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  1. Find it hard to work out how Ian Murray communicates to our players during the game. When he does come down from the stand it seems he has a conversation with his assistant and that's it. So far we have been the poorest team on show at St Mirren Park this season.
  2. Although we were 2 up at half time due to 2 very bad errors, I didn't think we were well ahead on performance. Second half was a different scenario, it looked as if only one team wanted to win and it wasn't Saints. I liked the initial link ups between Thompson and McMullen (wrong spelling?), a vast improvement than Thommo being isolated. After the wee man went off we lost our main threat up front. I have now seen Saints 4 times this season and the same issues stick out a mile ie we get overpowered in the midfield where both Agnew and Mallan show some nice touches, but are easily brushed aside. In defence the manager has to concede that Sean Kelly cannot defend and give the boy Stewart a run at left back. Also, IMO the lack of passion shown by our manager on the touchline is unbelievable. If we keep this up another relegation is on the cards.
  3. Fantastic result, hope this is the start of a great season.
  4. Don't have any problem with an area being reserved for standing. But, the vast majority of stadium should be retained for seating, remember why we have all seated venues...because lives were lost in the past.
  5. Was at Douglas Park, highlight was pie and bovril
  6. Just watched highlights. Not a penalty, but should have been a yellow for blatant dive. Def red for McManus, no contact with ball at all. The most obvious is the sending off. MacDonald looks where Reilly is and places his elbow in his face, no question a straight red.
  7. Goodwin will be a big player for Saints next season.
  8. Got to agree that win was sweet, especially when all the youngsters were on at the end. Thought Sadlier and Morgan were the difference in the final 10-15 mins. How Lasley stays on the park is a mystery. This season has been a BIG disappointment, but these kids give us hope for the future. SMTID
  9. Before today's match I was in the camp not to give Gary job. But, the way he had these kids playing has me thinking he could be our man.
  10. Fantastic goal today, being young he still gors for the "gold medal" pass etc. But he will be a big asset next yeah, just hope we can hold onto McGinn.
  11. Wish we were playing this fixture on Friday night. Last games at Firhill on Friday nights have generated a fantastic atmosphere.
  12. Yesterday's display could be taken as a one off. Prior to Saturday Kelly was at the top of my list to off-load. I will reserve my judgement for at least another two matches.
  13. All the best for a quick recovery
  14. IMO he has left due to the continual abuse he was getting on and off the park. Wish him well, he may not have been everyone's favourite, but you always got 100% from Marc MacAusland.
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