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  1. The first woman I remember posting here lived in Antwerp, her u/n was Sueuzue Gueuze (forgive the spelling) way back in the wayback days. ETA that may even go back to the Saints Online website and the crazy guestbook.
  2. Yeah Jules, I bump into her every now and again in the Last Post (obvious not lately). Rowan is a Ross County fan who used to live in Paisley and posted on here for a while.
  3. I used to feel a bit sorry for new Labour leader Anas Sarwar's schooldays until I found out he went to private school. I bet a few MSPs still snigger behind his back.
  4. Piratka's real name escapes me at the moment, IIRC she came from the former Soviet Union, possibly Ukraine or Georgia ring a bell.
  5. Kebabs and Piratka have long since departed the scene, are there any others? ETA by departed I mean no longer post on here, not that they've shuffled off their mortal.
  6. Brian Hetherston who passed away on this day in 2006, aged 29.
  7. A "colourised" version of the Tottie Beck picture. I hadn't noticed in the B&W version but here you can clearly see loads of youngsters have spilled over from Cairters Corner onto the touchline. The crowd as 33916. We won this LC tie 2-1. Played them at Ibrox in the league 4 days later and lost 3-0.
  8. There was a guy in the year below me at Merskworth had the surname Pender. A snotty wee oik from Kilbarchan. Pender the bender.
  9. Tommy Gemmell behind him. I wonder what ground this was played at, the trackside adverts are huge.
  10. Incidentally, all of the last 4 images had "Ian" in the file name.., Glad to see you're behaving yourself Shull
  11. That looks like it was taken at Ibrox, probably before the Tennent's Cup in 77 http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1977&GameID=197708060 http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1977&GameID=197708070
  12. He scored the winning goal in an English FA cup final and no many can say that. Watching this clip, there seemed to be pockets of fans celebrating in the "wrong" areas of the ground, as in there was no segregation. Anyway, enjoy...
  13. The left hook, no but definitely the right jab.
  14. Just saw this on YT, he was no shrinking violet.
  15. Bobby Holmes. I used to be mates with his son (we've lost touch). After a holiday in Spain we arrived back at Gilmour St and I said to Stevie "right, see you later" to which he replied "hang on, you'll get a lift". His Dad had come from Erskine to meet us and drove me home. Although the journey only took a few minutes I think I came across as a bit starstruck, asking him about the 55/56 LC final. BH was also Motherwell's physio when they won the Scottish Cup 4 years after us!
  16. Before my time but a legend for Motherwell and Liverpool. I wonder if Jimmy Grieves?
  17. Yeah, I was there at 3pm today and pretty much the same, didn't feel a thing and I mean literally not figuratively. Donating blood is a bit different though as they have to use a wider diameter needle and find a vein.
  18. A bit of a personal one here, my parents lived in the building on the right as children. My Mum lived at 25, my Dad at 29.
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