  7. 13 minutes ago, bazil85 said:

    My view was & is that it was extremely unprofessional & not what I would expect from a football club chairman. Given he’s so recently in the door & the journey the club is on, I feel it was right he graciously step down. Given he hasn’t, I would ideally like to see him removed or at the very least a SMISA member vote on the matter (I would of course respect the democratic outcome). 

    Regarding your points on Rangers fans behaviour, it’s just whataboutery really. Their poor behaviour isn’t relevant on this topic for me & I don’t fully understand how it links into your last question. 


  8. 2 minutes ago, alanb said:

    I thought given concerns they were invited but chose not to attend 

    Those running our club since I started supporting have always been “ enthusiastic amateurs” in my eyes, some better some less so.

    Anyone donating to the just giving page should have learned where to click the anonymous button and done so

    If you are a business owner would you rather have 'Enthusiastic amateurs' or tried and tested professionals?

    And glad you agree that the treasurer is another on SMISA that has shown a complete lack of judgement and professionalism. 


  9. 7 minutes ago, alanb said:

    I know they didn’t turn up at the last two SMiSA Q and A’s but is the next AGM not their first opportunity 

    They being the K directors 

    I'm guessing because they are not SMISA members. SMISA have shown themselves to be a MICKEY MOUSE organisation. Supporters playing at running a football club. A Chiarman who should have resigned a treasurer who thought it a good idea to contribute to the Chairmans fine and a convenor who you wouldn't let go your messages let alone have a say in how a business is run....and everyone wondering why things aren't going very well?🤣


  10. Ffs.. always felt sorry for faraway as thought he had very little life outside this forum.

    You  (basil) have taken it to new levels..all Saturday night ( surely most normal people have better things to do on a Saturday) and almost since you opened your eyes on the Sunday post after post after post of repetitive pish! 

    Honestly, get yourself a life outside this forum. What you are doing is not healthy. I appreciate lockdown and covid has not been kind to us all but please……get a life 😁

  11. 33 minutes ago, Hendo said:

    I genuinely wonder if all the off field issues have played a part in the dip in form on the pitch.

    In my current work, two service managers have just left in acrimonious circumstances, those that remain have to apply for their own jobs, there is a total lack of communication from senior management and there is a complete lack of direction. Sound familiar?

    The result is a demoralised workforce and usually competent people making stupid mistakes, and some people going missing in action.

    Currently, JG will have no real support above him, given JN is allegedly at war with Kibble, SMISA caught in the middle, and Tony being...well, Tony. All compounded by zero communication. While JG has made mistakes, most notably sticking to 3 at the back and his inability to find a goal scoring striker, but i think the main problems with our club are firmly at Board level.

    A ‘dip in form’? We have been hopeless all season.. we’ve won 3 league games.. livi, Ross county ( who are both absolutely honking) and were played off the park against Aberdeen and only won because they went down to ten men.. we have now gone EIGHT games without a win and play hibs, celtic and rangers next.. almost certainly no wins in ELEVEN by Boxing Day. 

    A shit show both on and off the park just now and fans being treated with absolute contempt by the amateurs of smisa and the board. Very very worrying!!! 

  12. 6 minutes ago, doakie said:

    I posted it an hour ago. Did you post your sarcastic reply without reading my original post? Surely not. I've cut and paste the paragraph for you. Now, before I do, let me explain why I refer to "allegations". I do not want to be embroiled in the legal process and, in this digital age everyone's identity can be easily found no matter how ridiculous their pen name is. As a result, I refer to "allegations" and "lead to believe" but I assumed anyone reading it would easily work out why I used those terms. Here it is.

    This is a forum, not a court of law, Bazil so providing evidence is impossible but I'm lead to believe that there are enough well informed people contributing to this thread who have contacts within Smisa, within the board, from ex-directors and former employees who have been given the information by word of mouth and are confident that these allegations are true. This information is now circulating and you can choose to believe it or not (That's my disclaimer and from now on I'm simply going to refer to allegations)

    As I suspected.. absolutely nothing.. 

    If true though as a club we are going nowhere. A lame duck chairman and a board split down the middle. Needham doing the right thing would have avoided all this. 

  13. 3 minutes ago, doakie said:

    For the sake of accuracy, I did not say that Kibble are trying to get out of the club. On the contrary it seems that they are attempting to gain more control.

    p.s. Do you really have to be so condescending i.e. "I’m open to someone providing something more substantial than ‘I heard a whisper’ ". There's really no need to be so disrespectful to someone who is simply trying to keep you and other fans informed. 

    Keeping people informed with rumour and hearsay and absolutely NO facts to back it up. Aye.. thanks..

  14. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/cockleswilson-supporters-1?utm_term=Bdk4bYE2E


    This was the original page set up to pay Needhams fine. Given he just wants the whole sorry episode to go away it's little wonder the page has now been shut down. Not before some idiots (including what looks like smisa treasurer) donated!!

    You would think as treasurer of SMISA you might have thought of getting in touch with the Chairman before making that decision.

    Mickey Mouse organisation. The thought of them having more power or say in how the club moves forward is absolutely frightening. 

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