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  1. For anyone who didn't get my Ryanair post.

    Prince William, 2nd in line to the throne, is having an affair.

    The woman with whom he is having said affair is a friend of his brother's wife. She has cliped to his sister-in-law that he liked to be done up the dunger with a strap-on.

    Fuck all of the royalist apologists.

  2. 5 minutes ago, scam75 said:

    Why can you not watch the game through the window of your £20k executive container? Some stupid law?

    In which case it's fine to get leathered in your container then freeze your bollocks off outside for 45 mins, heat up for 15 mins without further drink, freeze again, then get back to getting leathered in your container again? Sounds a right laugh and well worth the investment when £45 gets you an IPTV subscription and you can get leathered the whole game watching in your warm house and even get replays!

    By the way I am a ST holder before anyone starts, really just wanted to know what the script is with the perfectly good window you seemingly can't watch through before I went off on a bit of a tangent emoji1787.png

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    Blame the Old Scum rioters of 1980 and the laws that followed.

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