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  1. I'm bastarding working that day. Not bastarding happy. [emoji34][emoji24]
  2. First St Mirren captain to lift a trophy this year in my daughter's school football tournament today. I think there might be another one soon.
  3. It's nice that so many of the positive posts on here are getting lots of likes. I like it when we are all in a good positive mood.[emoji16]
  4. Craig Samson, take a bow. 7 clean sheets in a row at home is an outstanding achievement. St Mirren legend. The rest of the defence are not bad either.
  5. I can see both sides of the argument. Junior football is just that, Junior football. A small local team that creates an identity for a small town. As some know, I watch Kilwinning Rangers when im not watching St Mirren. For them to progress through a pyramid system they would have to spend about £200,000 to £300,000 on ground upgrading. Totally unaffordable for most league teams never mind a Junior club. However, a lot of Junior teams are more financially secure and better run than some teams in League 2 do why not give them the opportunity to progress?
  6. Allan Preston is the most irritating twat on Radio Scotland. That just confirms it.
  7. Buffs


    Kilwinning Rangers 2. Beith 1. First Buffs goal was a stunning strike from the half way line. 9 points clear.[emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  8. Hate fake pitches. Kilmarnock are, apparently, going back to grass in the 2019/20 season. Hope Hamilton follow suit.
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    Glenafton 1 Kilwinning Rangers 1. Still top of the league.[emoji3]
  10. I can imagine you have a dodgy coupon just now. [emoji16]
  11. Think I scored by myself later on.
  12. I went to the main stand to watch us playing while Will Haining was with us. As most will know, the seats in the old main stand at Love Street were quite tight. I was already in my seat when the people in the row behind me took their seats. As they say down I got hit on the back of my head by their knee and as they apologised, I turned round to see that it was Michelle Marsh.. Another bonus was that she was wearing spray on light blue jeans and my eyeline, when I turned round, was looking straight into her crotch. I had to turn round quite a few times that day. Can't remember who we were playing, what the score was or even if we scored that day.
  13. Another good home win and another clean sheet. Can't ask for more. Points on the board are the main thing. Should be an interesting Tuesday night.
  14. I'm planning on visiting a relative in RAH . Anybody aware of how the surrounding roads are? Anybody driven the A737 today?
  15. Buffs


    Girvan 1 Kilwinning Rangers 2. Lead extended at the top. [emoji16]
  16. He just turned roond and the baw came aff the tap o his heid. St Mirren 3 Raith Rovers 2. Another last minute winner in that season. Hope Donati makes his mark.
  17. Bad day. Move on. Still best team in the league.
  18. Very sad. Only diagnosed recently. Far too young.
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    8 - 1 Swansea. Ouch!
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