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  1. Couldn't believe this when I heard it no one should go to a match to never return let alone go anywhere to never return I'm such horrible circumstances I got to know Simon as I used to DJ in Borgia for his brother Keith. I had been attending the football for many moons and it was one of those situations that I had never met Keith or Simon before but once I had then you would always bump into them everytime we were out and about and at the games As mentioned Simon sorta more introduced himself to me, nothing to do with DJing more that he had realised there was a chatting opportunity in there to discuss the buds. He always offered you a beer which I think I only ever got the chance to offer him one back compared to the amount of times he would offer you. A very genuine sincere guy who had no other motive other than being an all round friendly guy. Sad news. God bless you Simon x RIP good guy
  2. Currently on holiday in Florida and when I arrived here last Saturday I was trying to get logged on to see if we had overturned our poor run against Well. Unfortunately it saddened me that instead of finding the results I got a PM about the passing of Kevin which literally floored me on holiday. Every night ive sat on my balcony chilling out with a beer and just cant stop thinking about the soul. I went to school with Kevin's sister and more recently became really friendly with Kevin from meeting him at the matches, online banter and online gaming. Kevin's family will have nothing but sheer grief at the moment and whilst its always difficult to deal with these loses his family can hold their heads up high and think how proud of him they are Nothing seemed to phase Kevin and he is and wilk always be an example to people who think they have it hard in life. If you hadnt met Kevin and had chatted to him online or not in person you wouldnt have thought for a minute he eas wheelchair bound as he didnt for one minute use his wheelchair as an excuse, he actually used it as an advantage and as an example to go and make the most of the short life he's had. Really hurting that I won't be there to say farewell in person tomorrow/today but I'm sure you'll get a great send off. Sleep tight wee guy and hopefully I can get a quiet moment when I get back to say farewell in my own time. Sleep tight Kev P.S.- take that PS3 controller up to the football pitch in the sky with you and when I get back for the monday game I wanna see you control us from up there, afterall I'm great at FIFA and not many people beat me however you lad were certainly the greatest player I ever played. You being you then refused to play me again after giving me and online hiding as you were too modest to slaughter me again X x x x
  3. He's lucky he wasnt the guy that shouted to Stokes "Your nothing but a gun runner" Sent from my GT-I9300 using Black & White Army mobile app
  4. Not been on here in donkeys ages and not going through every thread etc If I cast my mind back I think there was talk about Maxi being the buyer alone however the meeting I attended Richard Atkinson stated that it would take a fool to just throw money at a football club buyout due to tax reasons..... Dont know if that answers your questions ..... Think RA possibly used his business background and any monies from his Daddy business / reputation to get involved in the club BUT I genuinely dont see it being a case of Maxi Haulage owners turning out to be sole buyer/s of our club, dont think it every was gonna happen (even if it was thought about by said buyers) or is every gonna happen.....
  5. Jeroen Tesselaar - New Saints player !!!

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      I like that name, costly on the back of yer strip right enough. ;)

    2. scooter


      when did he sign?

    3. scottd


      Last night

      for Motherwell :-(

  6. I've asked on several occasions elsewhere what happens to those who can't print these forms off or who can't access online ? I thought that's why our home addresses were asked for ? what other reason should our home address be required if all information and transactions seem to be getting carried out by online media approach ? P.S. - My printer is Gubbed can someone post me out a mandate..... hope you catch my point
  7. Wits Darren's gum shield about ? is he in for a barney

    1. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      The way he attacks the ball with his head he is entitled to wear it. Hopefully he'll go toe to toe with JP sooner rather than later.

  8. Wits Darrens gun shield about is he in gor a barney ?

  9. Its Fifa time .......

  10. 13 MINUTES left as a 20odd year old . .

  11. How many Newcastle players have you choose David Got your text I'll try and get round to joining it before the season starts . . Only thing with these wee things is I forget to do predictions and suppose with this one transfers etc with injuries .. So need an auto reminder email or something to say "look get this done ya tadger"
  12. Some videos from crappielow been uploaded tonight of the penalties . . . . They are only of mobile quality and had to use my spare mobile as left my super dooper high tech one in the car . . . Feel free to view them by CLICKING HERE
  13. Never knew there was one - Anyway this one says "I Love St Mirren Football Club"
  14. For anyone thats a regular facebook user feel free to join the new St Mirren Page by Clicking HERE !!!!
  15. Thanks for that buddie .....Problem is I cant seem to find a direct way to speak to MSN or Microsoft regarding said issue
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