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  1. Dougie Imrie is known as FF - Fanny Fart
  2. You only gave me the 5 minute argument, I was looking for the full ½ hour.
  3. you don't give a shiney shite what we think, taxi drivers rule the roads do they not?
  4. Is it true Dougie and his bird and other scheme scum are starring in a new series on Dave called The Only Way Is Easterhouse?
  5. He seems to think he is a better player than he is, the same thing will happen at whichever club he goes to, his level is first division, more time to go to the bookies and poundhsops will keep him happy.
  6. Is it true that as part of his "mutual consent" deal Dougie got a Matalan reward card from Saints?
  7. Did you do this one in braille? Cannae see anything chief
  8. fuck him, he can go and have a stinking black neck ned attitude at another club, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out dougie ya fuckin tramp, we can do without wee neds like you anyway.
  9. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Tour de France. Wiggins will be back in training soon and it remains to be seen if he will ride for Froome. Sky have already said Froome would be leader but with wiggins out of the giro he may gain the strength and fitness and believe he can mount a challenge in the Tour de France. I think he is a little too arrogant to be a follower.
  10. The dirty cunt also got caught doing a shite in bettys hotpot
  11. I was in my garden digging today and I found a trumpet I ♫ rooted it oot ♫
  12. The password is 'Free Palestine' ya fuckin ignorant prick. Stop being such a nob and maybe someone would be interested in helping you.
  13. In my opinion the orignal poster got upset when most of this forum saw it for what it was a trivial matter and him and his pals threw their toys out of the pram when lots of people did not agree with the indignation of the aforementioned person getting lifted, There is a good chane this case won't even come to court. If you want to shout political slogans at a football match I think you deserve everything you get. Bumping your gums about this for months on end is not going to change anything, and trying to compare it with previous matches is petty. I was at the previous celtic cup game and these stewards had done the same thing for a guy calling neil lennon a balaclava wearing bastard, which put two officers in the area of the dugout for the rest of the match, so the paisley police will have been looking for this kind of thing at the league game also.
  14. Painful reading your post but I got there in the end and provided edited highlights above. Do us a favour and chase him out of this one as well.
  15. You can tell the season is over, everyone has come down from the high of winning the league cup and suddenly realized it can't get any better than this for the remainder of the season, so the sniping at each other starts, you must also suffer the bad times to savour the good times.
  16. لك يا سيدى هى الخيانة الأحمق
  17. DON'T GO FOR THE DISC in the Scottish Communities League Cup Final Disc Thread! He is charging £5 for something that can be downloaded by anyone

    1. Miss Saint

      Miss Saint

      go for the official dvd from the club :-)

    2. billyg


      There are unofficial dvds of 87 , 99/00 and 2006 and 2007 and I have them all. Buying these off the guy saves you the bother of doing it !

  18. Saw the stranglers for the 14th time at O2 glasgow last saturday, excellent, 75 year old drummer and all.
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