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  1. No, he would not. As for Saints players, it's been this way since I started supporting the team. No sooner had guys like Bobby McKean, Frank McGarvey, Frank MacAvennie, Steve Clarke and Ian Ferguson left the club then they were capped for Scotland.
  2. He's under contract for another 2 seasons. £1M or else f**k off Saintees.
  3. Is the radio co-commentator really called Tavares?
  4. the St. Mirren radio seems to be 3 minutes behind actual play
  5. Stable door closed, horse already bolted. Something like this should have happened BEFORE deciding to give them the extra tickets.
  6. Couldn't see a thread, thought I'd get in before Shull. Saw his on the Official site http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=53356 So, in effect, £16 for a burger, fries and a cup of tea? NAW.
  7. From Seedhill the sky has a greenish glow when looking north towards Renfrew.
  8. https://twitter.com/footballchat_/status/708676869093236736 Looks like a decent turnout in the North Stand.
  9. I'm sure it was a back-heel nutmeg on Chris Waddell but that might be my memory embellishing it. Brilliant goal at Cappielow and I remember him at Cliftonhill getting a yellow card because a Hamilton player was injured off the pitch, rolled back on to get play stopped and Brian tried to "help" him back off so the game could re-start.
  10. Tremendous in Cool Hand Luke and Earthquake and could turn his hand to comedy as in the Naked Gun series.
  11. Frank Kelly, best known for playing Father Jack in Father Ted. Feck. Arse.
  12. Peter Martin after a Kenny Miller dive in the box "maybe if the St. Mirren defenders had a machete or a machine gun the Referee might give US a penalty award" Cunt.
  13. Peter Martin is being a total prick on the commentary. Have to say, TBH, it's 0-0 going on 3 or 4 for Sevco.
  14. For anyone with an android box and kodi the game is in Sports>Sportsdevil>firstrowsports.eu
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