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  1. Would be interesting to know if there is a structure to The Northbank/W7, without naming names
  2. W7 are doing a great job in getting the atmosphere going, although sitting in W3 we can hear W7 but not always very clearly, sometimes W4/W3 are singing different songs to W7 and we can also hear songs started in W1/W2. Personally the more singing and atmosphere created the better! Totally agree about the music drowning out the fans though!
  3. Welcome back Jack, onwards and upwards!
  4. Has anybody actually used the airport parking? and how was it?
  5. I work in the whisky industry and a guy I know mentioned he had them!
  6. Couldn't make it for the opening but looking forward to using it on the last day of the season!
  7. Lets face it we were hardly going to fill the stadium with our own fans were we?
  8. Meant to be an inspection today for a Completion certificate I think
  9. Surely the 20th is only the cut off date for guaranteeing a seat elsewhere on the 30th if you are an season ticket holder affected?
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