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  1. jings crivvens help ma boab the sounds gone on the telly and the feckin radio, somebody put a shilling in the meter ffs back now
  2. Enjoying posting about saints football again, a couple of wankers are ruining the le tour thread with their ignorant arrogant pretentiousness, so its good to get on a thread talking about football again.
  3. alex rae on talking about shankland, says he's delighted, been trying to get him all summer. Waiting to see what happens with Rocco Quinn, one more signing may be made. Have to say I am impressed with Alex Rae and how he goes about his job, we've made some fùck ups management wise in the last few seasons, we are on the money with Alex.
  4. Half Time, game being played at Friendly Pace, both teams showing rustiness, if this was the shows at the racecourse they would not be in full swing yet. I expect St Mirren to wrap things up in the last quarter of the game.
  5. Good play there from st mirren, but gallagher took too many touches before attempting to shoot in the box Good attempt from mallan there, we are definitely the better team and look the most likely to score.
  6. The quality of the picture and sound on SMFC TV Live is excellent.
  7. Now goodwin's left Gary Irvine the only slaphead in the team. Just noticed, Clarksons got a baboon arse haircut tae
  8. Both teams off full match fitness, a lot of mistimed tackles.
  9. St Mirren looking good, particularly the threat from sutton
  10. whats the story with the box at M9? is that the prawn sandwich brigade?
  11. Whether you view it on 4:3 or 16:9 langfield has definitely put some beef on, I would add another 2 pounds to the 2 pounds the telly adds
  12. come oan the buddies no names on the saints shirts, fùck nose who onybody is.
  13. fuxake new love streets empty, nae sound on the telly, might need to put the radio on. got the sound now
  14. Good squad this season, alex rae has done some good business.
  15. They do a fantastic job in keeping us far flung buds in contact with our club. If it keeps up when we go back up to the premiership next season even better. So whether you live in buttfùck new jersey or dingleberry klinker manitoba, its great to see st mirren live. Need more plane coverage though, cannae coont the planes if ah cannae see them.
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