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  1. We first wore black and white vertical stripes in 1884 which is 6 years before Notts County first wore them.
  2. Jamieson will either stay with us or go to another Championship club. Would be a bit of a dunt to his confidence to go to a L1 side after playing half a season, and doing well by all accounts, in the Championship.
  3. Dargo was brilliant when fit, look at his composure at that 2nd goal.
  4. I was there for the friendly in 2008. About 500 of us behind one goal, 500 home fans behind the other...in a stadium with 28k seats.
  5. Bank St. The Imp van and Vauxhall Viva are parked beside the wall of the East Primary school which still stands.
  6. Wow, that's a beauty. Architecturally nothing has changed but the trams, busses and cobbles are a fantastic reminder of a bygone era.
  7. I predict we won't be hearing "oh that's a honey of a goal."
  8. It's lowest common denominator garbage for simpletons.
  9. I know your auld and that's why I'll not be too critical of your faux pas.
  10. McGarvey shouldn't be asked back. On SMTV and can only talk about his beloved Sellick. So what is it that he did that no one had done in 120 years, I missed the reveal.
  11. Doon McKichan says or does something selfish with no self-awareness whatsoever. Jonathan Watson is a cuckold who dare not say anything. Alex Norton and Arabella Weir bear the brunt of McKichan's crass behaviour. Elaine C. Smith says "fuck". There, I've just described every episode of this pish.
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