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  1. Anyone got any spare tickets for tonight? Looking for two
  2. We looked very vulnerable at the back again today. Looked to me like it was a 4-3-3 with Sheron playing alongside Shaughnessy. Anyway it was a slightly better second half although we still get carved open far too easily at times. McPherson did well again and Connolly impressed. It still looks like Goodwin is trying to find a team and formation that will see us do far better than what we've seen so far this season. The next quarter of league matches will be crucial for the team and manager.
  3. Morias offers nothing. Dennis done more and linked play quite well. McPherson has to start as he seems the only one capable of getting close to opponents and can also put his foot on the ball and pass. Foley is wasted in defence. You couldn't get a Paisley Daily Express under Obikas feet when he challenges for a header. The long ball tactic can only work if you have someone wh o can actually win a header and\or hold up the ball to bring others in. Obikas best work is in the penalty box.
  4. Is he still with us? Really liked the look of him any time he played.
  5. Morias isn't good enough at this level. He rarely hits the target never mind scores a goal. If we have aspirations for top 6 then we need far better. Judging by Goodwin and Sharpes reaction after he missed another great chance, surely they can see it as well.
  6. Airdrie v St Mirren at New Broomfield on a Friday night during the millennium champions season. Basher scores o put us two nothing up, my brother punches my glasses off whilst celebrating and they fall on to the row in front - just as I'm teaching down to get them the guy in front accidentally jumps on top of them while celebrating. I spent the rest of the game trying to watch through one lens and twisted frames!! Great win though 😆
  7. I would have guessed Falkirk would be the more likely team Chelsea would be interested in.
  8. I liked the look of Zanatta. Hearts player who was on loan to Alloa. Wright from Aberdeen looks decent as well
  9. Frustrating we weren't out of sight by the first half. Lyons seemed caught in two minds with the second big chance. Flynn, Muzek, Popescu and Hladky were excellent. We can definitely catch Hamilton and we have the quality in the squad to get better. Also thought Cooke did well again today. Definitely has something about him and could be the unlikely hero come the split.
  10. Ricky Gillies volley from about 45 yards out!! Lobs Andy Rhodes. Rhodes changed his goalie top at half time from his luminous one he had on in case he tried it again!
  11. It will take a very good coach to get us out of this shambles Stubbs has created. i don't think the board trust Stubbs enough to bring more players in hence the lack of signings.
  12. The best way forward is sacking him. Prolonging it would be worse. We'll be lucky to bring one more player in never mind 4-5. We need a very good coach who can make us a hard working, organised team where the players know their role - i don't think Stubbs is capable of this from what I've seen.
  13. Stubbs must go! Results, performance, recruitment, tactics have been awful. the manager looks disinterested sitting on the bench, the players look bereft of any confidence. He has no clue what formation to play as he changes it every week hencethe reason the players look as if they hadn't met until 5 minutes to kick off. Abysmal.
  14. We had comps so had to sit amongst the home support. When we scored we naturally jumped out our seat to celebrate, much to some of the locals displeasure!! Great team performance from start to finish. McGinn MOTM for me with a brilliant captains performance. He was getting a lot of stick from the home support for a nothing incident between him and Dowie so it was great to get it right round them when he curled in that 2nd.
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