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  1. Kello 2 seasons ago up at Dingwall, one of the best bits of goal keeping ive seen, point blank reaction save and then when the ball broke to the unmarked Arquin, who looked like scoring a tap in at the opposite side of the goal, kello managed to get back on his feet and dive again to tip it round the post.... the fue hundred strong support up there sung his name for some time after that, along with choruses of' derek adams your a w**ker' wich got the match delayed for editing on alba:)
  2. Graham Carey's goal of the season for us runs it pretty close I think
  3. Surly if we are to make a sensible appointment we could get the best off both? Teale and Longwell have proved they can motivate the players and improve performances as well as bring the best out of the young lads shown over the last three games, so make them head-coach and assistant-head. Then appoint a new director of football with experience from outwith the club to do the wheeling and dealing etc. Similar to the CL and RN arrangement at hearts.
  4. its good to know that unlike his predecessor, Tommy has given this guy a good trial to see that he is worth a deal and considering the interview,it seems he has already fit in with the set up, the management seem to think he can play the way they want him to. despite the "dull" nature of this transfer, i still prefer it to some of Dannys, where players considered good quality and experienced with the likes of Harkins and Grainger coming in without the lengthy trial period and due consideration only to find they cant fit with our style of play or are simly pure pish. If caldwell turns out to be useless,so what? Id take a young (cheap) striker with decent potential, chipping in with a few goals a season anyday, especially over the more experienced ones we could afford that some on here are calling for, we might as well resign Lewis Guy.
  5. don't you mean ticky tocky shite Fitba? I think the worst thing they could do is install a massive clock cause all it will do is remind the players how long they have to sideways pass and walk the ball into the net with three mins left, causing a panic and Jim Goodwin to go through some one young and talented...
  6. Im not going to pretend that I know him well, but Blair only lives a few streets away from me and I'm also good friends with his cousin. Just having a Kick about where I'm from , he is easily the best player I've ever played against, some of the lads used to get applauded for touching the ball when he was on a run. this either says a lot about how good he is or how bad I am, probably a bit of both. unfortunately his cousin isn't exactly football orientated but I will try and find out if the third club interested is indeed saints.
  7. I understand both sets of views here but I think the point that Big Yards is trying to make is that we have been living with in our means since the new stadium was built and the dept was cleared, yet the quality and depth of the squad has gradually decreased since season 11/12, presumably to save money. why has this continued to happen with further reductions and continually going for the cheap option by promoting youngsters and cutting the coaching bill by promoting TM,JG and GT despite an increase in revenue through player sales etc. We have already proved that we can live with in our means with a squad with decent depth and a handful of experienced players and quality youngsters in past seasons, so why must we leave Tommy to build a squad on pennies working with out of depth academy graduates, situations where we have only one player per position ie left back, and a solitary ageing striker. I really Hope the BOD proves me wrong this season.
  8. only reason I could see him going there is for money and to return to the east coast not football reasons, I heard he is a hibs fan anyway
  9. I heard that Darnell Fisher is out of contract at Celtic, only 20 and looked decent on his cameo stint earlier in the season. sign him, play him right back, drop cheezy and put Naismith at center back ?
  10. i think our strongest set up is ; i would like to see us try; kello Kello Naismith mcgregor mccausland kelly mcgennis mcgegor Naismith kelly goodwin campbell/ goodwin/ mcginn wylde teale McGowan mcginn wylde teale mcgowan thomo mcgowan/campbell thomo
  11. .... that will be gregg wylde then?
  12. if he was ever going to come here its not likely be in this window it will be summer because he is out of contract .We may be in with a chance though as Gary Harkins is on loan at Oldham were Rooney plays and we might have established a decent relationship with them, especially if Harkins plays well. They might even do us a swap. I wouldn't worry to much about defenders as the clear out of Barron and Mair makes you think there will be someone on the way.hopefully.
  13. wonder if danny still has links with cowdenbeath, would be decent signing if they could take Thomas rielly etc on loan as a replacement
  14. im pretty sure Jamie Mcdonald and Jamie Hamill are out of contract at the end of the season, dont think they will stay and play championship football next year and only get a runners up medal cause of rangers. would be good signings for next year.
  15. Moving away from the garbage above, I think tony watt looks a great player but doesn't look settled at all , coming away with comments about learning more about football at ayr than from Neil lennon (probably true) as he is frustrated at failing on his current loan after all that Barcelona goal hype and seems alot like Robert snodgrass was at that age, however snodgrass worked hard and came through that spell and depending on if watt can do the same will determine what sort of player he turns out to be. I don't see us taking him on loan next season as celtic will want to ship out samaras, balde and the like and build for next seasons champions League and but also look for someone who can score consistently on the domestic scene and I see this as watts chance. This doesn't really deserve to be called a rumour as Danny is unlikely to move for a player he could have signed permanently before he went to celtic , due his bad party habits. Would be a great signing though if we could pull it off.
  16. I can tell you right now that Bahoken is not one of the three leaving in January cause he has already gone. I was speaking to Chris smith yesterday and he said that they sent him to France for a few days off and he didn't bother coming back...
  17. Celtic Aberdeen Motherwell St Johnstone Ross county Dundee united Kilmarnock Inverness St Mirren Hibs Partick Thistle Hearts
  18. Celtic Aberdeen Motherwell St Johnstone Ross county Dundee united Kilmarnock Inverness St Mirren Hibs Partick Thistle Hearts
  19. Celtic Aberdeen Motherwell St Johnstone Ross county Dundee united Kilmarnock Inverness St Mirren Hibs Partick Thistle Hearts
  20. looks like being the next saints summer signing... views?
  21. I have read that we are after a 22 year old Swansea keeper on loan for the coming season,and loan signings are usually brought in to improve for their parent club and the only way this is going to happen is if he plays regular first team football so danny is either weighing up his options or has given up on simonsen...
  22. surely 10 goals a season is better than what we will get from our other current strikers i.e Guy and Parkin
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