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  1. FC Magdeburg achieved that feat.
  2. Surely the players can wear any colour of pants they like. As for the shorts on top...
  3. And yes, you're reading that right...I've had £440 of free bets from bet365 in the last year which Is why I rarely bet anywhere else.
  4. On bet365 (and other sites too I'd wager (see what I did there?)) you can select a time period to see your profit or loss. IIRC it's up to one year. Having nothing to hide, here is my history for the last year.
  5. Dozens of MPs on their phones today during PMQs. One Tory MP has been caught watching porn on his phone in the chamber.
  6. The SPL ceased to exist 9 years ago so any current players still playing it would need a TARDIS or a DeLorean.
  7. Our home form in the top league since moving to the current stadium is nothing short of pathetic, I can't think of a single season where we have had more home wins than defeats
  8. Morton in the stripes. The big Brown and Tawse building in the background.
  9. Fuck the monarchy. The French and Russians had the right idea.
  10. I know what you mean, purchasing tickets these days requires entering some sort of Twilight Zone.
  11. Same Q was asked on PnB, a Hibs fan said Meadowbank Retail Park was a 5 minute walk away.
  12. Griffiths is still being investigated by the SFA and the Police over the flare incident. He could be due a lengthy ban and this alone is a reason not to sign him.
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