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  1. Unfortunately we are shite at putting chances away. * Hamilton keeper still not had a save to make* *Trying to tempt fate.
  2. Great 3 points after an awful start. Great comeback and the team showed they do have the stomach for a fight. Well played.
  3. That's the full set. Penalty miss Defensive f**k up Red card. Really disappointing.
  4. I'd take a point right now. Off the bottom. Psychological advantage over Dundee for Saturday.
  5. f**kIN LACES THROUGH IT!!! FFS 1 down.
  6. Unexpected point. Well done Saints. [emoji106]
  7. Abysmal. God bless the winter break. [emoji112][emoji112]
  8. I hate it when I agree with elvis. I expect to lose but hope we win. Must be time for a beer.
  9. Absolute embarrassment. In 4 games against Livingston and Hamilton, lost all 4 scored 2 and conceded 11. Shambolic.
  10. Yet again, a team that can't buy a goal, score easily against us. Dismal.
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