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  1. It seems like their auto generated email system in general is down if it is not sending emails for purchases as well as password resets
  2. When i booked my tickets for Livingston away via their site, it was £24 for 1 adults, £16 for 1 concession, total £43.00. Tickets sent via email for print off. So either £24 is the standard adult price for all games there and the percentage is factored into tickets prior to the booking fees etc.
  3. I am not sure of the whole ins and outs of percentages, though Eventbrite or Ticketmaster may take a bigger percentage of sales, though surely its better than fans dropping off. Money lost through that already even though I still expect a sell-out.
  4. They have also deliberately removed the 'security code/cpatcha' field on the contact form so that you cannot submit your enquiry. Also having issues with password reset. No email sent to my address. Really annoyed. How many times has this company been given a chance? Surely what Livingston and Motherwell have in place with Ticketmaster is the way forward? When you read fans saying they have given up with trying to buy tickets, how many fans realistically are dropping off each week?
  5. To be fair that was his natural position. He was always about running with the ball on the wing, though he has matured into a very mobile central player. It was completely night and day when he came on for Lyons. No disrespect to the latter, though we got the ball moving quicker and more forward.
  6. Even an extra couple of thousand on the gate for our support even makes a huge difference. Last night was evident. Our stadium is small, though if we can attract 6k most weeks then it will give the board something to think about long term as that is close to our home end selling out.
  7. I said this after the game. Gave us that spark we needed and drove forward with the ball and made good use of it. McAallister was magnificent. In fact everything that came down that right hand side second half including the willingness of Paul McGinn to get so far forward paid off. Overall very good performance all round. I have every faith we will get on Saturday and hope that Accies slip.
  8. There must be something in the small print for purchase of season ticket. If not, it will most likely be in there for next season when we are playing our second season in the top flight. My thoughts are that it only covers all games up till before playoff. I would like to think however the club would reduce the price for any potential playoff to make it a complete sell out.
  9. No wonder the chairmans update has not been as frequent this year.
  10. It seems to me the chairman is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Releasing exact figures would have folk arguing too. As mentioned by another poster, you have to take different scenarios into situation in relation to money discussed. Since I pay Netflix on a monthly basis I might just go an chin then and ask them to release their accounts to the public domain since i'm subscribed to their service.
  11. I can understand the reasoning in terms of gaining extra income, though what frustrates me is that we are a family/community club and closing our family stand to home supporters for these games are almost alienating the fans of our future. These are the type of games our young fans would like to witness us compete in. Segregation is restricted at our stadium and I can totally understand that choices are limited of where to house an overspill due to the west stand fully allocated to our fans throughout the season. You then look at the flip side of it. To try and drum more young fans down to a match day we are in a position where we can offer 2 adults 20 kids tickets for selected games like St Johnstone on Saturday there, due to the amount of available seats in the family stand. If we can get more initiatives like this in place to attract new fans then great, it will help fill that family stand with paying customers, though it won't be an overnight process to see results.
  12. I just can't see it working for them. They have a very small hardcore number of supporters with the rest drifters and most likely interest in either side of the old firm. It would take a miracle to find the numbers to raise the proposed figure in that space of time. I can understand Rae's son not investing any more. They have been bankrolled for years with failure to move on to the next level. From what i remember hearing the Easdales wanted the debt written off before any potential investment/takeover at the time of their interest. Debt that was owed to the Rae family for Douglas' personal investment out his own pocket.
  13. I'm fairly sure prior to that tackle he struggled with niggles. From what I remember of him, very good player indeed.
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