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  1. Fair point but shows stats dont mean much as Motherwell bossed the game and had nothing to play for but league table highlights the gulf between the teams, I couldnt see much sense of urgency ie throwing guys forward etc until we scored in injury time. To the players credit we are still in with a shout but we lack quality and pace so need to be spot on when we play weaker teams like Hamilton and Dundee as there is not much room for error now.
  2. Dismal performance yesterday, we could barely manage an attack the whole game and the manager is far too defensive although he probably accepts the team lacks any pace or strength but he should be making changes a lot earlier as you could have took anyone off in midfield or up front as they all had shockers. We have far too many players that easily get pushed off the ball against more physical teams and thats not acceptable. A good point but we did look like a championship team yesterday and need to improve big time for the Hamilton game.
  3. Agree with Julian regarding things being better organised, I know some folk went to the club after the game to buy his book but left after one drink as he hadnt come in yet, the club should have told him folk in hospitality will stay an hour or so after game so go into club first as some folk after game only nip in for one drink. Also, needs to be more respect for any ex players or staff coming into club and reading out teams etc... When Julian was telling a few stories there were so many guys talking in the club it was hard to hear, to be fair the PA system is poor and you cant hear it everywhere in the club but the PA needs to be firmer and shout " Listen guys can I have your attention just for a few minutes ".
  4. Yes, can get all tickets there before kick off, its only when game has started and they close the ticket office I had an issue as reception didn't have any tickets.
  5. Yip, got in after saying it was up to them I wanted to buy ticket for main stand and wasn't bothered either way if I got in it was up to them , the guy mentioned before heard this and sorted it out. Mods, you can lock this post if you want as I will sort it out either way with ticket office, lets focus on the big game !
  6. sounds like you would be perfect fit for a job mate lol, nobodys fault I was late but I am hardly going to sit in another stand and pay money to watch game on my own when my daughter is sitting in main stand , the club should be welcoming anybody who wants to attend a game even if they are 20 mins late,. . When ticket office shuts they should have a few spares for all parts of ground in main reception, there is no cost involved in that common sense approach.
  7. Thanks guys, I emailed the liaison officer so will wait and hear. If they cant do anything I will just use the tickets and probably ask a mate who might normally go to main stand to come along with me. The girl in the office had quite an attitude to be fair considering it was a reasonable request her tone was very poor. Even with a big crowd v Morton there will still be thousands of seats empty in the ground and up to 4000 empty seats for other games ! Customer Service doesn't seem to be a strong point, the reply should have been " No problem, on this one occasion we will swap the ticket for you no problem ! " A few weeks ago I was 20 mins late getting to the game against the mighty Brechin due to work, ticket office was shut which was fair enough so went to main reception to get a ticket, they said don't have tickets here for main stand ( reception is in main stand) you will need to go around to the West. Advised them my daughter is in main stand and I just want to give you £20 to get in, if anything you should be happy to take my money and I am obviously not walking to another stand, a guy kitted out in saints gear who I assume must be backroom or ground staff overheard and suggested just let him leave the £20 at reception, honestly without him I might not have got in !
  8. Hi I bought 2 adult and 2 kids tickets at a charity night for one of our games, didn't realise they were for family stand so phoned ticket office asking if any chance they could give me just 2 tickets for the main stand as my family have season tickets in there and I normally buy tickets for there. Despite the tickets being the same price and the fact that we have thousands of spare seats at every game they have said no chance we cant transfer them. Also refused to give me a contact person to discuss this, just gave email address if I want to complain. Makes no business sense but I wasn't surprised, explained I would be sitting myself possibly in family stand, if they swap for main stand even chance I will bring along a few people ! Anyone know who could help ? Ticket office just saying blanket policy and wont use any discretion. I could understand if I was upgrading the seats but they are the same price !
  9. Great point , even more so in winter when its baltic !
  10. From what I understand the club make all the profits from the bar and the majority from the £6 guest fee so its in the clubs interests surely to get more folk attending although it could be a tricky balance for the club if the members bar becomes an alternative to booking hospitality. The guys who organised the club done a great job, it just needs tweaking and its early days. Another option going forward may be to reduce the monthly fees to £5 as that would certainly increase the membership although when you think of all the other grounds in Scotland that have bars they are all free to enter as far as I know which means more footfall and long term profits. The big difference is that the club have to recoup the costs of building the bar / club but the quickest way to do this surely is to have the bar packed every game . The £6 guest fee certainly needs to be abolished / adjusted regardless of the way forward as unless 200 members attend each game the club will be missing out on lots of potential revenue. Another few simple ideas that are free and would enhance the atmosphere. Announce the teams an hour before kick off each game in the bar , just need a microphone and you are sorted. Also any players injured / not selected could pop in and get pictures with the kids etc... Get some saints songs on 30 mins before kick off etc.... Basically do everything you can to make it different from the pubs in Paisley. When speaking to the guys last season I know there was no budget left for tables and chairs and this needs to be sorted, surely the board could find the money to fund this ? To start with just spending £600 would add seating for 40 people. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/6036298.htm
  11. Lots of good points already mentioned. My dad is a member and he tried to sign another 2 of us in by emailing the night before but was told the club was full and there was a waiting list. We ended up going to the bankhouse having a few pints and buying some food so my daughter could get in, we then got a taxi to the ground. The club need to figure out a better way of judging the numbers on the day, clearly an email system has flaws. Firstly, the £6 sign in for guests is crazy , thats 2 pints in some pubs in Paisley and if you have a child coming in who has one soft drink you are really paying over £7 for a soft drink for kids. Also means you have club members who go to games with friends / family who dont use the club as they dont want to ask non members to pay £6 to sign in, thats probably why so many members didnt attend on Saturday. The potential is there, the stadium is in the middle of nowhere really with most fans having a 10 minute walk to the ground or getting a taxi from the pub. It's a false economy charging guests £6 to sign in, I can only assume someone thought that £6 x 2 games a month would encourage a guest to join the club instead. An extra 100 people in the club spending an average of £10 per head would bring in at least 2k per month extra revenue not to mention scratch cards etc and improve the atmosphere. The club need to find a way of filling the bar for every game although I am not sure if the club want to compete with hospitality bookings, personally after this year I would make it free entry or even members can sign in guests free and members get a discount off drinks etc... Also get a local bookies to come in with a wee booth on match days, improve the kids area / games , get more seats and tables and sort the TV systems. All of these should be easy to achieve. This bar should be the place to be before match days so the club need to find a way to ensure the founder members / members still have some extra benefits while also encouraging non members. If there was less than 100 folk in against Morton with nearly 4000 saints fans in the ground I fear when we play later in the season with just over 2000 saints fans in the ground. The club need to think out the box and track revenue, split test different options and pick 3 different games to test some stuff. For example during the season test the £6 guest fee and try a £3 fee and even free entry and analyse the figures. The club would need to pick games where similar size crowds are expected and test over time not one game after another. Also advertise well in advance not the weekend before. As a non member who cant make every game if the club was free to sign in guests or a small fee I would be there every game with at least 2-4 others and I am sure many others would also. Lots of other ideas but it should be a no brainer to fill that club every home game.
  12. Spoke to Jim briefly after the game, a gentleman for sure. Asked him why he wasnt offered contract he just said thats football . Apart from SM , hes still our best midfielder by a distance in my opinion. JG never relied on pace so I cant understand why that would be a major factor, indeed the whole team is slow , Rae needs to sign some quicker players for next season. I would have kept him for sure, maybe Rae just wanted to freshen things up and do a total clear our, with JG obviously interested in management could also have been a factor I think. Got the impression that JG would be more comfortable staying in the championship so expect him to snap up any offers and be playing against us . He might come back as manager one day.
  13. Jamie Langfield - punt Daniel Wilks - not sure Jason Naismith - keep Sean Kelly - punt Andy Webster - punt Jack Baird - punt Keith Watson - keep Jordan Stewart - punt Gary Irvine - keep Jim Goodwin - keep, but will never happem if Rae thinks hes not good enough to play in the current team he really must not rate him ! Alan Gow - injured Stuart Carswell - punt Cameron Howieson - punt Stephen Mallan - keep Scott Agnew - punt Lewis Morgan - punt Lewis McLear - punt Barry Cuddihy - punt Alex Cooper - punt, Tommy Cooper could have done better against Raith . Kyle McAllister - not sure Rocco Quinn - not sure maybe keep Cal Gallagher- punt David Clarkson - punt Lawrence Shankland - punt Stevey Thompson - punt sadly Spend the budget on another 5-6 quality players rather than having 20 players of very average standard , keep a few youngsters in the squad, better chance of playing for them in smaller squad also, if some of them cant get a game in this current team its unlikely they will ever make it. Clear out required, please sign someone with pace, severe lack of pace in the team we have no out ball or a winger delivering crosses so no surprise the strikers have such a poor scoring record. If Rae not keeping Goodwin must get a ball winner in midfield also.
  14. After 10 minutes today it was obvious we would never win this game, Accies zipping the ball about and when it went up front laying the ball off for strikes at goal, Saints couldn't do either of these the whole day until the last 15 mins when the game was over and Accies sat back . Cant blame any of the youngsters making their debut at all as too early to judge if any of them will make the grade, however looking at the starting 11 today the problem is we lack quality in all areas, of the starting 11 today I would only be sure that McLean would get a game for other SPL clubs. The manager has to accept the blame for some of this as he has spent the budget on some of these players in the squad today. Defence are all over the place and cant cope with pace or any sort of clever movement down the channels, indeed even simple high balls are a problem as we allow strikers to lay off the ball the whole game either by chest or head, yet any of our forwards ( apart from ST ) never seem to win a ball ? Midfield consists mainly of ghosts today , Mclean obviously has the talent but hes often playing with 2-3 guys around him who offer nothing the whole game so I can understand his frustation. Without McGinn playing it's hard too see an answer to this with the current squad. Strikers.....None of them in squad today are clearly good enough, to be fair I thought Marwood at least made an effort the last 15 minutes. Fastest I seen Caldwell run was when he got subbed and ran off the park ! The big problem this year is that the bottom 2 teams are likely to get relegated with probably the Gers facing them in a play off and as much as they are a poor side they have at least 3 proven goalscorers who would enjoy playing against us. I rarely go to away games and after that today I can see why at 32 quid for an adult and child only to witness a performance like that. There are no leaders in the team and the manager I am sure wouldn't inspire the troops going into a battle.
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