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  1. Think back to last year in the Cup when we played QOS on there stupid plastic pitch we deservedly lost that match. Murray played it perfect today our first half performance was exceptional. The second half performance was good yes he pulled the team back a bit I don't honestly mind that protect our lead and didn't let Queens into the game! When Thomo came off we did loose a bit of attacking threat but Thommo's been with us for a few seasons and the replacements haven't. We controlled the game in both half's were the better team we played on a plastic pitch against a team that were favourites before the game and in the play offs last year. Yet people are still having a go at Murray! No very happy with the result and performance today defence looked solid. Webster was a rock for us and helped Baird and Kelly throughout the game. Goodwin was man of the match for me today! Thommo was great and we managed to get him some rest. Add to that a Clean sheet! Well done Murray well done St.Mirren great performance.
  2. I was not a fan of the New Ground doesn't have any atmosphere it's to small you can't go to Cosmos Chippy after the match you could always skin money off you dad and Grampa before and after the match in the Wee Barrel! But when you go to Greenock pay £17 pounds to stand on a Cheap park bench on a concrete Hill with no roof over your head I have much healthier an opinion on it Now! Things change I could no longer take my Kids to the Wee Barrel before or after the match! I would moan my head off if I had a pillar in the way now. The old ground was a dump falling apart in the end! What it did have was memories and traditions and I was younger! If we had not moved to the New ground would we still be at Love Street? Would we still be in business! No it's future generations who will create the memories and traditions of attending Greenhill road! And the people who moan should start singing St.Mirren songs even add in the old Love Street classics such as Cheer up Rajermaki or your going home in a Paisley Ambulance! For me as a man approaching 40 I prefer the comfort of the New ground now! Just hope when my boys are older they will have some fond memories of Greenhill Road as I did of Love Street!
  3. We are rotten in midfield but getting a player on loan from one of your Rivals is not the way to solve that problem. This guy is obviously not in contention for a start at Hibs or they would not offer him out on loan! Think it would also give our rivals (Hibs) an insight as to what is going on at our club! Would he tell Hibs our tactics before we played them? After all he is a Hibs player! No stay well clear we need someone with proven experience in that position James McFadden or similar type player would be better than a Hibs reject!
  4. If he's not good enough for the Hibs first team why would we want him?
  5. I can understand most of Murrays signings Lanfeild experienced keeper who can coach who is affordable. Webster the CB who we have been waiting years for! McMullan very quick very raw could be very important to us if used correctly. Watson Young experienced RB not bad for an 11 hour signing after the horror injury to Naismith! Gallagher young looks promising. Shankland excellent goals to games ratio for Aberdeen u20s unlucky not to score on Saturday given time training and getting to know the team should be good! Agnew,Conlan and Howieson have not gelled into the team yet but I can see potential in all! Wish we had Signed Rooney ahead of Conlan but that's because of the injury to Naismiths Again! The only truly stinking honking signing Murray has made is Gow IMO! I think IF we can get a midfielder in before Tuesday it would help can't rely on Agnew and Mallan yet! Think Murrays additions have been better than Craigs or Teale's last season! The problem I have is how he sets his team out! The line ups formations and substitutions are truly baffling! We actually look good when player's make runs McMullan yesterday and Howieson at Ibrox spring to mind! But we don't do it enough and let teams back in. Hope before Tuesday Murray can find another creative Midfielder because he's failed to sign one who can claim a starting place yet! The injury to Naismith has been a hammer blow to St.Mirren!
  6. What really annoyed me today was our movement! Throw ins...No runner's to often played to Agnew who miss controlled or over hit the return pass. Taking too long to take them and allowing Livingston time to get in position! Corners... Deliveries were ok but again NO movement to often cleared and only for our midfield to get bullied out of possesion or over play it! Free Kicks... Again same problem's NO movement and failed to take quick free kicks in midfield! Genral play... The one run we did have today we scored with! Then we stopped let a poor team dictate play!
  7. We started well I thought got the goal in about 3mins and then sat off let Livingston back in the game! We seem to have no movement not enough player's making runs. The one time we did we scored. The midfield looked lightweight again Goodwin apart Agnew was poor and got bullied as did Mallan don't know why Gallagher was on the left wing and McMullan never got the ball enough today his pace could open gaps in defences over the season if used correctly! The defence was quite good today I thought the arrival of Webster seems to have taken away the nervousness from previous games. Baird played out of position on the right but because of injuries I don't think Murray had much option! Kelly was good at CB today prefer Baird in there and Kelly at LB but because of injuries it made sense. Don't think it was a penalty thought the boy was a cheat but having said that would not mind him in our side! I don't want to have ago at Murray but his subs and his line ups don't make sense to me... Taking off Goodwin playing Gallagher on the left were WTF moments for me! Why did he not play Gallagher as a Striker? Don't think it was very fair to play Shankland there on his own in his first game having had little or no training time with the team! And think he took to long to put on Thompson! Why he signed or plays Gow is a mystery to me!
  8. Think that the conduct of the Livingston player's got Goody booked and there persistent surrounding of the ref any time Goody went near a ball was the reason Goodwin had to be subbed! The boy Mcmulen should have seen the book long before the red card he got yet the referee gave him the benefit of doubt why not Goodwin? The injury to Watson was unfortunate and mainly down to new keeper new defender never having played together and as it would go both in the right place to clear the ball Unfortunate! But the challenge on Jordan Stewart was a horror tackle! It was not a late tackle it was not a necessary tackle it was a blatant act of of assault on a young player! I've seen the Tokley challenges that left a promising young St.Mirren player's career over. I can even remember the Horror challenge by Hearts Ian Baird that left Campbell Money with a metal plate in his head and again down to 10 men because we had to sub to replace the keeper! Yes the rules should be changed the team disadvantaged should be allowed to sub! That was the most intentional Tackle I have ever seen 3 game suspension for Mcmullen how long out for young Jordan Stewart? Seems St.Mirren are punished more for the Tackle than the other team!
  9. Glad to have cover upfront don't know much about the boy but his goals to games ratio in the U20s is pretty special! Also means we don't have to rely on Allan Gow! I think Aggy will be a good player but he's not a tackler neither is McMullan or Mallan. Carswell has not looked that solid in midfeild and Goodwin is victimised by officials and oposition player's to the point if he makes half time without a yellow card it's something of a result! So solid sitting Midfeilder still needed a Shug Murray type player would help the Midfeilder IMO. The defence needs experience someone who can help Baird and Kelly develop be a leader at the back. Webster would be ideal wish he would make up his mind! With the injuries to our defence just now herd Shaun Rooney had left Heart's might be worth another look? welcome to club Shanks! Hurray up Webster sign or F-ck off!
  10. Conlan will miss 3 games foe a straight red card unless we apeal which is a waste of time and money!
  11. With Jason Naismith injured Watson taken off at half time injured and his replacement taken to hospital injured Conlan suspended for another 2 games and the very distinct possibility Webster won't sign! Who will play in defence against Livingston on Saturday???
  12. I bought 3 season tickets this year as usual thinking we would be up there challenging... I never expected us to go back up in the first season but I do expect us to make the playoffs! Looking at the start of the season we have not won a game yet convincingly all the teams we have played have had more possession and more shots on Goal! Our defence is Lightweight and we have started the season playing players out of position. Kelly is not a CB and although he's had a full season and a half in the premier most of the time playing LB. Baird looks ok but needs help in the form of an experienced CB to play beside to help him through games. It's time for an answer from Webster so we can move forward! Our rivals all seem able to add CB Hibs signing McGregor and the mighty Dumbarton signing Frazer Wright! The midfield Goodwin when playing aside is also lightweight Agnew offers something going forward as does McMullan and Mallan but all are pushed off the ball or give away possession to easily! Up front Thompson looks alone up there and can no longer go 90 minutes. Gallagher is untried but shows potential but also dissapears in games. Gow is pish and never should have been offered a contract! I'm not sure Shankland is the answer another untried striker think we've got that covered with Gallaher! So now I have 3 season tickets my oldest boy doesn't want to go already. And my youngest will not be far behind if we keep playing the way we do! Are we really this bad? I don't want anyone not going but completely understand why they choose not to when the product is so bad! Time the manager the board and even youth team Coach need to take responsibility for our position! The manager has to find his best 11 play them he needs to strengthen the squad and play better football! The board need to support there manager give him funds and help deliver the players he needs (Andy Webster). David Longwell needs to start developing player's ready to go into the team! We also need to start selling youths for money rather than Peanuts examples - Mclean and McGinn! But the player's need to grow a pair and go out there and do what WE the fans pay them to do! I don't want to start on the manager it's to early but like the team his start has been terrible!
  13. I'm going tonight was expecting some new signings sadly not!
  14. I agree with having options especially in defence something that's been lacking over the years! Think now we need some experience at back to help these player's develop! Say we sign Webster then Kelly and Baird will benifit from playing along side him!
  15. Sorry Scotty did not know Kelly was that tall! But it doesn't change my opinion I don't think he looks comfortable in the Central defence area. Looked nervous against Morton lost to many headers. I think Kelly is our best option at LB he gets forward as much as Conlan gives the ball away less than Conlan and defends 1000 times better than Conlan! I would use him as back up in that position rather than Goodwin I would also play him in that position against Livingston tonight if Webster has not been signed!
  16. Sorry Scotty did not know Kelly was that tall! But it doesn't change my opinion I don't think he looks comfortable in the Central defence area. Looked nervous against Morton lost to many headers. I think Kelly is our best option at LB he gets forward as much as Conlan gives the ball away less than Conlan and defends 1000 times better than Conlan! I would use him as back up in that position rather than Goodwin I would also play him in the position against Livingston tonight if Webster has not been signed!
  17. I think Kelly should play LB he can play in defence in emergencies but he's not tall enough looses to many headers! As for bringing the ball out from the back.. far more scope to do that from LB position than CB. get Webster signed and play a back 4 of Kelly,Baird,Webster,Watson
  18. Can't see him signing for Alloa??? But if that was true and I was our manager I would be on the phone pronto!
  19. Darren was a very unlucky player for us 2 really bad injuries kept him out for 2 season's then he moved to Servco on mega wages! He did ok at Servco and has been binned because there manager doesn't rate him obviously! I would have Darren back but very much doubt he would come back! Would he except first Division wages? (DOUBT IT) I think a team in the premier will sign him Dundee,Killie,Motherwell type team if not Hibs is a distinct possibility! Lets just get Webster signed up! Darren would only come back to St.Mirren if he had no better offers and I don't see that happening!
  20. The 2 stories I vaguely remember are Reg Baillie was planning to build a 25000 all seater stadium in Paisley. I think if memory is correct he bought Darlington I think? They built a 25000 seater stadium and went Bankrupt! The other story I think was when Hapmden was at it's worst and there was talk of building a replacement. There were other sites considered for this but building at Love Street was one of the favoured sites because of its proximity to the Airport! There was no substance to this story Hampden was upgraded and it was never herd again! I was young so could be wrong on 1 or both these stories! But I do remember showing my Grampa the picture of the stadium in question and saying to him Grampa we could be watching St.Mirren games in that stadium... His response was never going to happen !!!
  21. No got it wrong wee junkie bam man! We gave Caldwell away for free to YOUR mob! Now go visit your old 32 year old Granny.. Go to Granny Fat Slags house your maws no home from school yet neither's your Brother/Father! It's nice when a wee Junkie can get excited about something other than drugs! ps do you sevice the Morton team for free just like your gran!
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