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  1. Disgusting from the board. I wonder if they'll realise how much they've f**ked this up.
  2. I think the board will see Danny out to the end of the season and then replace him afterwards. Arguable if this is the right choice, but will changing a manager now fix things or just cause more disruption and distraction to the team?
  3. I thought Cheesy played the best I've seen him all season to be honest (edit: definitely an exaggeration reading that back but he did have a good game in my opinion). Was anyone else pissing themselves in the first half though when he found himself leading the attack in the Celtic box? Afterwards when it went out for a Celtic goal kick he had a look of complete bemusement on his face and Kelly ran past him laughing.
  4. Penalty in the 13th minute to us, player sent off for them, McGowan to score. ;) Hold on to the 1-0 lead for 90 minutes. 3 points in the bag.
  5. Danny really has it in for Lee Mair for some reason. Seems to do everything he can to not let him play. Any ideas why?
  6. Really can't underestimate Hearts, they've proven that on their day and with a bit of luck they can beat teams like Aberdeen by two goals. Still, I'm sure with our confidence up and morale high we should be capable of taking on the weakest team in the league! Particularly when they lack finishing ability. I'm fairly confident that Kello will be able to save anything that happens to come near the net! 2-0 I will say. 1st goal in the first half to McGowan thanks to a through ball from Naismith (36) and a league cup inspired 6 yarder in the second half from The Hawk assisted by a Kelly cross (72) to seal the deal. ;) Edit: Jim to completely boss the Hearts youngsters again and NOT get booked for it.
  7. I actually thought Mair was one of our better players at the match!
  8. Couple of clowns in our support yesterday. There was some guy sitting to the front of me (right hand section of support) who did nothing but hurl abuse at the players for 90 minutes. Thank f**k a couple of lads a few rows down and too the left turned round and told him to shut it. If the team plays shite encourage then to play better or shut your trap. Shouting 'Yer pish Goodwin!' And 'Go back to the 1st division Harkins!' Isn't helping anyone. How the hell will that make these players play better?
  9. Forget offside or onside. It looks like they made a mistake, same as they made a mistake not giving a penalty against us for Jim's handball... twice. Take it on the chin and move on, sometimes we get the luck and others we don't. We can't exactly change the score now anyway so the team should just focus on the next game ahead.
  10. Yea looks like Cheesy had a real nightmare. Would argue putting Lee Mair back in the side after that, but I think Danny will give him another shot after playing well on Tuesday.
  11. Everyone shut it and get back to picking Danny's team for him.
  12. I'd argue that the Grainger and Vanzy should keep their places. They got us another clean sheet which I think shows that possibly their experience was showing. It comes down to what we want at Pittodrie. Do we want to stifle the Aberdeen attack with experience or do we want to go all out with our ultra aggressive youngsters and hope that we take them early.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25310100 Still a work in progress but looking promising. I think this is exactly what we need, as someone to support Thommo. Slightly worrying that they're wanting to take Newton back though, although I can't see that being a massive problem when you start to think about it... it frees up a slot in midfield for Teale to re-enter the side. ;) All in all, looks like a good piece of business!
  14. Mine arrived back before the queens game! Nice quality top!
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