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    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Excellent point and performance. Great energy. Every player gave 100%. Delighted with the start Oran has made. Hard to believe these are the same players Stubbs had at his disposal. Good foundation but can't get carried away. Feel goid factor has returned.
  2. Buffs

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Absolutely f**ked. Shambolic and embarrassing.
  3. Buffs

    Kenny Miller Free Agent

    I'm disappointed with missing out on Miller. We are in shit state and I doubt Stubbs has a plan J, K or L. My knickers are dry but I am getting uncomfortable with our situation.
  4. Just in from a day in the pub. Don't know anything about the game or how we played. I can hazard a guess and that result is f**kin abysmal.
  5. John McGinniesta, as the Villa fans call him.
  6. Buffs


    Kilwinning started off really well and you could see the difference in league positions. Johnstone did play better in the 2nd half. I feared for them in the second half but Kilwinning took their foot off the gas. As I said, Johnstone keeper kept the score down.
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    FT 7 nil. Could have been double that. Burgh keeper played well.
  8. Buffs


    7 nil.
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    Kilwinning 5 up at HT against The Burgh.
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    Telly Programmes

    Just watched Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams on Channel 4. They are flying over Argyll and Bute, Loch Lomond, Jura, Kintyre and the Inner Hebrides. Stunning scenery and a really interesting hour of TV.
  11. Buffs

    League within a league

    The top 5 are streets ahead of the rest but Kilmarnock aren't in this bracket, IMO. They may well finish 6th but they're not much better than the rest.
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    f**k that. Hope they get humped, not pumped, just humped. [emoji16]
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  14. Buffs

    League within a league

    Kilmarnock? Really?[emoji23]
  15. Buffs


    Lived in Houston and were my junior team too. Played for them in the 90s for a couple of seasons and still got a soft spot for them. Hopefully on the up.
  16. Buffs


    Kilwinning Rangers 4 Kilbirnie 2 BOOM AGAIN!!!!
  17. Buffs


    Renfrew 0 Burgh 4 BOOM!!!!
  18. Buffs

    W7 Appreciation Post

    The banner was excellent and is making more news than the dead clubs display did. Fans of the arse cheeks and their behaviour makes Glasgow appear shite but I'm originally from Glasgow and love lots of things about the city but there is a lot of shite in there. It's really hit a nerve with those knuckle draggers. Fantastic that those f**kers got trumped. Well done to all [emoji106]
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    Very late winner from Kilwinning. [emoji106]
  20. Buffs

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    Good Luck to him. Watched him many times playing for Kilwinning Rangers. Playing in the Premier League 2 years later is a massive jump. Hopefully develop into a better player with a championship team.
  21. Buffs

    Betting Thread 2018 / 2019.

    Bottled it and cashed out. Good start to the season though.
  22. Buffs

    W7 Appreciation Post

    Great effort and display was excellent. Couldn't see what it was from family stand but the picture shows it brilliantly.
  23. Great 3 points. Effort from the whole team was excellent. Certainly rode our luck, especially second half, but excellent penalty save and comedy winner. Great pressing from Flynn and cut back was well finished. Certainly need to strengthen the squad as I think a better team would have punished some of our mistakes. Great atmosphere and the pre kick off display was excellent. We'll done all who organised it. Familiar problems at the turnstiles. One of my daughter's got in and one couldn't get in so we were stuck. Stewards eventually sorted it. Poor computer system. Still, great result and feel good factor still intact.
  24. Check out @OfficialPDC’s Tweet: A 9 Dart finish is still one of the best things to watch in sport. I know, darts is a sport.
  25. Buffs

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Stubbs has a lot of work to do. Shambles.