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  1. He can speak extremely fast to be fair to the ghy
  2. Harking is only on loan to Oldham, he is playing cracking football down South, Danny never gave him a chance
  3. Saw the big man in braehead xscape, as it is the winter break there, could he be joining us
  4. Ronaldo has to win this year . Even though Blatter(I think) tore him apart . Who do you think should win *
  5. Not really any but BBC Scotland will keep you up to-date with all the scores and on Sundays on BBC 1 Scotland (television) has highlights of all premiership games. Hope that helps
  6. Welcome fellow buddie ! Always good to have another fan
  7. A friend of mine took it and sent me it I love it
  8. . He is injured but will hopefully be match fit by Christmas
  9. I go to my local barbers in Renfrew : "Liam's" get mine done for a fiver.
  10. I believe that the deal was in excess of 800 million
  11. Sherwood in Renfrew , its a nice joint .
  12. I don't know him but the circumstances are terrible rip
  13. I couldn't imagine what he and his family are going through
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