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  1. Saints goals via The Scum website https://twitter.com/scotsunsport/status/726748242801754113 https://twitter.com/scotsunsport/status/726764462250807296
  2. Another interview with Thommo, this time with the BBC
  3. We could go further back to Ian Ure who we signed from Man Utd in 1971.. He'd previously played for Arsenal and only 4 years before we signed him, for £10,000, he was a Scotland international. IIRC he played fewer than 5 games for Saints before retiring. His name is also an anagram of A Urine.
  4. Who are you paying that to? Decent android box is between £30-90 (I have an Amazon Fire TV which cost £65) Install Kodi then a build such as Pulse or GenTec and, with a decent broadband connection (eg Virgin or Infinity) you'll have all the sport, movies and TV you want.
  5. Thatcher was complicit in the cover-up as a thank you to South Yorkshire Police for the way they handled the Battle of Orgreave 5 years earlier.
  6. Excellent video clip on The Guardian site highlighting Duckenfield's inexperience and immediate lie that the gate had been forced open. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/video/2016/apr/26/hillsborough-inquiry-anatomy-of-a-disaster-video
  7. Because the Police, who knew they were culpable very early on, covered up evidence right from the off with the help of high ranking politicians.
  8. Keep the broadband, cancel your tv package, get an android box.
  9. Hillsborough jury confirm they have unanimously decided the 96 fans were unlawfully killed
  10. Professor Richard Dawkins was put here by God to test us. Like fossils. And facts.
  11. Alloa did it today, that's it complied with.
  12. Nah those are Sephiroth (Dave Tennant) and Big Silky. Farmer John, Campbell and Liverpool Bud are in there as well
  13. Carpet factory was the place on the left
  14. The carpet factory was just the other side of the railway bridge in Greenhill Road from SMP. I knew it as BMK, it may have been called something else before that.
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