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  1. 4 more than Marwood scored as a winger! And I don't remember Peter Weir converting to a striker...
  2. So we can just sign random players then without anyone ever watching them. What they have done before they joined is irrelevant - so just sign anyone!
  3. I'm not putting him down. I'm commenting his factual goalscoring record. He'sa striker s I think its perfectly valid to do that. Its shame that the usual suspects want to drown out any discussion and want to abuse fellow supporters.
  4. We're no more "skint" than any of our like sized rivals.
  5. He was a winger before. You'd expect an attacking player to have scored a few goals surely? According to soccerbase, this guy has scored 11 league goals in his entire career - and all of them came last season. Now this guy may be brilliant. But the fact is that his goalscoring stats to date are not great.
  6. Very poor goal scoring record. I don't hold out much hope.
  7. Steven Thompson scored 16 goals in 97 appearances with Cardiff City...
  8. It would be even better if you used spaces instead of words...
  9. So folk who don't buy a season ticket have a "negative outlook"? Does that include you?
  10. You've never heard of the Falkirk boy so I must assume that you've also never seen him play. So how are you able to compare his worth with McGinn or McLean?
  11. Think we paid £100k for Lex Baillie. You can add Mark Reid to that list as well. I actually think that who McAusland's dad is goes against him - especially from the point of view of supporters. It brings added focus and criticism. I think he's a half decent player and - as Slash has pointed out - we have wasted fortunes in the past on defenders who weren't as good as McAusland.
  12. So why bring politics into it then? Why the personal abuse?
  13. Still persisting with the personal abuse I see... Stuart didn't say anything about the borders wishing to remain part of Scotland withn the UK - you made that up. And the only person mentioning becoming part of England was again you.
  14. Ironic that YOU think that I'm a legend? I suppose that would explain why you follow me around on this forum trying to grab my attention so often...
  15. Frank mcgarveys wonky legs seems to be upset about Kane hemmings for some reason!
  16. A player being a legend in his own mind is a good attribute IMO. We want guys who are confident in their own abilities. Hasselbaink up front with Steven Thompson over the past 2 seasons would have been better than the non existent partner that Thompson had to play with...
  17. This from a guy who condoned Celtic's sectarianism.
  18. I was told that the land that St. Mirren owns across the road behind the visiting end can take an 11 - a - side pitch.
  19. TSB current account pays 5% on balances up to £2,000. Using your spouse that means £4,000 at 4% net. You only need to pay in £500 per month (and you can then immediately switch it back out). The balance transfer fee is a one off of, say 2.5% for a 2 year period compared with over 8% net interest. In addition I have a BoS & Halifax reward account thats pays £5 per month each plus one for my wife which equates to £180 plus I have a Nationwide account paying 5% gros on a balance of £2,500 for a year (which will then be switched to anotehr bank with a similar introductory offer). There are a few hundred pounts to be made each year just for a few minutes of recycling cash between accounts each month - all using money borrowed from credit card companies.
  20. Deary me. "8 irrefutable problems"... Its all totally irrelevant! The 70% wages to turnover is a snapshot at the END of a season. It doesn't tell you what happened DURING a season. How do you know what contingency was made on each of your "8 irrefutable problems"? The final decisions on wages don't need to take place until the close of the transfer window at the end of January. What would be the point in keeping a contingency for signing a star striker after end of January for example? Feel free to come back to the discussion when you actually know what you are talking about!
  21. The cowdenbeath guy deal is not happening
  22. But there IS contingency. The contracts are written based on the known income. Relegation sees contract terms reduced accordingly. What wasn't planned for was Rangers going bust. There was no contingency for that... and I can't see how anyone could possibly have planned contingency for such an event. Other than slashing current spending and ending up with en enormous surplus, the only other way would be to build up a contingency over many years - something which would probably be quite sensible.
  23. How is that St. Mirren have managed to substain a 70%+ wages to turnover ratio whilst breaking even for a number of seasons? Don't get me wrong, I totally agree that we can't live outwith our means. Indeed, it would be impossible to live outwith our means as we have no borrowing facilities. However, just wondering why you believe that 70% is "disasterous" for St. Mirren when its clearly being done without losing money.
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