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  1. They won't, nor will my team. Nor will the saints. When too many on here were knicker wetting I said you would not go down, you will not. Nor will you be promoted, the board will not spend what may be needed. They want to sell and are in a bind. Spend, go nowhere, club in debt, can't sell. Don't spend, go nowhere, can't sell. Footaball's finances, in the scottish game are based on La-La land economics. SG and the others want out. THis will cause structural problems. I don't say this with malice, but I believe it to be an honest appraisal of where you are at.
  2. None taken you old rascal. Always worth remembering that Dame Fortuna humbles the mighty and elevates the lowly. As things stand St Mirren must now be considered a diddy team.
  3. Genuinely not sarky. Fitba's a diversion. If Shankly meant that pish about football being more important than life or death then he was a complete fcuking eejit.
  4. Thanks for the thought on the result. not in great nick and have seen few games this season. In terms of seeling, mibbies, imo most clubs need something like the Hearts models. Can't be convinced that wealthy Chairmen, no matter how benevolent are the way forward. I know that seems pessimistic but i'm old and have seen to much shite happen. I hope the saints do well, I hope the derbies continue and that fitba gets on to a proper financial footing.
  5. My thought as I typed it, didn't want to sound like a sarky cnut tbh.
  6. Fuxxake chaps, not on to gloat, just happy our season's working out OK given that it's not so long since our manager was attracting the oppobrium that your chap now gets. Two thoughts and looking for answers from your side. 1. Can you afford to get rid of him? 2. Will replacing the manager be enough?
  7. Ferranti thistle if you please. Also, well done saints to be fair.
  8. Hello again Bud, I finally hung up my chalk last year but have seen school budgets shrink steadily over the last 8-ish years due to the Scottish government's freeze on council tax.
  9. Had looked forward to the Derby again, given Saints' and our start to the season, perhaps not.
  10. Congratulations gentlemen, have a damned fine evening.
  11. May your next shite be a hedgegog
  12. I wager we will not, he seems likely to be signed to HMP Barlinnie FC.
  13. Ah, the board's miserabilist pipes up................
  14. Buggered if i'm going to get carried away yet but ..............................
  15. Learn the proper use of apostrphes
  16. Why thank you Sir. Chrimbo will be completeif we can get three points from Dungvermin. An early happy new year to all the Saints' fans.
  17. That's me telt Yeah, my soul shrivelleth as a day old cucumber salad in the noontide sun.
  18. Yep, but there's no language in here to match the KJV sadly.
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