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  1. Before yesterday I would have said 2 from 6 but Petershill look gone and Cumnock now look just about safe.
  2. Petershill lost 4-0 to Pollok. Cambuslang 9-1 down to Talbot. Unfortunately Kilbirnie won 1-0 at Kilwinning.
  3. Whoever the hell Rendero are
  4. Petershill lost 3-0 to Troon so Rendero stay 3 pts ahead with a game more played.
  5. Need to be a helluva big pipeline to fit Charlie in
  6. My wife’s brother and his family live in St Cleer so doing the family thing. Got here yesterday and moving on to the midlands tomorrow
  7. Not too far from you today in Liskeard
  8. Are we number 1 seeds on the play-offs? We got 9 points as did Norway (adjusted for the games against the team who finished 4th) but have a goal diff of +6 against +4 Serbia got 8 points and Finland 6. Maybe wishful thinking but I think we get Finland at home?
  9. It was a bit of reverse psychology. Honest!
  10. All over them now so I guess we know what’s coming.......
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