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  1. A wild guess, I would say there's maybe been around 1500 players who've played for St Mirren through our entire history, only 44 of of them plus a few sub's have ever helped win us a national cup, I'll admit Gowser's acted like a Bampot at times but like everyone in every walk of life we've all fcuked up at some point in our lives ....... Gowser like all the other cup winner's are St Mirren Legends..
  2. Didn't make the game but it's very sad to hear that this happened, Gowser was a cracking player for us and I know he was desperate to stay with St Mirren when he was freed... There really is some amount of wallopers amongst our support....
  3. No big deal IMO......Samson did a decent enough job for us at time's but truth be told he's no more than an average keeper, Best of luck to him anyway... Cheerio..
  4. Yes he did mate, he maybe never played under him but he was at Hibs while Stubbs was Manager and was out injured for most of that time before being released..
  5. We did OK for the last 30mins, but both team's are fecking dreadful, it's all about who can recruit best in January..
  6. Really need a good 2nd half performance for a change...... Mon tae feck Saint's let's get tore into these c**t's..
  7. I would say he sound's more English, but I do hope he can be a success with us...
  8. Well when Stelios was skelped with a bounty bar the media made a joke out of it, if that was a toblerone it could have taken his eye out.....
  9. Harsh.... I think he's done pretty well when he's had possession.
  10. You're hero David Elliot ?....... Front row far right, Also Paul Lambert ? ........Back row far left,
  11. With the risk of being Wooshed here, you do know that's a picture of Jim Goodwin,,
  12. Naw mate I don't think it is, the angle of the bridge would be different, more looking across it rather than from the side.. I think EAB has got it pretty much spot on..
  13. Got it now, the St James church spire in the background, but would the Dummy Railway have existed then, always thought it was built for the car plant, I'm probably wrong though..
  14. Well I hope the book's put together a lot better than the paragraph at the bottom of that page,
  15. Exactly, this 3 at the back pish to accommodate Tierney and Robertson is a joke, both players don't look comfortable with it and Johnny fecking Russell WTF.... We are truly awful..
  16. And that was a great St Mirren kit...... Is that from the B&Q cup final?
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