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  1. Yardley

    Best Saints Goal You Have Witnessed

    Ricky Gillies volley from about 45 yards out!! Lobs Andy Rhodes. Rhodes changed his goalie top at half time from his luminous one he had on in case he tried it again!
  2. McKenzie is out for 6months and Baird isn't good enough at this level. The midfield is decent and the strikers aren't good enough at this level.
  3. It will take very good coach to get us out of this shambles AS has created. Some players aren't good enough for the championship never mind top tier. It pains me to say this but Hopkin could be the best option.
  4. Yardley

    Stubbs can go now

    It will take a very good coach to get us out of this shambles Stubbs has created. i don't think the board trust Stubbs enough to bring more players in hence the lack of signings.
  5. Yardley

    Stubbs can go now

    The best way forward is sacking him. Prolonging it would be worse. We'll be lucky to bring one more player in never mind 4-5. We need a very good coach who can make us a hard working, organised team where the players know their role - i don't think Stubbs is capable of this from what I've seen.
  6. Yardley

    Stubbs can go now

    Stubbs must go! Results, performance, recruitment, tactics have been awful. the manager looks disinterested sitting on the bench, the players look bereft of any confidence. He has no clue what formation to play as he changes it every week hencethe reason the players look as if they hadn't met until 5 minutes to kick off. Abysmal.
  7. Yardley

    Dumbarton. 13 jan

    We had comps so had to sit amongst the home support. When we scored we naturally jumped out our seat to celebrate, much to some of the locals displeasure!! Great team performance from start to finish. McGinn MOTM for me with a brilliant captains performance. He was getting a lot of stick from the home support for a nothing incident between him and Dowie so it was great to get it right round them when he curled in that 2nd.
  8. Important 3 points and ultimately that's all that matters. In my opinion Sutton is a far better option than Stewart and should play ahead of him. Stewart looks very raw and I'm yet to be convinced he can make it at this level yet - the management did say he was a bit of a project so time will tell. I thought Kirkpatrick did okay, showed some nice touches at times, probably needs a goal or a full 90 minutes to give him the belief that he can play at this level. Samson, L Smith, McGinn and C Smith all get pass marks for me.
  9. Yardley

    Speculation Thread

    Alex Harris has been released from Hibs. Looked a prospect early in his Hibs career and I thought he was QOS's best player when he played against us last season (2015/16).
  10. What a finish that was from McKnight! Great memories from the greatest season I've ever witnessed!
  11. Yardley

    Help a Bud Name a Dug..

    Got to be Thompson
  12. Everything about that season was just magical. So many late goals winners that season and some brilliant goals - McGarrys goals at Livvy, Walkers at Crappielow. The travelling support was something else and there was always a real buzz going to the games. It's really difficult to pick a favourite game as there's so many that have already been mentioned. How about McKnights late winner against Falkirk at Love Street, another brilliant team goal and the finish is class. I wonder if Lee Bullen is still raging we stole his championship
  13. Yardley

    Welcome Jack Ross

    Delighted with this appointment. He's an intelligent, well spoken manager who has a bit of charisma who can lead us to better things. Well done to the board for taking the time over this appointment, to me it seems a well thought, strategic, long term appointment. I really hope the supporters get behind him and we see this as the start of a successful new era for the club. The only way is up!
  14. I thought we did okay tonight. Pleased with the shape of the team, particularly with Naismith trying to get forward more although I always think he struggles fitness wise in games. Didn't think we deserved to lose the match so a point was fair. I thought Baird, Sutton and Morgan did well and I thought Quinn had a good game too. Mallan was very poor, his pass completion rate was abysmal. Hutton wasn't great, again lacks a bit of strength and agility to play that ball winning midfield anchor man role. Disappointed to hear people cheer him getting subbed, can't see what good that does. Hardie should have been subbed at half time, and good to see Clarkson playing in midfield. It might not be his preferred position but Clarkson is a worker and leader who could do a job in the centre of the park - something we really lack at the moment.
  15. Who would you like to be the next manager in charge of St Mirren