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  1. I think with Rodgers coaching and players on his wavelength, Lewis could be one of the best players that once wore the coveted black and white stripes.
  2. A very valid point which I agree with.
  3. An absolute wonderful player that could go to top of the game if he is managed properly. He has a gallusness about him that every top player needs but what he has, like every top player has, is the ability to go both ways. If there is a defender directly in front of him, he can shuffle both ways, and get a powerful shot away with left or right foot. This is a commodity that very few have. Harry Kane, obviously at a higher level, is the perfect example. When he is one on one with a defender, he doesn't need to beat him. Quick shuffle left or right, shot away, goal. Cannot defend against it at times. Lewis has that ability alongwith lightning speed. The world is his oyster, especially when he goes to a team that have better players than St.Mirren. Apologies to the posters on here that can't comprehend that there are teams out there with better players than St.Mirren.
  4. I think Chris Sutton is the biggest arse that is on our telly but I honestly cannot believe that you think this is not a red card. I was working on Friday night and could not attend. Watched game on Saturday with 4 other mates. There wasn't even a debate. If that is not a red card then I don't know what is. Do you think if McMullan perpetrated that tackle on Lewis Morgan, all the fans on this site would be saying " Lewis got what he deserved." Lewis went to ground too easily and McMullan's momentum carried him into the challenge if you could call it a challenge. No, I don't think so. Everyone would be going berserk. That is why I hate forums to be honest. It is just a totally one sided view of everything. I should stay clear but it is like a scab that you can't help picking at.
  5. Bad tackle, great player, love him, should have been a red card, back to the game.
  6. Have not posted on this site for some time due to the roasters that are regular contributors. Felt compelled to say something regarding Kyle Magennis challenge. First thing I should say, McMullan is a horrible, wee, diving, chancer that did nothing for us. The posters on this thread saying that Magennis did not deserve a red card should be sin binned for life. McMullan slides in, goes to ground but with the front of his leg showing, studs away from Magennis. Kyle, goes in, studs showing, leg almost straight (protecting himself) and catches McMullan on leg who was lucky his leg wasn't snapped as his leg was not planted. All the experts, who have played football at a high level, agreed he should have been sent off. I totally agree. I love Magennis by the way. Potential superstar for us. I just grinds me the blinkered dimwits that come on here and defend everything St.Mirren that is sometimes indefensible. Also, Elvis is a good laugh. Everyone gets worked up at his posts. He is a pantomime villain that we shouldn't take seriously. I love his daft posts and adds a bit of colour to a one sided forum where everyone is totally biased. Stop calling him a dick and embrace his light hearted nonsense. You too Faraway Saint, who I regard as one of the most honest, centred posters on here. Hoof Hearted, I genuinely have sympathy for you and hope you are getting the help you obviously need.
  7. Only brought it up after the no arrests boast made by Munoz. Plenty of young team aware of the two cops. In fact, one of them patrolled train at one point. Big bald guy. Engaged in conversation with few of the supporters. Are you suggesting that I am lying.
  8. To quote someone famous, I pity you as you know not what you are doing.
  9. I am only speaking about train behaviour and would like to clarify why there were no arrests. There would need to be operational cops on train to make arrests. There were none. Other than the drug taking, I didn't see any criminal offences being committed therefore arrests wouldn't be appropriate. Anti social behaviour is not arrestable unless you cease to desist after being warned. I spoke with 2 evidence gathering cops on train who were apparently part of a joint police/rail task force who said, other than the drug taking, that wasn't obvious apart from people boasting about it, the behaviour, although pretty bad, inconsiderate and socially unacceptable, probably didn't fall into the criminal area. They stated that they would get photos printed off CCTV on train and keep it on their records which seemed proportionate. Look, I certainly am not castigating Saints fans behaviour in pubs or grounds. Just in areas where the general public have no way to escape it if it offends them.
  10. What other than me, my three mates, the ticket inspector. What other evidence you wanting Munoz. The fact you even asked the question speaks volumes.
  11. Singing repeatedly a song about having a "Gangbang against a wall" as the female ticket inspector walked by is offensive in my opinion but maybe I am just an old fuddy duddy.
  12. Just reading some of these posts that are saying "och, nothing bad actually happened". Absolutely incredible. Really is "I despair for society moment." Not surprising though. My whole professional life, people have always justified their actions despite said actions being clearly wrong. This started out with decent members of society on this forum saying that excessive alcohol, drug taking, offensive singing with sexual references etc should not be tolerated on public transport especially when kids present and now those concerned people are being castigated for it. It is the way of the world it seems.
  13. Another thing I forgot to mention. If a spaniel was on that train, it would have gone berserk.
  14. The panic on the right back's face, after he took the throw in as he shouted "CAAMMMYY" was also hilarious.
  15. I think Bucky will score a few this season the way he attacks the ball.
  16. I hear what you are saying. Just think he will eventually get snapped up by someone bigger than us unfortunately. As you say, hope it isn't the Newco.
  17. Samson, Irvine, Mckenzie, Buchanan, Stelios, McGinn, McShane in centre, Morgan wide left, Smith seemed to have a free role. Up front Reilly and Stewart with Stewart drifting off to the right allowing Reilly to buzz about all over the place up top.
  18. Totally agree with you re McShane. Just oozed class. Some pinpoint long distance passes and crosses. Always looking to be progressive and move it forward quickly. Brilliant run and shot for first goal where Reilly picked up rebound. I also predict Buchanan is going to follow same career path as Darren McGregor, especially with JR coaching him now. Aggression he showed for 4th goal great to see.
  19. Really impressed with performance. I know it was only Stranraer but suddenly we have giants at the back who dominate in air. McGinn and McShane looked like they had played with each other for years and genuine pace up front. Thought Reilly looked fast, strong and made intelligent runs. Very optimistic.
  20. Saints fans I should have said. Most of the carriage sang this.
  21. I did forget to mention that a female conductor was working on this train, in her 50's, where Saints fan repeatedly sang a song, fully in her presence, "Let's have a gangbang against a wall" or words to that effect. Kids also present. Totally unacceptable.
  22. I don't know if you have any children or your mum is still with you but suffice to say, I wouldn't like my mother or children having to endure a 90 minute train ride with constant singing using repeated expletives, tables getting hammered, drums being played, drink getting spilled all over, cans and bottles rolling about the aisles etc. I am not saying any Saints fan threatened anybody but by their sheer volume and actions, their behaviour is threatening and intimidating to people. It simply is and if you cannot see this, I do despair somewhat. If you carried on like that on a plane, the participants would be custody for the court. If it was a football only train, fine, batter in, carry on, go crazy but it was a normal passenger train.
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