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  1. 16 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

    Anybody ever been refused service in a pub because they'd been to a funeral that day?

    Happened to myself and a couple of mates last night.

    When Michelle ran The Anchor she didn't allow funeral parties, the thinking being that at least 1 person would get emotional and start a fight. Now that Nicky and Jo run the pub I don't know if that policy is still in force.

  2. 14 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

    From memory in Upper Gallowhill we had Parducci's, Trento, Geordie and occasionally Walls.

    That's also my recollection.

    I mind one time my Dad had got a British Linen Bank £1 note as part of his wages. It was unusual in that it had a lot of blue in its design. He said "take it out to the van and if you get change of a fiver ill give you a pound."

    Now I knew Geordie wouldn't be daft enough to fall for that and, even if he did, he'd pull me up on it next time he saw me so I suggested we waited till the Walls van came round.

    Sure enough I got change of a fiver and I got my £1 which back in 1976 was a fortune.

  3. 4 hours ago, Slash said:

    I honestly can’t remember when Saints featured in an away televised League game that does not include playoff match against United.

    The Cody Cooke hat-trick game at Dens was on BT Sport.

    However, the last away game of ours broadcast by Sky? Now that's a headscratcher.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Maboza said:

    Does anyone know the rough breakdown of shareholdings in the club? 

    Smisa - 50.1% 

    kibble - 27.5% 


    Are there any other significant numbers in the remaining 22.4% or did all the big shareholders get their payout when SMISA/GLS purchased in 2016? 

    Gordon Scott retained some shares but I've no idea what percentage he has.

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