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  1. Jeez- Thelma and Louise with mustaches- although Susan Sarandon may have one already.
  2. Cheeky whippersnapper- jist 'cos I bought Sgt Pepper in mono on vinyl Portuguse- tofee- spanish with a head cold- enjoy the ambience ya jammy sod.
  3. You've missed "How many divisions does the Pope have?" The omelette quotation- Robespierre surely?
  4. Depeche mode- top 5 albums- we're having a laugh right? Next the top 5 thoughts of Joe Stalin, top 5 executions of Albert Pierrepoint, the top 5 highland league football grounds, No doubt they exist- but would you want to be there? Now if it were the top 5 country rock songs, top 5 guitar heroes, top 5 prog rock tracks- I've jist gone too far Sorry
  5. But the song and dance number is the best "Springtime for Hitler and Germany, Deutschland is happy and gay. We're marching to a faster pace, Look out, here comes the master race. Springtime for Hitler and Germany Goose-step's the new step today Bombs falling from the skies again, Deutschland is on the rise again"
  6. Whit I missed Julie's tits? But then I saw them in a cack film - torn curtain? Sure they looked like glenda jackson's
  7. Puerile pish. So no change there Sid
  8. Sid's not going to like this - but I suspect he may be my pishley doppleganger- though obviously not as witty or well endowed. Three films in agreement 1. Blazing saddles ( mel is indeed the master) 2. Love and Death ( but why did he stop shaggin' Diane to go to Mia?) 3. A night at the opera. 4. The life of Brian 5. Young Frankenstein( mel again- and the wonderful marty)
  9. Sid- keep yer homo-erotic fantasies to yoursel' The deal is that I get Dame Diana- or Angela Rippon or............. Jist away for a cold shower
  10. Take care Ching we might be turning into the Morecambe and Wise o' this board. Might be awright- you get Glenda Jackson whilst I get Dame Diana Rigg
  11. Shampoo? Egad- I must formulate a new axiom "Any Film with Warren Beatty in it is [email protected] Works pretty damn well- apart from Bonnie and Clyde- although youthful erotic thoughts abt the lovely Faye may be clouding my memory.
  12. Nazis and nuns- sid you're daydreaming again
  13. Bill- no mention of "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"- a film which would put angels in a rage?
  14. Which is why the lovely Jennie would gie ye a knock back. BTW she's a babe.
  15. So no rum, sodomy and the lash in your bunk room NSS? Or Aye- but jist with Jennie
  16. 1. Southern man 2. Needle and the damage done 3.Like a Hurricane 4. Cortez the killer 5. Welfare mothers Southern man is of course best served up with a side order of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet home Alabama
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