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  1. I'll need to remember to watch that clip the next time I have insomnia.
  2. Does anyone have a video clip of "Marching On"? I know it used to be in the sideboard but appears to have been culled.
  3. That's not new, remember all the thick Celtic fans screaming for penalties against Juventus a few years ago and not understanding why none were awarded.
  4. Yeah, that's dreadful. Newcastle have had some absolutely awful strip designs and sponsor logos in the last few years.
  5. Cavendish wins the 28th stage of his career.
  6. Some more... Glasgow University 1977-78 season
  7. Yeah, so I see. Also agree that if this is also on the production versions they should be sold as seconds (at least 50% off) and a new batch produced free from any errors.
  8. Just seems to be the top line of names that are affected
  9. 1976/77 League winning season programmes European away programmes
  10. Jim tackles the Ref https://twitter.com/tommydfc/status/749009773392199680
  11. You'd have hated supporting Saints in the 60s, only one full season of wearing what you would consider to be a proper strip.
  12. You must have really good eyesight. ETA...I've just zoomed in on the image on my ipad and you're right, there is definitely writing on every alternate stripe.
  13. See all of these "I know something you don't know, do dah , do dah" bawbags, I wish they would all just f**king grow up..
  14. Welcome back John, well done mystic Div.
  15. f**k all of that, I'm going to Slovakia in October and everything is already 20% dearer than it was last Thursday.
  16. BoJo less than 3 years ago... https://www.facebook.com/DarrenBurn/videos/10100867967014546/
  17. Nope, that put everything in a weird format.
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