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  1. So we have 2 young kids able to play centre half Plummer, Tesselaar & Goodwin. So there really isn't any panic. We are covered.
  2. This from the guy who was slating the youngsters in Saturday's line up. Shocking.
  3. Brian Caldwell is a paid employee and he's having a pop at the guys who pay his wages? That is truly shocking.
  4. mmmm I used to back Gus Macpherson week after week when the majority on this forum were very negative and slating him every week. Ironically, many of them are the very guys who complain about the negativity just now...
  5. The use of a Saints player's injury to try and point score on fellow Saints fans is out of order.
  6. Perhaps an opportunity for Naismith to make his mark at centre half with Williams at right back. However, Naismith now seems to be our only fit out and out centre half so I think we need to get someone else in. I liked the fact we had 2 big guys in defence in Naismith & McAusland so this is a loss.
  7. wot teams have u managed at the top level?can u only discuss football if you've managed at the top level? maybe div should just close the forum down!
  8. er, no they didn't.deary me, did the voices tell you to make this up?
  9. im not from county down, but ancestors were, including Isabella dukenot sure of the relevance of the flute reference? you appear to have gained a fixation with chasing me about the forum mentioning flutes and orangemen!
  10. remember last year when all the happy clapping tossers told us pre season friendlies didn't matter. Now they do apparently. Predictable. Clapping when we lose and don't care when win.
  11. just read your posts again and, yip, you appear to be horrified at the kids in that line up.the only tit is you!
  12. The real negativity this forum should deal with is the negativity that certain posters show towards their fellow Saints fans just because their opinions differs from their own. Many resort to personal abuse. One poster in particular trolls this forum looking to dish out abuse at every turn. Indeed, after we signed Ross Caldwell he made several posts on the thread abusing fellow buds and / or posting irrelevant nonsense. Not a single post was about Ross Caldwell. Its these negative posters that should hang their heads in shame.
  13. This from the guy who was slating the kids in yesterday's line up...
  14. Strikers with a physical presence like this don't come along often. He's played in the Championship and his goalscoring record in youths and reserves seems good. This is the sort of player who can make a real difference to a team.
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