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  1. This was a concern I had over the HoF boards being in the family stand as they are not made of indestructible material.
  2. A pyro was let off in both ends behind the goals when Celtic scored their second goal, last time they visited. The more alarming of the two pyros, was the one in the official away end that landed yards away from Hladky. Reducing allocation will not remove the sectarianism or objects like above coming through the turnstiles, though it will at least contain the problem to smaller numbers. We are not taking a hit on the full family stand, if we return it to our own fans for the games vs both teams, as it will at very least, be half full of our own supporters.
  3. In recent years, Southampton spent 2 seasons in league 1, finishing runner up in their 2nd season and Leeds in spent 3 seasons in league 1 also finishing runners up in their last season. I see both of the above just as big a club as Sunderland, though they failed at first attempt promotion and failed to win the league in their final season. Not as easy as some may think.
  4. Cheers kevo. Wonder what state they are in now after the old firm fannies have been in the stand. Hopefully still intact, A lot of work went into those.
  5. I see that some poster on that forum, said that Morgan has no experience. I think he has had more of an experience in football for his age than a lot of the boys just coming through at Sunderland. He also has a league winners medal, regardless of what level we were playing a, that is more than the majority of that squad have won in their lifetime..
  6. A player i feel who has been very underrated. Great to have him back. He is playing for a contract away from Ibrox now and I would imagine we would be in a good position to hold on to him if he wants to stay in Scotland and if we wish to keep him on.
  7. The only really odd addition to the starting lineup for me was Kellerman. Every other player has been in and around the squad this turn of the year. I think that was only Kellermans second involvement in the squad since he returned in January. He possibly got injured at Celtic Park last time round. For me the players who have not had much game time: Corbu looked really decent and was a more than comfortable replacement for P McGinn Cooke did really well for us, for all the service he had. Hard to say if he has goals in him, though he works hard and did better out of the front two. Kellerman - I am not so sure he is cut out for this level. Just my opinion. The lineup could have worked more in our favour despite the drastic changes. I am sure Lennon didnt expect anything near the changes we made from the winning team on Saturday. We ALMOST had ourselves level with a couple of opportunities. It's however done now and we move on to Saturday.
  8. From what I believe the 75k included add-ons and was not all paid at once, so we haven't paid the whole 75k thus far. He's not getting a game the now at Kidderminster, not even on the bench, though possibly injured...again. If we can cut our ties with him before paying the full amount then that would be great as he is never going to develop playing at that level.
  9. I think in the short time he has been with us, he has justified taking a gamble on paying a fee for him if affordable, rather than Stubbs' flawed judgment on Heaton for a transfer fee.
  10. Hladky looks a magnificent find. Probably kept scorelines down by quite a bit on a few occasions, especially January/early Feb. Popescu has also been an unbelievable addition. Has everything you want in a defender. Would be nice to cap off his time with us, with a goal too. Could wee realistically sign him permanently season end when survival is confirmed? Flynn, has been like a new signing since the turn of the year. An absolute leader in the middle of the field and seems to have found his best position with a great form of consistency. Following the above 3, I would possibly add Baird and P McGinn to that. They have survived the big changes made in the last window and have added to the cause of our turnaround of form.
  11. I am sure it was around £150k, though that came from a romanian source at the time.
  12. I was of the belief that we only receive ONE sell-on fee, from when Hibs sold him. If we are to receive further sell-ons for future transfers, that would be tremendous, considering his stock has already risen down south.
  13. In his earlier years, Flynn was all about pace and on the wing. As the years have went on, he has developed more into a central player who can tackle, has an eye for a pass and can chip in going forward. He has been one of the main driving forces behind our recent turn of results. To get that winning goal on Saturday was very fitting for him. Take a bow Mr Flynn.
  14. There's a possibility JR doesn't want to upset the apple cart by giving him a place in his team immediately without earning it. Could be looking to bed him in, bring him off the bench as an impact player then if he shows up well enough give him a start.
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