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  1. 3 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

    Run out of chicken? 

    I was driving past earlier today,there was a tarpaulin saying "This restaurant is closed, your nearest KFC is...". Couldn't read the last bit, I'm guessing it said Hillington or The Phoenix.

  2. 1 minute ago, northstbuddie said:

    In our red 'away' strip again today.

    Why? Our traditional black & white stripes shirt would be a better contrast to Livi's home strip.

    Does someone at St Mirren not like the stripes?

    Their home shirt this season is black.

    Introducing our 2021/22 Home and Away Kits - Livingston FC

    Pretty sparse looking Saints support, looks like around the 500 mark but then at £25 I don't blame the stay at homes.

  3. 1 hour ago, the barrhead teacher said:

    Hayes booking was a clear red. Wasn’t totally convinced about the second booking that led to Aberdeen going down to ten and Collum is an erratic referee, but great display from us after this opportunity. Cannot remember the last time we handled playing against 10 so well and scored the goals required to win. We were well out of it before this change of fortunes. Great to get the win. Hopefully we can kick on.

    That could have been a straight red on its own, sole of the boot right onto McGrath's ankle.

  4. Would appreciate any info on how to contact Rocknrollas in Wellmeadow St.

    In February I purchased 4 tickets to see The Wendy James Band this Friday, the 24th. Upon checking the confirmation email I received I noticed there were no tickets attached nor have I had any sent out.

    Their website www.rocknrollas.co.uk is giving an error message, their phone always rings out and I've contacted them through Facebook Messenger but that has gone unanswered.

    So, does anyone know how I can contact the venue or whoever runs it?

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