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  1. Further, if you genuinely do have an item of mail addressed to you, which is underpaid your Postman will put a silver coloured card through your door stating the amount of underpaid postage plus the handling charge. It's 13 years ago since I plodded around my beat and back then the customer had to go to the delivery office with the card and payment but I suspect these days it can be paid for online.
  2. As a former Postman I can confirm that the ONLY way that Royal Mail will contact you regarding an undelivered item of mail is by the "red card" that they will put through your letterbox. No text, no email, NOTHING else.
  3. Confirmed from Hibs AGM that they will be entitled to 15% of a future sale of John McGinn by Aston Villa to which Saints would be entitled to 30%. As an example, if he was sold for £40M, Hibs would receive £6M from which we would get £1.8M.
  4. JG's comments on McGrath have been picked up by an Irish sport site. Cue condescending pish in the comments section like "St. Mirren? We used to have players coming from Man United and Liverpool." and "If he was International class he wouldn't be at a club like St. Mirren."
  5. To save you taking pictures of your laptop screen with your phone, you can use the snipping tool by pressing WindowsKey+shift+S.
  6. Kaley Cuoco has a tattoo on her arse which is the Chinese word for "soup".
  7. We were 4-0 up after 20 minutes. Len Cantello (scorer of one of the stunning goals for WBA in that televised 5-3 win at Old Trafford) was then sent off and yet the 10 man Trotters scored through Worthington and Nowak. In typical St. Mirren fashion we "lost" the away leg 2-0 with Allardyce scoring both. Bizarrely, away goals only counted double at the end of extra time rather the normal 90 minutes. Cue Jimmy Bone scoring in the 120th minute to make the FT agg score 5-4 to Saints. We of course went on to further pump English sides Sheff. Utd and Bristol C. to lift the trophy.
  8. Here was me thinking you were older than me, too. The petrol station was definitely still there in 1983 and probably for (quite) a few years after that. I was never up that end of town until post 1987.
  9. I wasn't even a twinkle in my Dad's eye, long before my time. I mind seeing a picture of The Flywheel on FB, that's the only reason I know about it.
  10. Did you get those stats from soccerbase? For games after a certain amount of time they report all games as being played om the 30th of January. Why? Don't know...ask them. The LC games were in the 47/48 season. Lost 8-1 away on 16th August 47, exactly 3 weeks later (6th September) beat them 7-1 at home. 3 weeks after that (27th Sept) lost 1-0 at home to them in a league game. Bizarre.
  11. This is actually last season's final. Whoever wins will only hold the trophy for ONE DAY because this season's final is tomorrow!!!
  12. Another personal one, Sweenie's was owned by my great Uncle Jack Sweenie (my Mum's uncle). This was their shop and showroom in Smithhills St (where the road under the car park is now) and the warehouse was across the road beside the Old Swan. IIRC the showroom moved round the corner to Old Sneddon St.
  13. Cameron Howieson in the "Thommo penalty" game.
  14. The first woman I remember posting here lived in Antwerp, her u/n was Sueuzue Gueuze (forgive the spelling) way back in the wayback days. ETA that may even go back to the Saints Online website and the crazy guestbook.
  15. Yeah Jules, I bump into her every now and again in the Last Post (obvious not lately). Rowan is a Ross County fan who used to live in Paisley and posted on here for a while.
  16. I used to feel a bit sorry for new Labour leader Anas Sarwar's schooldays until I found out he went to private school. I bet a few MSPs still snigger behind his back.
  17. Piratka's real name escapes me at the moment, IIRC she came from the former Soviet Union, possibly Ukraine or Georgia ring a bell.
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