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  1. Think I scored by myself later on.
  2. I went to the main stand to watch us playing while Will Haining was with us. As most will know, the seats in the old main stand at Love Street were quite tight. I was already in my seat when the people in the row behind me took their seats. As they say down I got hit on the back of my head by their knee and as they apologised, I turned round to see that it was Michelle Marsh.. Another bonus was that she was wearing spray on light blue jeans and my eyeline, when I turned round, was looking straight into her crotch. I had to turn round quite a few times that day. Can't remember who we were playing, what the score was or even if we scored that day.
  3. Another good home win and another clean sheet. Can't ask for more. Points on the board are the main thing. Should be an interesting Tuesday night.
  4. I'm planning on visiting a relative in RAH . Anybody aware of how the surrounding roads are? Anybody driven the A737 today?
  5. Buffs


    Girvan 1 Kilwinning Rangers 2. Lead extended at the top. [emoji16]
  6. He just turned roond and the baw came aff the tap o his heid. St Mirren 3 Raith Rovers 2. Another last minute winner in that season. Hope Donati makes his mark.
  7. Bad day. Move on. Still best team in the league.
  8. Very sad. Only diagnosed recently. Far too young.
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    8 - 1 Swansea. Ouch!
  10. I'm fed up hearing about it today. Am I allowed to say that?
  11. Another week, another win. I'm getting used to it. Decent crowd too.
  12. Was a great day, although the weather was brutal, if I remember correctly.
  13. Brilliant result. This could be a season defining result. Dunfermline are a decent side and to beat them live on TV after last week's cup defeat shows how strong the management and team are mentally. Huge result! Well done Saints and to all those who travelled. Over to you United!
  14. Horrific defending again. Stelios again. Whole defence is honking today.
  15. They are sounding great on TV. Hats off to the fans who have travelled. [emoji106]
  16. I remember him from standing behind the goals at Love Street with the radio on. Always well turned out with his St Mirren blazer. RIP Dunky.
  17. I saw John Gahagan a few years ago. He was very good, quite an aggressive delivery and every sentence had the f word at least twice. Still good though.
  18. Was at a sportsmans dinner last night in Kilwinning to raise money for local Scouts group. Peter Martin, Tam Cowan and George McNeill were the speakers. Peter is excellent at being the MC, very quick witted and picks out his prey from the audience early on. Tam was outstanding. I had heard he can sometimes be a hit or a miss but was on top form last night with his non PC humour. For the auction he brought a signed Motherwell top which one of my mates won for £80. Decent price. I was also sitting at a table with Alan Mahood. For an ex-ton he was a decent guy with some amusing stories. I've been to a few of these nights and would say Peter Martin, Tam Cowan and Alan Rough have been the best speakers. Any other recommendations?
  19. Buffs


    Kilwinning Rangers 1 Glenafton 1. Decent game, both got a man sent off and either team could have snatched it. Draw was a fair result. Still top but only 5 points clear. [emoji4]
  20. Buffs


    Kilwinning Rangers at home to Glenafton today. Big game, big crowd. A few beers before and after, constantly checking the Saints score and celebrate us going 9 points clear with a Sportsmans dinner in the town. I'm going to be burst tomorrow.
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