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  1. A bit of a personal one here, my parents lived in the building on the right as children. My Mum lived at 25, my Dad at 29.
  2. Now that we are all but safe from relegation and will be playing in the Premiership next season, which of the out of contract players would you keep, which would you punt and which are you not bothered either way? Keep Durmus, Connolly,, Obika, Doyle-Hayes, Fraser, Flynn. Meh Urminsky, Quaner, Jamieson, Henderson (we just haven't seen enough of them to form an opinion). Punt Mason, Morias.
  3. Erm,, I was a Driving Instructor then a Driving Examiner for nearly 30 years so, yeah I can drive
  4. Not at all, it's 10 minutes along the motorway and expressway, I just wondered how the locations are allocated.
  5. I've to go to the Louisa Jordan on Tuesday. Anyone else had to travel outwith the town for their jag?
  6. 2, points, Richie Brittain's goal and Thommo's. 2 is also the number of points we'd taken at Celtic Park over the same time period yet look what happened there 4 weeks ago.
  7. I live with Pixie the cat. Her claws are probably sharp enough to cut hair but she's no Trevor Sorbie.
  8. Seeing as we are struggling big time to win matches against bottom 6 how many victories do you think we will get v the other top 6 teams??? Out of the 14 games we've played against the current top 5 we have 3 wins, 3 draws and 8 defeats, just under 1 PPG. A continuation of that level would suggest 2 or 3 draws or 1 win from the final 5 games (probably Aberdeen at home).
  9. Nah, the lying bastard one-eyed Fife c**t came after that.
  10. The hospital was built most probably after you moved to Essex (now London). Anyone who has walked down the long elevated corridors at the RAH would have recognised the location instantly.
  11. Yes, it is an excellent film. Wee gingey bawbag Colin McCredie is probably at the sleepless night stage at the prospect of the saintees winning on Sunday.
  12. "Is that right, first drink only 5p?" "Aye, whut ye huvin'?" "Long Island Iced Tea mate"
  13. No, just the ST. It says "Silver Thread" on the ticket behind his head. The collage is a mixture of different Paisley venues.
  14. Not sure about BC. As I said bands stopped playing in 81 and The Skids were still going then. I saw BC at Strathclyde Uni in 1982 on their first headline tour.
  15. Here's the original Bungalow Bar on the corner of the row of buildings on the left. These were later demolished and replaced with the current building, which of course is not a bungalow either, and still stands. The shop is on the corner of Renfrew Rd and Niddry St.
  16. It's also where me and the mates went post-match. We also stayed to the end and got to see the reaction of those who left early.
  17. TBF there's probably less than half a dozen people on here know my real name.
  18. What happened? I never started drinking in it till about the late 80's. The riots in England caused a lot of chaos regarding pub venues in 1981 with so called "Oi" bands being associated with the racism that abounded at that time, even though there was very little civil disturbance in Scotland. Cue loads of local authorities revoking entertainment licences. By the time everything had calmed down The Bungalow had new owners, had changed to The Stag's Head and they had no interest in hosting a music venue.
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