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  1. 1976/77 League winning season programmes European away programmes
  2. Jim tackles the Ref https://twitter.com/tommydfc/status/749009773392199680
  3. You'd have hated supporting Saints in the 60s, only one full season of wearing what you would consider to be a proper strip.
  4. You must have really good eyesight. ETA...I've just zoomed in on the image on my ipad and you're right, there is definitely writing on every alternate stripe.
  5. See all of these "I know something you don't know, do dah , do dah" bawbags, I wish they would all just f**king grow up..
  6. Welcome back John, well done mystic Div.
  7. f**k all of that, I'm going to Slovakia in October and everything is already 20% dearer than it was last Thursday.
  8. BoJo less than 3 years ago... https://www.facebook.com/DarrenBurn/videos/10100867967014546/
  9. Nope, that put everything in a weird format.
  10. Under the old forum, when my browser opened i had it immediately go to "view new posts" showing unread content since my last visit, I've kinda go that now with the new forum with Unread Content then Show Me Content Items Only, Content Types -Topics, , Read Status - Content I haven't Read; Unread item links take me to the first unread comment, Ownership -Everything, Following - Everything, Sorting - Newest Activity First then Save As new stream. Phew!!!
  11. Both? We've had FOUR championship winning seasons
  12. "Star Trek fans are mourning the accidental death of Anton Yelchin this morning, who plays Chekov in the new movies. He exited his car in his driveway and left it in neutral, then walked down to his brick mailbox. The car rolled down the inclined drive behind him and pinned him to the mailbox. His friends found him hours later after he didn't show to their group rehearsal"
  13. This has to be rejected. 76% allows the shareholders to alter the company articles, for example, it allows for further share issues without offering to existing shareholders thereby diluting their shares.
  14. £9 for an 80 serving drum of Bovril from Makro...return per drum (@ £2 per cup) £160 £1 for 4 scotch pies from Iceland...return (per 4 pies) £8.80 £1 for 100 tea-bags from Poundland...I don't drink tea so don't know much it costs at SMP but again the potential profits must be in the 100s of %. There must be numerous other examples. Surely if the fans are going to be obscenely fleeced at the catering outlsts, that obscene profit should be going directly to the club and not a third party..
  15. Works in rugby league...St. Helens Langtree Park
  16. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2217557490/ John Magennis is broadcasting.
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