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  1. The coverage is much better now than when we were in the Premiership. Every home game live and nearly every game live on the radio, I don't want to stay in the championship for that reason, some of the games are feckin grim stuff and its only the fact that I've supported St Mirren for 48 years that keeps me watching and wanting my team to do well.
  2. Can you not wait till 4.45 on the day of the edinburgh game and pick one of the floor?
  3. How can he be babyface, he's got a beard ya fùckin balloon so I would say that one was a poor attempt. Try again sonny theres a good bikey wankbag.
  4. Mark Cavendish exhausted at the finish he could barely speak. Might not see him at the start on Wednesdays stage.
  5. Wee Peter Sagan wee saggy, wee petey (he's 6 foot by the way) wins todays photo sprint finish by a wee bawhair hoofters gotta hate coooooollllll
  6. Mind nae commenting during the game as you'll get one of these scroungy little bus convener type fùcks saying "were you at the game"
  7. ♫why do you have to be so cool you're such a fool bikeys stick together♫ ya pair of fùckin nobs
  8. Wee Phil Liggett "wee liggy" and Wee Paul Sherwen "wee sherry" (I like to pretend I know them cause I'm a cool lahndahn bikey wankbag) are saying Mark Cavendish is going to chuck it today at some point. Paul Sherwen is a good six foot plus, but to be a cool mod wankbag you have to use the term "wee" Hoofters Gotta Hate
  9. Does that include the Hamilton game this saturday? as they are premiership are there not different copyright rules for matches broadcast from their stadium?
  10. Thanks for the info from the BAWA tv correspondent shull montford, have you got a guid check patterned sports jacket? I can't watch it as its only available outside the uk
  11. Wee Gary the Retard don't need no stinky helmet as he's a cool lahndahn bikey mod note: he's got his own website just in case one of you tossers tries to report this post. http://garytheretard.com/
  12. Very sad news - Chris Boardmans mother has passed away in a cycling accident. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-north-east-wales-36819791 There was a lovely tribute to her at the end of the ITV 4 highlights show.
  13. Do us a favour and take stupid appearance elvis with you.
  14. Is this on Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Alba, BBC Radio Scotland or Open All Mics? Does anyone have a link?
  15. Cooooollllll, Can I be part of the Cool Bikey Mod Gang? How much of a pretentious wankbag do I have to be? btw no more pm's please (colin) bud the baker, next time just pm that nobcheese wee saintnextlifetime I still enjoy the tour de france and I will still post, so keep it coming
  16. wrang feckin game oops, keechin ma breaks that ah'm gonnie get macdowalled Delete it from your post tae, theres a good auld taxi driver
  17. we'll be getting the do you know who I am jap slapping pish from vile s next.
  18. OHHHHH Big elvis, fùcks around on a st mirren forum pretends to be a fan and plays childish games winding up real st mirren fans, you are a real star, fùcktard. Go back to your students and tell them what a mature man you are, ya big mcdowall street bellend
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