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  1. I was unfortunate enough to be sitting directly in front of the D Utd fans from hospitality. A number of them were complete eejits. One in particular who charmingly called a StMirren player a f*****g p********e. I was threatened twice by this particular ahole. I don't know why so many of their fans were in our hospitality. It was poor segregation. I would think if you re a guest of a club in hospitality, amongst mainly home fans, then you should behave appropriately. They were worse than OF fans.
  2. Indeed . At around this point in the season 2 year ago, we lost at home to QOS and Falkirk, 3-0 and 2-1 respectively. So lets not abandon all hope because we lose 4-0 to Celtic, woeful as the performance was.
  3. He's been playing in the 6th tier of English football. Not surprised Dundee have went down this route look how successful its been for StMirren.
  4. Indeed you are right. But this is basic, merely requiring the ability to do a Google search and read a web page.
  5. A number of folk are making that mistake as the Wikipedia page with that info is wrong. The fact that the BBC have made that mistake, without checking other easily accessible sources, demonstrates the absolutely shocking standards of journalism there.
  6. Wow talk about over reaction. Who said it was acceptable. I'd cut down on the caffeine if I was you.
  7. I wouldn't fault anyone for effort today and I don't think there is any team selection or formation that would have made a difference. The problem is we just don't have the quality to win these type of games. Recruitment in January is going to be vital
  8. There are lies, damn lies and tweets from journalists.
  9. A SkyNews journalist says a deal has been done with Jack Ross including £50000? compensation. A Daily Mail journalist says there has been no contact with St Mirren. Which of these two fake news sites do you believe?
  10. This could well be the gane where StMirren win the league.
  11. What are the known, knowns here? Barnsley have had 100 applicants 50 of them credible. "Newspapers" like the Sun regularly sensationalise or make up stories as clickbait. There is no evidence to support the claim Barnsley have made an approach. There is no evidence to suggest St Mirren have given Barnsley permission to speak to Jack Ross. Of course this could be on of those rare occasions when press speculation turns out to true and Jack will be away soon. But until I see any evidence I hae ma doobts.
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