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  1. OK if we're dealing in stereotypes Aussies- F'cking AUSSIES The engerlish of the southern Hemisphere Surely you meant those laid back decent Antipodeans the New Zealanders?
  2. Stravaigan is good but can be pricey- if you go monday to thursday the restuarant is a bit more quiet and they normally let you have the pre- theatre, which is normally excellent, without any requirement to vacate your table by a set time. Phone in advance to check that out. Reidy's bang on about the battlefied rest. And Gourock is well worth the visit. The shabby state of my liver is due, in part, to the haufs sold in the Vic.
  3. Stravaigan on Byres Rd is bluidy good too. And in my spelling mode - Rogano. Yes it's most fine The Chip in Ruthven lane is still fine. Sartis in bath street - the cooking's great, but don't go in the weekend when the service is p1sh. Thanx for the hints for your places- must give 3 and 4 a go.
  4. Greig is greig is Donga And is a very decent fella. HHiBS I'm the booger wie the pernickity nature. That what happens when you teach bambini for 28 years
  5. Tom McB


    A geek types.................. possibly a problem with the drivers for your CD/DVD burner. Go to the website for the maunfacturer of the burner and download the latest drivers. Also check the Nero site for new drivers for your burner. Hope this helps.
  6. Whit- the musketeer jist back from Ibiza? The dark- tanned yin? Ah'll jist get ma coat Touche turtle a blast from the past
  7. Now there's a thought- does Nosferatu count as a foreign language film?
  8. The last furrin lingo film I saw, at Christmas was a belter When the last sword is drawn. Utter cracker. A good review
  9. Pedantic inebriated mode actually And you missed the standard McB typo of Wehtmacht for Wehrmacht. Wish I could type
  10. Bud's call on the Jean de Florette and Manon de sources is also an excellent choice. Also worthy of consideration. Throne of Blood Ran Z Liked Sid's bit about sweet Sixteen- sadly Neds are not foreign, if they were then we could deport the boogers
  11. Easily- and bless ye Tom Jist being an erse as I've had a very good day And the Two Homages to Yojimbo were?
  12. Vermacht? Mibbies Wehtmacht? Oh - the Greman Navy- that would be the Kriegsmarine. I'm in pedantic mode Sorry Tom couldn't resist it Seven Samurai and Yojimbo have got to be there or there abouts. Have got Yojimbo and the two excellent Homage films where Clint and Bruce willis play the bodyguard character. Your bonus for 10, name the films
  13. That one had a happy ending The only good Fascist is a .......................
  14. Some great memories here- Green's playhouse was excellent. Bill's recollection of the Burns' Howf brought a smile back too. Several beers and a decent band on a football-less saturday afternoon. The city halls used to be a great place for lesser known bands
  15. Would have to agree- though the 3500 I mentioned earlier does fit the definition of classic. Think you might be a tad harsh on the Cherry- drove one during my skint phase from 1980 to 1990- not well equipped and plasticky as hell on the inside- but a great runner and cheap to maintain.
  16. Tom McB

    Sounds Silly

    As I understand it it's not like betamax/vhs, discs written on one format or other seem to play in all home DVD players- certainly have never found any difficulties with copies made or recieved in either format. Am fairly sure I have read a confirmation of this in one of the computer mags.
  17. Which one? In think there were three different Models. Seriously big boxy bugger from my childhood in the fifties. Then the lovely one of my teenage years. See it here. Then a Crap piece of rust bucketry from 1979?
  18. You talking to me? Not a Mafia film, surely Travis Bickle played by De Niro in Taxi Driver.
  19. Tom McB

    Top 5 People

    Is Tom Cruise the last person on the planet to acknowledge that Tom Cruise is gay?
  20. Tom McB


    Whit- you got intae her? Does Ms Ching know?
  21. Probs to do wie the religious significance. You know the script- only heathens will stand in the way of the will of God.
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