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  1. So, it's now officially Saturday. Did we get sold yesterday or not? I need to know.
  2. I wish the boy all the best and hope he does a job for us between now and the end of the season. However, he is only here on loan, and so not a signing as far as I'm concerned. When are we going to bring players in on a contract? I feel sorry for Gary Teale & David Longwell, having their best asset sold from under them. What makes it worse is that we have sold him to a rival club and for a pittance, considering his age and prospects in the game. I'm too pissed off to write any more about our current situation, except to say that the sooner we get new owners, the better for us all.
  3. It's not so long ago that we were televised at Firhill on a Friday night and we won that game. Here's hoping for a repeat
  4. Probably explains why we let him go.
  5. The 'wheeling and dealing' aspect of SG's statement makes me think a new manager will be in place before the transfer window and might be expected to cash in on McGinn and, to a lesser extent, McLean and use that money to replace a half dozen others - those 'others' being free agents and/or loan deals, (though the "good contacts" mentioned), so only costing the wages. Could I live with that? If it keeps us up then the answer is yes. I'd only hope that neither of them would end up at Sevco.
  6. Can't see us doing any better than a 2-0 defeat, but I also have to concede that we do come up with a few surprise results from time to time. I just can't see this being one of them.
  7. Having sat through Saturday's game, and having read the comments on here, I'd make the following comments: 1/ The game on Saturday was better than I expected, given the fact that the bookie's favourites to fill the bottom two slots were playing each other in atrocious conditions. 2/ We may well have had players in the Sun team of the day, but Man of the Match was Graham Carey. We still have nobody who can deliver balls into the box like he can. 3/ The far-side linesman was very late with his flag several times, but I did think he was wrong to flag Gardyne offside for what would have been their second goal.. 4/ If County had been better at beating the offside trap, they'd have won easily. 5/ Kenny McLean had a great start to the game, but still has to prove he's as good as he seems to think he is. 6/ John McGinn is being played too deep. 7/ Jim Goodwin still acts like he's the Captain and, to be honest, it's just as well he does. 8/ Marian Kello is losing too many balls crossed into his box. I did think he was fouled at County's first goal, but he's lost a lot like that this season. 9/ Jason Naismith was fouled when we had our 'goal' chopped off, yet amazingly had a foul given against him, which meant our 'goal' was not given. 10/ Callum Ball is not the answer to our Centre Forward problem and, to be honest, Ross Caldwell isn't the solution either. Once he came on, I lost count of the times we had nobody in the centre of the park when attacking. 11/ We looked the better team when chasing both equalisers, but went off the boil shortly after getting back to 2-2. I've no idea why TC didn't try to change our shape in the last 10 - 15 minutes, as we were clearly getting nowhere and showing no signs of urgency, yet had two more substitutions available. 12/ We urgently need Thompson, Plummer and Osbourne back to full fitness.
  8. Stuart Dickson (one of several contributors I tend to ignore) has typed around 50 - 60 lines of text on this topic alone. Add to that the time he must have spent researching FIFA rules, St Mirren club policy and Motherwell FC club policy and you begin to get an idea of how much effort he is willing to put into being disruptive on a discussion board intended, in the main, to provide a place for fans of the club to exchange views on various topics. To all genuine Saints fans on here I would simply say, put the man on ignore and don't let him waste as much of your time as he does with his own. I must look up how to do that myself. SD will be only one of several trolls I'll be putting on that list.
  9. Got excited the other day when I read the headline, "Faddy signs for Saints". Sadly, it turned out to be the fakes.
  10. Great to see that nobody is responding to that prick who shall remain nameless, not to mention brainless.
  11. Go? Go where? Isn't he under contract? What have you heard?
  12. Willie Hills offering 13/10 against us tonight. Seems very generous, so I've lumped on it.
  13. I just can't agree that we have had a very good pre-season. First of all, the programme was the usual uninspired selection of games against unattractive opposition - all strangely arranged away from home. A couple of games in Paisley wouldn't have harmed. Secondly, the opposition we beat were all second and third-rate sides and, much as they were all "practise session" they were hardly challenging. Thirdly, the one game we did lose was against a side relegated from English League Division 1 last year, so a piss-poor result in my book. Why do teams like Dundee and Hearts arrange home games against the likes of Man City, yet we arrange away fixtures against the likes of Blyth Spartans, Albion Rovers and Whitley Bay?
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