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  1. The only thing i would say we have in our favour if any, is that you only need to look at the players who have came from our academy and worked their way into the first team. This is one incentive to stay at the club and earn your move at a later date when you have games under your belt. Teams like Benfica and Bayern Munich however don't come sniffing around too often. John McGinn bided his time and got a move a few years down the line which now has him playing at the highest level.
  2. Imagine at that age getting the opportunity to train at those two clubs. Some experience for the boy. Hopefully we get the chance to see him develop at our club and make sure we help him reach his full potential. I think if he was to leave at such a young age, the compensation fee is next to nothing.
  3. What about offering non-season ticket holders a reduced ticket price for the Celtic game if they buy along with a ticket for this Saturday? Or, alternatively a 3 home game December package at a reduced price? May work, or is it not financially feasible for the club?
  4. A perfect run of fixtures leading into the winter break, if you take your chances and build on the last performance. Saturdays 3 points were huge and another 3 this Saturday would set us up perfectly for Perth with less pressure going into that game. I certainly think the remaining games in December are winnable Celtic aside, even though i think we could still take a point from that if we frustrate them like we did with Rangers before falling to a set-piece. I predict Saints 3 Livingston 1
  5. From what I believe we have already been looking at 3 positions to bring in, goalie included. Whether we have someone lined up to come in next month or not I have no idea, though if we do, then they may just take the cash for Hladky if the price is right. If we could squeeze a further 100-150k out of potential suiters I think we should take it.
  6. He has been ever present for Dinamo Bucharest since he returned. He is a first team regular. They were looking for around £300k first time round, his valuation to them will most likely have risen. We cant compete in that market, when you see the latest accounts recently released. It is just no sustainable and just shows that we are kind of dependent on that extra money from the ugly sisters games.
  7. From what I believe Muzek was offered a deal and turned it down in the summer.
  8. Do you have evidence that this was a fabricated story about his wish to commute more?
  9. I've only watched the highlights so I can't comment on the full 90 minutes. Did anyone feel we deserved a point or the loss, regardless of how late the decisive goal came?
  10. Celtic supporter. He has St Mirren supporters within his family though.
  11. He's probably been asked the question by the media and that is his response. It's only natural that the media will link him with former players, just like Morgan has been.
  12. Still trying to find the rumour in this story never mind the relation to St. Mirren.
  13. I wonder why he hasn't featured in any unders games yet as a trialist, unless there are some rules against it for overseas trialists.
  14. Am i the only one that thinks its a bit of a risk public letting other clubs know how you scout players with potential of them copying your model if you unearth some gems?
  15. One of my favourite players over the last 30+ years. Thought he was totally underrated.
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