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  1. Leaving Tynecastle after a 2 nil defeat in the early 90's, heading back to the bus we were confronted by few Hearts casuals. One guy on our bus took a couple of punches. Police arrived and broke it up. Said young guy, while walking to the bus, snapped every car aerial off that he passed. Must have had about 20 or so of them. I found it amusing back then but would be f**kin raging if it had happened to my car.
  2. Start with Mullen and we'll have a better chance of scoring.
  3. A decent point. Very good defensive performance but we offer f**k all in attack. Obika shouldn't be missing that. A change required in attack.
  4. Many R*angers fans saying that was as pish as they've played all season. A one goal defeat at this hellhole isn't a bad result but to only muster one attempt on goal against an off form R*ngers isn't great. Defence was well disciplined and maybe our negative game plan made them look pish? Aberdeen are well beatable on Sunday.
  5. As I said, being in the right position is a skill and important to a striker, but his ability to score under his own steam is, unfortunately, lacking. As for being out with injury, I was unaware he had been out for 9 months but as he has played pretty much every game since he joined us, I would expect him to be up to speed by now. I'll support him but I stick by my opinion that we need better.
  6. Sure, Obika scored 2 today and 7 for the season, but surely you cant be happy with his finishing ability? He is a useful presence upfront to bully defenders but hes not a goalscorer If he was half decent he would be sitting on 15 goals so far. I have played football to a decent standard as a striker and you are right, that getting into the position to score is important but you cant rely on the ball bouncing off you all the time. A striker should be using his skill and ability to score not rely on luck all the time. He isn't the answer. We need better upfront.
  7. Obika being our first choice striker is very concerning.
  8. Kilwinning Rangers 2. Hamilton Academical 0.
  9. Unfortunately, this is what I see. Not a fan of the strip.
  10. Buffs


    Hope they get pumped by Connahs Quay. Killie fans are giving it the Billy big baws attitude. Need brought back to their level.
  11. As long as you laughing. All is good.
  12. Change the title then the thread could be relevant.
  13. Title of this thread is disrespectful to the man who who orchestrated our great escape and preserved our top league status. Pretty poor thread In my opinion.
  14. If St Johnstone hadn't been on holiday mode against Hamilton, this farce would have been avoided,. It's all their fault. [emoji41]
  15. Unfortunately we are shite at putting chances away. * Hamilton keeper still not had a save to make* *Trying to tempt fate.
  16. Great 3 points after an awful start. Great comeback and the team showed they do have the stomach for a fight. Well played.
  17. That's the full set. Penalty miss Defensive f**k up Red card. Really disappointing.
  18. I'd take a point right now. Off the bottom. Psychological advantage over Dundee for Saturday.
  19. f**kIN LACES THROUGH IT!!! FFS 1 down.
  20. Unexpected point. Well done Saints. [emoji106]
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