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  1. The options seem so bad that I'm now hoping no one in and no one out as the best position
  2. I see our CEO appears to be leading the charge with RDC to get a full stadium. I have therefore assumed that we are more likely to get fewer fans than more given given the level of confidence I have in his ability. Ali de Foy comes close second in my lack of confidence table. Maybe they are all super competent and I'm talking rubbish which is very possible but I'll take some persuading
  3. Outcome of ballot for Tuesday's game supposed to be communicated one way or other by Friday afternoon. I suppose it's still Friday afternoon but I'm not hopeful given the club doesn't seem to have clue over organisation of the whole season ticket issue . We really are and always been a shambles administratively as well as being a shambles on the park more often than not. We seem to be getting it together on the pitch but same old story behind the scenes.
  4. Clearly something has gone very wrong with the process. That added to the shirt sponsorship fiasco and the lack of information coming out of the club worries me. Something is not right. I don't know why but I just feel it. Hope I'm proven wrong very soon
  5. Are we actually going to be selling season tickets? Usually there is a rush to get them on sale to get money in but nothing so far this time round. We are either very cash rich or something has gone wrong with the process.
  6. We have had a good season in the sense that we were clear of the relegation battle well before we normally are. Unless we get seventh position it has been no better than 11/12 and 13/14 when we were 8th. Although our league position was 11th in 12/13 we won the League cup which makes it a better season than this one. Going far in a cup doesn't, in my humble opinion, improve a season unless you win it . Losing in the final or semi really hurts . Today has left me totally deflated even though we are nowhere near our normal relegation battle. Getting seventh position in the league will at least make this our best season,12/13 excepted, in many years . I'm afraid that's about as positive as I can get.
  7. Erahon is 20 today but still lacks maturity. I keep being told he is one for the future. I'd prefer if he was now one for the present . I have a suspicion he is always going to be one for the future
  8. By losing in two semis and not getting into the top six we have missed out on the big European money which will make st.johnstone and Livingston even stronger. We have well and truly blown it. Although scant consolation seventh place would get us some cash but Motherwell are better placed than us to get that . If I sound pissed off I really am
  9. Apart from Covid a lot of the breaks went our way this season eg lots of penalties, opposition players sent off, Danny Rogers giving us a goal. There weren't many games we won where we were clearly better . We have the makings of good side but we are not top six quality yet. Close season signings will be crucial . No individual games spring to mind that could have changed things . Probably the February draws killed us.
  10. Quite simply not good enough. Obika and Erwin were poor. Happy to see the back of both but I think Erwin has another year of his contract to run. I reckon if Dennis and Brophy had been playing we would have won that well. Tell Doyle Hayes his contract extension offer is withdrawn and don't offer another one to Dylan Connelly. Neither bring much to us. Unfortunately we also seem to be stuck with McAllister for another season as well. The rest can form the nucleus of a good team
  11. I said could not would but worry about how we would perform in the bottom six. We may not have lost to any of the bottom six sides in that run but we came very near it. Perversely I think that if we do beat Accies it may be the boost we need to get playing well again and do much better than expected.
  12. Very important for us to get into the top six not just for the prestige,the prize money and the chance to get into Europe but to keep us away from the relegation battle. I know I'm sounding more of a pessimist than Elvis and I know that it would take a lot for any of the bottom three to catch us but I think we could go through the five games and get nothing. We have been rotten since beating Killie and need to get our act together. We have the players but that isn't enough in itself.
  13. This particular guy is terrible. When I hear it's him commentating I look forward even more getting back into the stadium where I won't have to suffer him. It's a discussion not a commentary. He never even said Hibs had a penalty until it was about to be taken. If you were on audio only you wouldn't have a clue what was going on. I presume he is not paid so maybe I shouldn't be so critical
  14. So championship clubs some of whom are as well off as us and in Hearts case much better off get a gift whereas we have to pay it back . In fact some of them will increase their income from last year especially if they have sold season tickets. Don't get the logic in that
  15. In a similar vein sky sports highlights of last weekend suggested our win was a surprise given Motherwell had well beaten us by 3 0 in the corresponding game in Paisley a few weeks previously
  16. Game moved to 3pm at the request of both clubs. Surely a larger ppv audience at the original time of 7 45 pm. We therefore lose income. I know a lot of people not working that day but can't understand why we agreed to this. Clearly there's something I'm not understanding
  17. I wonder if this and the financial irregularities would have happened if Brian Caldwell was still around. I think we all know the answer. That's what we get for employing someone not up to the job who can only act as s figurehead that makes silly statements. Yes we are indeed a bunch of amateurs. Having said that Celtic would not have received this punishment had they acted similarly
  18. I vowed this year that I would watch Scottish games on TV rather than EPL and EFL. I've stuck with that and am fed up. Standard of entertainment is poor. Back to watching south of the border stuff for me . I will continue to follow st. Mirren everywhere when allowed but will be not be watching any more Scottish games as a neutral .
  19. Of course Tony didn't write this himself which leads me to question why we employ a Chief Executive who isn't capable of writing a reasonable letter. Seems to me we pay him as a figurehead but he even screws that up by making silly comments to the press and embarrassing the club. I know he bleeds St.mirren but that doesn't make him a good CEO just like it wouldn't make a person a good manager. It seems everyone loves Tony but I wonder how much he brings to the club. Anyhow do we not have someone from Kibble doing the actual work now?
  20. If you work hard maybe one day you will be a slimy creep like me
  21. Last night I had to switch off the sound on the TV coverage because our commentator annoyed me so much. I didn't go on to Aberdeen sound as that would have annoyed me even more. The same guy also ruined things for me last home game. He is juvenile and can't stop prattling. It didn't help that the sound was in front of the picture so I knew Ethan had scored before he hit the ball. I don't have a commentary when I sit at a match live apart from an idiot a few seats along. Can we please get the old commentator back.
  22. Agreed. It is becoming clear that Goodwin only wants players he has brought in. I'm sure we could have got Popescu if we had wanted him. That would be fine as baggage from the past isn't always productive but Jim has so far not convinced me he has an eye for a good player. Hope I'm wrong because if not we have big problems
  23. Same problem for me. Are they actually showing the game?
  24. I dislike going to Ibrox or Parkhead but do so to support the team that are probably the biggest thing in my life outwith my family. By watching it at home I'm paying less than I would have if actually there as I would have been I understand where you are coming from but are your comments not reminiscent of the hatred emanating from the old firm that we criticise. Surely we are bigger than that.
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