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  1. From that collage I saw Psychedelic Furs, Defiant Pose and Altered Images at the Bungalow. I'm pretty sure I also saw E&TBM but not 100%. Also saw The Skids, Orange Juice and many others. Me, @herman_munster and @Brian1877 used to go several times a week until it all went tits up in 1981.
  2. Tapatalk works. install it, search for "Black and White Army", login and adjust your settings. I've just posted using it.
  3. Try downloading the Tapatalk app, B&WA is a version of that app.
  4. App still working for me, I'm posting from it right now. [emoji41] Mind you, I only have a lowly Samsung Galaxy A71, nothing as grand as an iPhone 11 Pro.
  5. No, there have been 9 cinemas in Paisley, you've posted pictures of them all now.
  6. You've already posted that one, the New Alex. You're missing The Astoria which was in Lawn St.
  7. Big Apple Used to play pool in there. It was the West End cinema before that.
  8. Its definitely Hunter St. That's Gilmour St Station on the right.
  9. Can't see them accepting euros, especially after Brexit.
  10. Snack Shack (or whatever it's called now), Subway, Greggs and the 2 chip shops certainly do well from the school weans. I don't think any of the others do lunchtime specials so they'll do well when they reopen. Actually Greggs has reopened, you stand at the door and they bring the food to you.
  11. That would be going from the Gramnar towards The Anchor [emoji14] I did miss out Papa John's.
  12. There's yet another ice cream/milkshake place opening in Glasgow Rd (between Alice Chinese and the Taco shop) and another cafe opening in the old Accord Hospice shop. There's already an ice cream shop beside Indian Scene and a recently opened one beside East End Tandoori. So, from the Grammar going towards Barshaw there's Snack Shack in Crossflat Cres, Subway, Woodlands Cafe, De Marcos, Bel Cibo, Alice, ice cream place, Taco, Sherwood, 2 Fat Indians, Scoops, Indians Scene, Welcome Inn and Ivy. On the other side there's Greggs, Cafe Royal, the cafe that used to be Auld's and the new cafe. Add in Forno in East Lane and the new chippy, ice cream place and Ladyburn pizza/pasta restaurant that are on the same strip as the EET. Spoilt for choice once they're all open.
  13. The reaction of the ballboy when Ferguson scores is priceless. The boy is probably a Grandfather many times over now.
  14. The building still stands. Go down the gap on the left of the Piazza.
  15. Although most "Director's Cuts" are better than the original release, (Blade Runner being the prime example), I didn't care much for the DC of CP.
  16. Yeah, it is quite brilliant. XXX
  17. My favourite film does vary but Shichinin No Samurai is in the rotation and I got to see it t the GFT as part of the same Glasgow Film Festival that showed TMF. It's just brilliant from start to finish, taking its time to introduce and develop every character. The battle scenes were a blueprint for pretty much every film containing them thereafter. 3 and a half hours, B&W, subtitles and not even in widescreen...what's not to like? Kurosawa was an incredible filmmaker. Rashomon, unlike Seven Samurai, is only 85 minutes long and yet it created a new genre of movie narrative.
  18. This popped up on my FB page yesterday...is it a cult film? Up for debate but one thing that's not debateable is its brilliance. The third adaptation of Dashiell Hammett's novel is widely regarded as the first "film noir". The first two, TMF (1931) and Satan Met a Lady (1936) both deviated from the novel by having a happy ending and it was this which drove John Huston, in his directorial debut, to make a version true to the book. Outstanding performances by Bogart, Astor, Lorre and Greenstreet (in his film debut), a wee uncredited cameo by John's father Walter and a seven minute long single take capturing the scene between Spade and Gutman. Apparently it wasn't shown on US TV for over 20 years because of the implications that O'Shaughnessy was promiscuous and Cairo was a homosexual! Superb from start to finish, if you've never seen it treat yourself and give it a go.
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