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  1. Apologies if this isn’t the place to ask, but I have been relentlessly trying to find the old Adidas kit we had in around 1984-1987 online, and as of yet have had absolutely no luck. Would anyone on this forum possibly have one to sell or pass on to a younger fan? I have been scouring the web for a couple of years looking for this and simply cannot find one for sale for the life of me. Would be much appreciated and well looked after [emoji106] Cheers, Seán
  2. seanyboy7598

    Thomas Piermayr

    Playing today then?
  3. seanyboy7598

    Holy Sh*t!

    Hope we get a sell-on fee??
  4. seanyboy7598

    Isma To Dundee United?

    Possibly use the money from a mcginn or mclean sale to finance a move for him?
  5. seanyboy7598

    Stephen Mallan

    He's been all over social media, every sports account ive seen have featured his goal
  6. seanyboy7598

    Next St Mirren Manager

    Tommy craig was appointed on the technicality of a legend
  7. seanyboy7598

    Next St Mirren Manager

    Personally I would go with pep guardiola, he brings the barca style of play
  8. seanyboy7598

    New Players

  9. seanyboy7598

    St Mirren Squad 2014/2015

    Michael higdon? Havrnt rrad tbe thread so dont know if this has been mentioned, but he is leaving his current club and becoming a free agent
  10. seanyboy7598

    Lennon Gone - Confirmed

    Extremely disappointed tbh, the players have shown spirit when thr team needed it most....Danny lennon was becoming animated and his decisions became top notch for the past couple of games
  11. seanyboy7598

    Kilmarnock V St Mirren Top League 7/5/14

    First away game for me (except from ugly sisters) so hopefully will be a great night!
  12. seanyboy7598

    Saints Away At The Dingwall Tramps.....

    Bloody hell
  13. seanyboy7598

    Saints Away At The Dingwall Tramps.....

    Why were they sent to the stands
  14. seanyboy7598

    Saints Away At The Dingwall Tramps.....

    We still have time. Don't know about DL though