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  1. Great news. We're off the bottom. Fantastic.😄😂ðŸĪŠ
  2. Annoying to lose 2 such bad defensive goals. Fair enough if they cut us open but should have defended the crosses better.
  3. Looked liked a team who's preparation has been disrupted. Got better as the half progressed. Definite penalty turned down.
  4. Predictable I suppose as after the pundits bigging us up we fall flat on our faces. Goodwin is still inexperienced at this level and sometimes gets it wrong. He definitely got it wrong today. As much as I agree with Goodwin not rating Baird. If taking Foley out of the midfield causes so much disruption , then maybe Baird at CH is the least worst option.
  5. I think you've misunderstood my point. The point I'm making is that the fourth official had no reason to get involved and indeed it was against the rules for him to do so
  6. I note the part which says "it is expected that referees will only seek assistance from the Fourth Official in respect of significant match changing incidents which have been missed by the other three match officials and which are clearly visible to the Fourth Official. Such incidents are: red card offences " I would expect the SFA follows similar rules to the English FA, therefore the red car decision was a breach of the rules.
  7. I thought we were comfortable and looking more likely to double our lead, until the ordering off. The sending off changed the game.
  8. The ball was there to be kicked and he kicked it. Nothing reckless about it.
  9. Referee had a completely clear view and gave nothing. Correctly in my view. What is the protocol that decisions made on the pitch by the referee are overturned. Robbed of the 3 points by an outrageous decision.
  10. Ah right. Hit refresh. Now got sound and video.
  11. After signing out and back in now have audio. Hopefully video by kick off.
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