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  1. Rafa nadal is a natural right hander. His uncle taught him to play left handed as he thought it would give him an advantage. Turned out no bad for him and he was world number one for many weeks. [emoji3] Happy to help
  2. If it wasn't for gilmour changing his mind overnight then he would already be our manager
  3. Don't know where people get the idea we are a good team? We are almost perma-eleventh. We haven't had a single decent run of wins at any time since Lennon got here and have always been shocking at the back. We have some talented players yes, but a good team? Certainly not
  4. You take yourself proper laugh out loud serious don't you? Do you get a wee uniform for policing the forum? Haven't actually posted on here for years but it's good to see that the playground is still full of opinionated turds who think they own the place. Cue comments about bums and doors etc
  5. What you have to remember is that I'm not used to dealing with your level of stupidity. It will take me a while to get used to throwing pitches that you can catch. Is it ok to keep posting while I adjust or are you and your gang going to shoo me away. Connor Newton has a tiny Cock btw, or so my missus says
  6. My honest opinion is that he has no real footballing ability at all and the team would be better if he used his skills to carry the kit bag or something more useful. I'm sorry about the lack of smileys as I'm using the mobile app and don't have a clue where they are. Maybe I'm being a little too subtle for you? Good for you for being such an emotional wee supporter
  7. The number of touchy wee souls on here is amazing. It's like you have your own wee club. I would have thought it was obvious that I'm having a bit of a laugh here, hence the comment about him shagging my bird. However I'll retreat and leave you to your fake outrage about me not being a real supporter.
  8. He is consistently shite though. What's your point? Is it that you don't know anything about football?
  9. As was McGregor aside from the silly corner he gave away. Both totally dominated Boyd in the air. Pleased for them both
  10. That was the worst Kilmarnock side I've ever seen. Even Connor Newton looked like a footballer compared to them. If they play like that every week then we should stay up comfortably. Seriously though newton is shite and I'm in no way bothered that he pumped my burd
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