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  1. Who will be the fan on the board then?
  2. Babyface Got a 10 second penalty for one of his team mates pushing him.
  3. And You're a fùckin strange Nob So we'll leave it there eh sonny? You always have the ignore button at your disposal, then if someone is not going to agree with you or thinks you are a tadger then you can put them on ignore, how's about it?
  4. Sure Chief Anything You Say Chief. Your Substantial Intellect Compels Me to Tell You To Go And Take A Flying FÜCK to yourself. Next One?
  5. Alberto Contador seems to be the only man that can challenge Chris Froomes dominance. I hope he is fully fit for the 2017 tour as Chris Froome is a great rider but I want to see more competition particularly in the mountains, its not good froome dominating the last two weeks of every tour de france.
  6. Try this new chippy in Paisley next one?
  7. "Babyface" Yates with 10 o'clock shadow
  8. sure chief anything you day chief, I'm hanging on your every word, your pearls of wisdom are fantastic. next one? I have a feeling you like the last word.
  9. I can smell shite..... Yes Definitely Shite
  10. nah no me chief, grandma bigfoot's the leader off of the crazy northbank agaro ladies section, so I wouldn't even touch her with yours. next one?
  11. I think with the preponderance of skid marks they would fail the "stick test", if you throw them against the wall and they stick then they can't be used again. Use to use the stick test on exercise for a fortnight/month in the army, if your shreddies stick to the side of the tent/apc/bivvie/land rover in the morning, then don't put them back on again.
  12. Lumpy stage tomorrow, 2nd to last day when anyone can potentially attack, however its too late to make much of a difference, there would need to be tacks in the road (as happened on the 2012 tour) to sabotage Chris Froome and his superior Sky Team..
  13. any description of the subject line?
  14. What do you think about cùnty the cùnty badger? If Cùnty won 14 million, do you think he would still be wanking over grandma bigfoots soiled knickers?
  15. Wee Time Trial today, cooooollllllll
  16. Cheers Colin the Wee Mongoloid, as part of my therapy I have posted your PM to me on the Attack in Nice thread, enjoy -http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php?/topic/41613-attack-in-nice-france/&do=findComment&comment=1379528-
  17. I cannot understand the logic where if someone wipes coffin dodgers arses in a care home that they would continue wiping coffin dodgers arses in a care home even after winning millions on the lottery.
  18. Aren't you going to answer the Ullrich post?
  19. It works for me colin the mongoloid, I know what I mean. Your're a prick, I'm a prick, blah blah blah, yawn. Why have you stopped sending me PM's, do you want me to post what you sent me on the Nice thread? If you thought I was psychotic why would you send me a PM and not post your comments on the Nice thread?
  20. I work to live, I don't live to work
  21. He'll not get it till tea time, he's at his work.
  22. No gonnie bite on this wan, move along nothing to see here.
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