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  1. blcknwhte_lj

    Speculation Thread

    Very true, but I'm still hoping losing Quinn means we don't need to lose Sutton.
  2. blcknwhte_lj

    Speculation Thread

    Didn't we just release Rocco Quinn, why would we need to lose another player? Or did I miss someone coming in after we released Quinn?
  3. blcknwhte_lj

    Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    Most bizarre thing about that honking away top is that its a different coloured version of our rivals away top from last year.
  4. blcknwhte_lj

    Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    Small details that must be the 'bespoke' bits such as the ground breaking stripes on the back of a shirt and the wee 1877 ruined by an enormous infiniti sticker. Underwhelmed tbh, the template kit that DAFC used is actually a better strip.
  5. blcknwhte_lj

    Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    I presume it means teams with bespoke kits are getting a proper unveiling by Joma. By the looks of things the DAFC and STJFC kits are just templates that any boys club could buy.
  6. blcknwhte_lj

    Gilmour on Sportsound.

    As an unexpected side effect to the radio appearance, the green half of glasgow are slabbering all sorts of shite about Gilmour on twitter hahaha.
  7. blcknwhte_lj

    Season 16/17 Home & Away Kits

    When does the deal with JD expire? With the new takeover and the fans starting to have more of a say maybe we can get a new deal that is favourable for the support and maybe, just maybe, get kit on sale in the club shop again like it should be.
  8. blcknwhte_lj

    New Sky Sports News App.

    Probably as there's more news about the dead club than the reincarnation.
  9. blcknwhte_lj

    New Sky Sports News App.

    So my sky sports news app updated and it now allows you to add the teams you follow for tailored sports news. I opened up the Scottish teams expecting there to be only our current top flight. But they also had Hibs and Rangers, no surprise. Theres no St Mirren unfortunately but they do have Falkirk and DUNFERMLINE!? Struggling to understand why they wouldn't have Saints but have a team in the 3rd tier. What a shiter.
  10. blcknwhte_lj

    Last Good St Mirren Performance?

    Today was my first home game of the season. I genuinely can't remember the last win I witnessed. Completely fed up with Saints at the moment and like many others I'm not going to waste any more money or time on a Saturday until things start to improve.
  11. blcknwhte_lj

    Scary Lady On P+B

    Poor woman just wants her arse trebled...
  12. blcknwhte_lj

    Qos V St Mirren

    Only thing Derek Lyle will be destroying is the prawn sandwiches as he's suspended
  13. blcknwhte_lj

    Andy Webster

    Good signing, kelly back to LB then? Might just sort out our shaky defence, Shanks and Gallagher up top, just need to sort out the midfied now
  14. blcknwhte_lj

    Half Time Competition

    hahaha, that is the worst prize. Bit better than a kick in the baws I suppose. How far is it from? If its from the half way line we should maybe be offering a place in the starting line up.