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  1. Going to a dinner in the River Inn in Houston on Saturday night. Chic Young is the MC with guests including Sir Steven Thomson, Sir Barry Lavety and James McFadden a long with another couple of guests. I have been warned by the missus to keep my hands in my pockets if their is a St Mirren related auction. Should be a cracking night.
  2. Jammy scum bastards. Knuckle dragging fans wake up with more sectarian bile.
  3. Encouraging stats for a change. It is BBC stats, I know.
  4. Pizza and chips is bad for you? Shit. [emoji37]
  5. Thrown under the bus. American shite.
  6. I suppose I'll make the effort to go to this. I now go expecting defeat but still hoping for a result. I predict 30 minutes in I'll be freezing and wondering why the f**k did I bother. You never know, I suppose.
  7. We are getting f**k all from the officials.
  8. I went to the Arsenal v Aston Villa FA Cup Final in 2015 and this was the first time I had experienced buying beer in a stadium. It was a novelty that day but it wasn't cheap. I personally wouldn't be bothered about drinking beer inside the stadium. Much prefer sitting down the park with a bag of cans.
  9. I think people know it goes on, however, for somebody to come over to our country and pose for pictures with the bloodied carcass of such a beautiful animal is disgusting. Although she's done nothing illegal, posting these pictures all over social media while describing it as fun is piss poor. Hope the bitch is never back in Scotland again.
  10. Tell the Killie fans to get tae f**k with their extra tickets request. Glory seeking basturts!
  11. YASSSSSSSSS! WE HAVE SCORED A GOAL! Aberdeen must be embarrassed.
  12. This is brutal. Cosgrove scored 1 goal in his previous 48 games and gets 2 against us. f**king whipping boys.
  13. Another shit footballing Saturday. First time Aberdeen have scored more than 1 goal in . a league match. Another blank half from us.
  14. Buffs


    Kilwinning Rangers 3. Beith 1. Much needed win for confidence.
  15. Well, I went to the much hyped V & A Museum this morning. It certainly is a museum full of museumly like stuff you would normally find in a museum. Very disappointed. The building itself is stunning inside and out, a fantastic design and build. It was the best part. Although it's free to get in, you pay extra for some displays and experiences which is fair enough. The shop, on the other hand, is a rip off. 75 quid for a tie! A feckin tie?. In my opinion it falls into the same category as the Falkirk Wheel. If you are in the area go and see it but dont make a special trip to it.
  16. Going to Dundee next weekend. Planning a visit to the museum. I've only ever been to Dundee for football matches and never been to the town centre. Always thought it was a shithole but I am prepared to be corrected.
  17. I had St Mirren to win on one coupon and to score on another. They were the only team that let me down on both. I should know better.
  18. Excellent point and performance. Great energy. Every player gave 100%. Delighted with the start Oran has made. Hard to believe these are the same players Stubbs had at his disposal. Good foundation but can't get carried away. Feel goid factor has returned.
  19. Absolutely f**ked. Shambolic and embarrassing.
  20. I'm disappointed with missing out on Miller. We are in shit state and I doubt Stubbs has a plan J, K or L. My knickers are dry but I am getting uncomfortable with our situation.
  21. Just in from a day in the pub. Don't know anything about the game or how we played. I can hazard a guess and that result is f**kin abysmal.
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