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  1. I was in the Main Stand and could see 4 ball boys on the West Stand side but they were all sitting down and not really getting involved.
  2. You should be appearing at the Fringe with material like that. Comedy gold.
  3. Was in the Main Stand tonight for a wee change and got a teamsheet from the reception. According to it the squad numbers are... 1. Lamgfield 2. Naismith 3. Irvine 4. Webster 5. Gordon 6. MacKenzie 7. Clarkson 8. McAllister 9. Sutton 10. Mallan 11. C. Gallagher 12. S. Gallagher 14. Hutton 15. Baird 16. Walsh 17. Morgan 18. ??????? (possibly Quinn) 19. Stewart 25. Shankland so, one more player to come in between 20 and 24?
  4. Having seen the goal again on FB it looks like Shankland got the final touch.
  5. Just in, what a dire game, the result and performance of Morgan were the only positives. And what a performance it was from Morgan, especially 2nd half, running constantly at their defence, tremendous. It was hot out there and undoubtedly influenced the play. Anyway 2 wins out of 2, can't grumble.
  6. A quick google search revealed this
  7. Those stats are flawed. "Minor Cup...St. Mirren wins 0" We beat them in the Challenge Cup the season we lost to Falkirk in the final, 93/94 and in the Dryborough Cup the season we lost to Aberdeen in the final, 1980/81
  8. Having just come in from having a few post match refreshments... Positives were Morgan, Quinn and Clarkson. Negatives were Gallagher (keeper) who was at fault for both goals and Quinn's injury
  9. Quinn stretchered off, went down holding his ankle, looked serious.
  10. Keeper makes a c**t of a cross and they score from close in. Definitely at fault.
  11. Defence backed off and backed off...and backed off, keeper beaten at near post by shot just inside the box.
  12. 1-0 Quinn ball up to Sutton, header flicked on and volleyed home by Clarkson from edge of box.
  13. I'm in the bar behind the home end, no monthly fees, no entrance fee, no having to be signed in.
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