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    St Mirren, St Mirren and something else. Oh yes - SAINT MIRREN.

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  1. Starsky and Hutch Ehm Ehm Ehm On the Buses
  2. Would you rather buy your next car from Arnold or a small local dealer who knows what he's doing and is actually interested in his customers?
  3. Not forgetting 1. There's always change at bawbagnews 2. Ah cannae get the bawbags tae light 3. Pea and ham - fae a bawbag - now that's clever 4. Lovely, lovely bawbags 5. Open bawbag - that's handy
  4. Reidy1987

    Top 5

    I take it they'll all move to new clubs on a BAWSman
  5. That pub opposite Hamish's Hoose looks like it's opening up again. And I see Mannequin's is now being sold off to convert into flats...
  6. 1. Think up song titles with bawbag in them 2. Think up lines from films with bawbag in them 3. Think of another thread where you can substtute a word for bawbag. 4. Ehm. 5. Bawbags...
  7. Has anyone else got this? I bought a new laptop a couple of months ago and it had Vista pre-loaded. At first I thought it was just that it was new and different and I'd get used to it. But no, it IS a steaming heap of dog poo. Can I still buy XP so I can "downgrade"???
  8. Some classic comedy panel games... Blankety Bawbag Whose Bawbag is it Anyway? Call my Bawbag Have I Got Bawbags for You A Question of Bawbag
  9. What's all this stuff about dark foreskins?
  10. So his name was Bawbag Bawbag
  11. Kent Bawbag of course Or was it Bawbag Walton?
  12. Aye but George Bawbag (from Dundee) always gave him a doin..
  13. My wee sister preferred stuff like The White Bawbags and Bawbag and Sebastian. I was more into The Flashing Bawbag meself...
  14. Do you fell lucky, bawbag? - Dirty Bawbag No man tosses a bawbag. - Lord of the Bawbags Bawbag? Bawbag? Bawbag? - Bawbag (hmmm, this one doesn't quite work, does it ) Houston, we have a bawbag. - Bawbag 13 Open the pod bay door, Bawbag. - 2001, A Space Bawbag
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